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This ball gives high performance at an affordable price. The MESSENGER is the latest addition to the Columbia family designed for oily conditions and comes in Electric Green with Yellow engraving. The available weights are 10-16 lbs. It has the aggressive Super-Flex cover, which generates a quick turn at the break point. The medium low Rg (2.567 inches) along with the sanded surface lets this ball bite the lane through the oil and get into an early roll. The .037 differential Rg gives the MESSENGER four to five inches of flare, which creates more friction at the break point to accelerate the hooking action on the backend.


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14lbs 2oz
1" pin
Ball is drilled 3x3 stacked. This ball was actually sold to me used by a woman PBA bowler.

I pulled this ball out of the closet, on a lark, because I was having problems with over/under reactions in a league where we bowl third shift, after two other leagues have bowled. Synthetic lanes, but fried heads, and a ton of carry down. I remembered when I first threw this ball, that it was extremely consistent in reaction, and gave me a nice slurve at the end.

Knowing that, I recently threw this thing in my above mentioned league, and absolutely loved the reaction and carry from it. The ball carried flush, it carried light, and it carried brooklyn off-hits. What the heck.....I actually recorded my first 300 game with this dinosaur!!! Who knew?!!

Great ball, and it definitely gets re-added to my arsenal. It also gives me a completely different look from the variety of pieces I normally use these days.
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