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Oh schnaps!
« on: August 12, 2006, 03:05:03 AM »
Gave my Radical a test drive today. . .dang this ball has some serious backend. Took it out on a nice fresh 36ft house shot, went 223, 279, 258(had the first 9 in the 279 game. f%&!#!@ 10 pin).
On top of being able to recover from WAY outside, it is extremely verstile. I could play just as well down and in as I could swinging it out. Only problem was that I happened to leave more 4-9's when I played further in.
Might just hafta gets me another one of dem radicals. . .

Once again, Brunswick releases ANOTHER damn good ball. . .keep it up guys!

viva la nacion de brunswick
Its hard to play with an inferno and not get burned. Last time I threw my inferno, the opposing bowler definitely got burned.


Since I only throw Infernos, just call me the Flamethrower.

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