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Title: I've Lost My Shot
Post by: zrwhat on December 02, 2005, 04:53:13 AM
Hey guys, I retired my Vintage Speed Zone 16#'er a few month ago.  I purchased a new Smokin and a Used Absolute both in 15#'s.  I was throwing the Speed Zone 15-15.5mph with Med Revs on Wood Lanes with Med Oil.  I have picked up another mph now at 16-16.5 with the lighter balls, and the AI is drilled with a 2L and the SI is a 3L.

Since switching to the lighter balls I have been very inconsisent with my ball speed, which greatly effect the way the balls react(I'm guessing because I do not put a huge amount of revs on the ball this makes it worse also).  If I calm myself down and really concentrate on throwing it smooth, and slow I get great reaction but if I throw it a little hard or a little too soft I am dead(The balls either hook early and miss the head to the left, or react late and miss to the right).  The old Speed Zone was so forgiving, I started the year averaging 202 after not bowling for 5 years, and since I have switched to the AI and SI my average has dropped 10 pins.

Is there something I should be trying with the surface of either ball to get something more forgiving or is it just the choice of balls(Or just the Bowler)?

Thanks Guys!

Title: Re: I've Lost My Shot
Post by: BrunsMike on December 02, 2005, 10:41:39 PM
When I switched from 16# to 15# I found myself in the same boat. Turned out that because the ball was 1# lighter I was able to actually over throw the ball for the shot. To get your reaction back you need to practice throwing the ball smooth and easy. Ball weights can also effect your timing so you gotta watch that also. Good luck with the new change, I gaurantee you once you learn how to throw the ball again you will see better results with higher averages and higher games.
Title: Re: I've Lost My Shot
Post by: zrwhat on December 07, 2005, 11:01:50 AM
I am an Engineer, but I have no idea what all of the PIN/CG/PAP do or are located.  I have attached a few pics of the two balls that I am currently throwing, can you guys tell me how they are drilled(if you need a close up or a different view I can take them)?

The absolute was already drilled when I got it, but the Smokin is brand new and I had my local Pro Shop who has given me lessons from day one choose a good drilling for our lanes and conditions.  I'm just curious what they are.  Thanks!

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Title: Re: I've Lost My Shot
Post by: zrwhat on December 08, 2005, 05:47:39 AM
I had league last night and thought that I would start with some minor changes.  I have always had a tendancy to hold the ball at address towards the middle of my body rather then out to the right side where it should be.  I made this correction and it made a world of difference on the balls reaction and my consistency(I'm sure by starting the ball in the right posistion changed many other things in my approach/timing/release).

It was finally a good night out with the Smokin, 1st game was a 237 with a Spare and an Open, Second Game was a 222 starting with the first 5 strikes and then I started leaving 10 pins, and then I finished with a 212.  671, which is a new all time high series for me.  Thanks for the help guys, I think I am finally back on track.

Title: Re: I've Lost My Shot
Post by: Chrispy on December 08, 2005, 06:20:03 AM
You could also consider changing the height of your ball position. I.E. hold it lower say under your belt line or lower. I am a high speed and high revs player. When i get to lanes that are flooded i hold the ball down around my knees. This helps me slow my ball down.
Title: Re: I've Lost My Shot
Post by: zrwhat on December 08, 2005, 06:54:25 AM
Chrispy,  thanks for the advice.  I was actually holding it at my waistline, and I was averaging 16.5mph all night.  The SI was carried a few very light shots and a few that were high.  I was standing on the 12-13 boards and throwing over the second arrown and out to about the 5 board and back to the pocket.

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Title: Re: I've Lost My Shot
Post by: zrwhat on January 09, 2006, 01:46:01 PM
I thought that I had the Smokin 15#'er figured out, or at least my timing/release after shooting the 671.  But I have regressed back to the 190ish range.  I am getting the ball to turn and break hard into the pocket but can't seem to get the consistency out of the shot to stay above the 600's on a week to week basis(I only bowl league one night a week, and usually Saturdays for fun/practice).

I gave in this past weekend and pulled out the old Speed Zone 16#'er.  First game out of the bag 243, then 202, 208.  I guess I just can't overthrow the Speed Zone because of the weight, also the finger tips and the thumbhole are considerable larger and therefore my grip is looser.  Do you guys think the looser grips on the Speed Zone could be an advantage or helping me in some way or is it just the weight?


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Title: Re: I've Lost My Shot
Post by: BrunsMike on January 09, 2006, 04:22:55 PM
A loose grip will usually cause a person to naturally grip/squeeze the ball through out their entire approach. This could be helpful to some but most of us will suffer from this problem. Sounds like you've been bowling with this sort of grip for sometime and adapghted to it. If this is true, then getting used to and comfortable to correct grips will take some time to get used to. Figuring out your timing with a lighter ball will also take time to master. 1 thing about bowling, dont be so quick to jump to conclusions or want to change something.
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