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Author Topic: Maxx vs Scorchiní vs Ultimate  (Read 568 times)


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Maxx vs Scorchiní vs Ultimate
« on: January 28, 2009, 08:30:20 PM »
Which one would you rather have for heavy and/or long pattern and which one is more suitable for me?

(I think) I have enough funds to buy myself a new toy, and as much as I want a Wild Ride and a Rattler, I think a Maxx or Ultimate remake would suit my need better.

Iíve been reading a few mixed reviews on the Maxx Zone. I have an Ultimate (original) and it still has plenty of life left. I also have a NIB PBA Scorchiní, but since itís a collector item, I donít think Iíll be drilling it any time soon.

Iím very happy with my Ultimate, both in fresh med/heavy or heavy THS or tougher/tighter condition. It may not be the biggest hooking ball in the market, but itís predictable and its rolly characteristic is very similar to my Absolute, which I love.

When the Maxx first came out, I thought I would definitely get one as a Ďstep-upí for my Ultimate, but the mixed reviews Iíve read recently donít really inspire confidence.

So, shall I spend my hard-earned cash on what I Ďknowí, i.e. Ultimate, or is the Maxx just misunderstood and in fact is the greatest thing since slice bread? I also havenít read many reviews on the Scorchiní, is this a Ďforgottení ball?

Iíll also speak to my driller about this, but thought Iíd throw the question out there.

ps, My stats - PAP 4í3/16 over 1/8 up, med speed, and I think med to low rev. Prefer pin-down drilling cos I usually need Ďhelpí to get the ball to Ďrollí

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Re: Maxx vs Scorchiní vs Ultimate
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 07:25:17 AM »
I guess it depends on how you like to play the longer, heavier patterns.  To be more specific, it's a question of how you want the ball to react once it comes out of the pattern down lane.

Some bowlers like an even, predictable ball motion so that they can play more direct, while others want to see that big move in back.  IME the Maxxx Zone burns energy more evenly from front to back than either the Ultimate or Scorchin', meaning it will tend to tumble forward down lane rather than making a sharp move.  This may be one of the reasons for the mixed reviews.
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