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« on: August 12, 2003, 09:28:23 AM »
I just drilled an Inferno today.  I heard great reviews about this ball but i was still kinda iffy since it was a Brunswick product.  Brunswick are infamous for leaving the 10 pin.  I drilled it to go long and flip on the backend.  the pin was in between and above my ring and middle fingers.  my first 2 games sucked because i was just testing out the ball to see how it the lanes started breaking down this ball began to shopw its true color..evry shot was running into the pocket...BUT i still left alot of ten pins..should i sand this ball down a bit?  help me pls..i have a tournament this sunday and i'm debating if i should use it in my arsenal..



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Re: help
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2003, 01:03:48 AM »
A little info in your profile would help a lot.  Are you a stroker, tweener, or cranker?  High, medium, or slow speed?  What kind of lanes do you bowl on and how are they oiled?  You said the pin is above your bridge, do you know where the CG is located?  Is there a weighthole?

10 pins are caused for a lot of reasons, but the simple explanation is improper entry angle.  If the ball is burning energy too early and rolling out, play the oil line longer (move inside, tighter line) or polish the ball some.  If the ball is still skidding near the pins, scuff it a little (small steps).  Ringing 10's are more subtle.  Read Ron C's finger dancing tips.

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Re: help
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Sometimes, go long and snap is not a desired ball reaction.

My honest opinion... If you are at the point in your game where you believe any ball is "known" for leaving 10 pins you should spend your money on:

1) Lessons
2) Bowling This Month