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Nemesis VS Rampage
« on: August 31, 2005, 03:04:46 PM »
I have been working on my game latly and i changed how i bowl do to a lack of inaccruacy and inconsistancy. I sorta bowl like brian voss same type of relese and such iv shortened my steps and lowered my back swing, to cut back on revs and speed. I had a nemesis for awhile and wasent to happy with it at all so i baught a Rampage cuz i needed something longer the the nemesis. So Rampage is drilled like Layout 3L on brunswicks chart and nemesis is drilled like 2E on brunswicks chart. MY Rampage is box surface and my Nemesis was sanded to 1000 then polished. I was playing thrid arrow with the Nemesis out to about 10 and was getting the best results out of this ball ever very nice roll. MY rampage is much more flippy and has almost double the back end of the Nemesis, i was playing 3rd arrow out to 7 instead, due to the backend of this ball i had to get it out or it would dive thrugh the nose.
 But yes There is a diffrence in these to balls i know i read on here is the Nemesis a dull Rampage or w/e, no the nemesis is much more rolly then the Rampage due to the soild cover vs a pearl cover. The nemesis makes a great bench mark ball i was almost shocked how nice it rolled for me most of my stuff is pin over ring, since throwing this ball it give me a new look on pin under drillings.
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