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Author Topic: Surface prep fpr impulsa zone  (Read 1274 times)

Roger Clausen

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Surface prep fpr impulsa zone
« on: October 12, 2005, 08:53:08 AM »
Have a impulse zone that seems to be a little flakey, I'm bowling on lite to med oil with some carrydown and wonder if I could get some suggestions on surface prep.  It's drilled with pin over the ring finger and the mb at about 4:30.  Thanks appreciate your advice.....Dr "C"



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Re: Surface prep fpr impulsa zone
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2005, 06:18:28 PM »
I'd try just knocking off the factory polish with a gray Scotch Brite pad or maybe wet sand it to 1000 or 1500 grit.  Smooth enough so it won't roll out early, but allow some bite in the carry down.
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Re: Surface prep fpr impulsa zone
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2005, 06:53:02 PM »
Agreed, a smooth wetsand finish is the answer in carrydown situations.


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Re: Surface prep fpr impulsa zone
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2005, 05:11:20 AM »
If the IZ coverstock works like the one on the Fuze Eliminator, either try a high, high grit (4.000 grit must be out there somewhere...), or ask a pro shop for a Cerium Oxyde Trizact finish (highly recommendable for Brunswick's particle balls!) or polish it back up. Your ball is drilled long and strong, I wonder how you control it on medium-dry conditions?

I recently took my Eliminator to 1.500 grit and it DAMN EARLY read the lane, making it a true heavy oil ball! The light load particle coverstock grips like velcro!

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