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VAPOR ZONE, Amazing ball
« on: January 05, 2006, 12:59:11 AM »
I won a VZ in a drawing at our lanes on New Year's Eve. I went in yesterday to have it drilled. We have a new driller and I was at first reluctant to change my grip that I was comfortable with. He wanted to change the pitches, span and thumb offset. He drilled a new ball for my wife last week and she had nothing but praise for his work.

Out of the box, the ball was simply amazing. I have not thrown a ball with such a good read of the entire lane. Assuming I was bowling on a medium oil shot, the ball was very clean through the heads, started a nice arc in the mid-lane. When it hit the backend, it continued its motion to the pocket. Our house is notorious for dry, jumpy backends. The Vapor Zone did not appear to be bothered by this problem. It retained its motion and energy. It carried like no other ball I have used, even on less than ideal hits.

I have been using an Inferno for two years and have had much success with it. For now, it is back in the bag. I have it redrilled and keep it for a backup to the VZ.

I think the combination of the new drill and the VZ will allow me to improve my game which has stagnated the last few months.

TT~~~> It is drilled approximately 3 1/2 by 3.

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