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Old Wood houses
« on: May 25, 2005, 05:44:02 PM »
Do any of you ever encounter not matching up at all, in a house with old wood lanes?

For me it is a freaky thing, its like hot and cold. The lanes seem flooded my equipment doesnt match up and my ball speed is very touchy in this house. First night there i was hot, lanes were in horrible broken down condition, i was standing 10 boards left of my "normal" area, 25 at the does hitting 15 at the arrows, breaking at 10.  I was at about 18, babying the ball up the 10 board, KILLING the pocket.  I threw alot of flush shots, anything other than a flush shot got a little high, tapped a few 7's got inside and left a 10 pin.  Shot 154-224-234

Next week, they oil the lanes before we bowl.  Im lost again, cant find a line, nothing seems to want to be there for me.  I bowled 150-180-220 Stand 20 hit 10 at the arrows.

This week was a disaster, 154-157-160. Standing 23 hitting 10.  

All my current equpiment is drilled pin above ring with a 45 degree layout.  OI and a IZ the impulse handles the oil better but i have shot better scored with the OI. (it all gets down the lane and at tiems the OI tends to be to flippy, the IZ is more even but this is at other houses *synthetic lanes*)  Buying another ball isnt an option im allowing myself to have, but it occoured to me.  Something with pin below bridge and a something like a 75 degree layout.

Long story short, what could i do to help myself not bowl like crap when bowling in older wooden houses where to me it seems flooded.
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