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Author Topic: Looking to replace something in my arsenal...but dont know what ball...  (Read 606 times)


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Im looking to replace either my morich TSA(hooks EARLY & a ton, but my Pain can actually cover heavy oil most of the time) or my Black Widow, i just dont really like the ball that much.

My arsenal
Morich TSA
Raw Hammer Pain
Raw Hammer Doom
Black Widow
Smokin inferno

Yes, my BW is actually under my doom, i used a weaker layout, AND shined it, although, ive changed the cover many times, i just dont really match up with the ball all that well......either that, or its VERY condition specific for me.

The 2/3 balls im currently looking at getting r the Total inferno, i would probably drill it fairly strong, & add a flare increasing x-hole, or a red zone, probably fairly weak, no xhole.  These would replace the morich or the BW respectively.

The other option i have is to get a zapphire zone from & drill it up, not really to replace anything, but just an addition because its a great ball.

If anyone has any other options, please let me know, otherwise, what do u think of my current choices??