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Title: Arch Rival
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
# FEATURES: Color: Red/Green/Black All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
# Core: "Spinner"
# Core Type: Symmetric
# Veneer: "300 Plus" - Reactive
# Surface: 4000 Abralon
# Hook Rating:  Oil - 37, Backend - 28
# Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil

# Description: Introducing the ARCH RIVAL from Columbia 300. The perfect ball designed for the most detailed of league bowlers. With more length, better backend and superior surface texture, the ARCH RIVAL provides optimal strength down the lane, making it easier to use no matter what the league pattern. Bottom line: itís the perfect combination of power and control needed to perform at the highest level in todayís environment.
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: cros843 on June 27, 2008, 03:01:47 AM
have to admit, have not been a big columbia fan for me personally in the past few years. have drilled many for my customers,but not much success for myself. drilled up an arch rival last thursday and took it w/ me to nationals. 1st day in team it was box finish and had to cross way to many boards. polished it and shot 676 in singles w/ it the next day. still shot the best in over 10 yrs at nationals. drilled the ball w/ the pin down at 4 1/2 in from my pap and the cg at 3 1/2 from the pap w/ a wght hole 4 1/2 over and 2 1/2 down. thanks to  columbia i'll be getting nice check in august
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: batbowler on July 13, 2008, 02:29:21 AM
Another new release from Hoptown with the WOW factor! The ad for this ball sums it up perfectly: Bottom line: itís the perfect combination of power and control needed to perform at the highest level in todayís environment. That's exactly how I felt when I was rolling this ball. The box finish gives you the feeling that it's going to hook early, but it just glides through the heads and it really gives the wow factor on the backend. The ball was drilled with the pin above the fingers with the cg kicked out a little. Get this ball and you won't feel disappointed or cheated! Thanks, Bruce

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Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: hoss_svt on July 21, 2008, 02:30:11 PM
well to start i just started bowling seriously for about 5 months ago.  i just got the arch rival a couple of days ago, and it is just great..... the second game out i threw a 277 i got the first 9 x's in a row then whent 8/9 in the 10th. i dont rev the ball up alot yet,i usually just lay it down on the 10 board. i noticed that i had to move over 3 boards to the left and throw at the same target, had to get it to swing alittle, other wise it would just go brooklyn or nothin but head pin. this ball has alot of pin action didnt leave alot of 10's hangin in the corner,i threw it with the out of the box finish, i dont exactly know my layout but im right handed, pin is just above the ring finger and to the right, it also has another hole drilled in the side to make it legal to throw, i would recommend this ball to anyone who is just starting or who has the experience...........
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: richbasian on July 31, 2008, 03:03:10 AM
Layout- pin above the ring finger cg in palm. OOB finish

Conditions: bowled after 4 person summer league. Skill level was begginer to intermediate. As with these bowlers, lots of plastics thrown so lots of carry down.

Review: Ball got through heads beautifully, and turned over on the backend. Not suprising with layout, but very surpised with conditions and a columbia ball having that much backend. 7 boards stronger than my rapid fire with same layout. All in all its an excellent ball. Would be comparable to the original v2 with more backend. Hope this review helps!
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: justdale on August 06, 2008, 06:54:11 PM
Been patiently waiting to drill this one up because I absolutely love the Rival.

Drilled this ball identical to the Rival, I wanted to see the real difference between the 2.

Drilled this one  pin above fingers and in the middle of them, cg middle of palm, Like I said before I loved the Rival and it was real easy to see the difference between the 2, both get through the heads without any problems, and they both give me the kick I love to see when playing inside.
But the Arch Rival has a bigger kick at the end. The way it snaps off the 10 pin is really a nice thing to see.

But with the Rival, if you don't hold your speed, this ball will take off on you.

If you liked the Rival your going to fall in love with the ARCH RIVAL

Thank you for reading my review

Dale Williams
Columbia300 Amateur Staff
Dale Williams
Columbia 300 Utah Amateur Staff
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: turboshaft on September 16, 2008, 03:07:33 PM
To start off, I am a collegiate level bowler.  Bowl about 50 games/week.  

I was ball shopping to find something new for the upcoming season on some of the sport patterns.  I am a higher speed stroker with Med/High Revs.  After some talk with my coach and pro shop we decided on the Arch Rival.  I am not used to a ball like this or the line it requires in general.  

I've had this bowl about 2 weeks and put about 50 full games under it.  It took some getting used to but this is now my benchmark ball.  First ball out of my bag, not always the ball thrown but it helps me determine where I need to go to.  

We drilled this one with the pin in between the fingers.  Mainly because my biggest problems come with length and a ball taking off to early.  

Overall, I have fallen in love with this ball.  I have bowled on Shark(averaged 215), Chameleon(Averaged about 205), and THS(averaged about 230). It doesn't always do the job, but i have other equipment for that.  It doesn't like dry conditions but hardly ever run into that.

I would recommend this ball to anyone bowling on sport or medium-heavy conditions.
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: Marc822 on September 23, 2008, 05:39:35 PM
I got the Arch Rival the last week of August and took it up with me to Pleasant Hill, IA for a regional.  We bowled on the scorpin that weekend.  I really had no idea how the ball would react, come off the dry or carry.  But tried it anyways.  I tried my momentum, rival(s) and resurgence.  But nothing really gave me what i was looking for.  I was able to go up the boards with it and also move left with my feet into the oil.  I ended up finishing 7th.  Never did i put the ball down.  I keep going to this ball when i just need something to come off the dry and sit.  I tried to just use it during regional play, but its real hard to keep my hands of it.  It gives me the best look of anything i got in my bag.  

Drilled it up this way:


Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: Travel853 on October 28, 2008, 06:03:25 PM
I have had the arch for some time now and figured i better review. I drilled it 4 1/2 x 3 1/2. It really opens the backend of the lane up for me. Carries very well,from all angles. I left it out of box and have kept it that way since. This ball picks up a shine pretty quick so i hit with 2000 abralon every 9 games or so.

   Thanks again columbia
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: dschick on November 26, 2008, 01:25:10 PM
From what I have seen, the Arch Rival is a pretty versatile ball. I have a fairly strong drilling in mine. I am also a pretty straight player. I left the cover as is out of the box and shot a couple of 920s for 4 games in league the first two weeks on a shot which is a fairly long oily pattern. I did try using on a more conventional house shot and sacrificed some carry but it is definitely very clean through the front part of the lane. The cover shines relatively quickly from oil and I have chosen to leave it that way. I was able to shoot 300 with this ball on a very wet/dry condition. As long as I kept the ball in the oil I had lots of hit at the pocket but it definitely did not over react in the dry unless I was lacking ball speed. I'm very happy with what I have seen so far and I would recommend this ball for any type of player. Well done Columbia.
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: sadie on December 02, 2008, 04:48:22 PM
I drilled the Arch Rival out about six weeks ago and have found myself going to this ball right away.  I had the pin drilled under the fingers which gives me an earlier roll & break point, with this it eliminates the snap hook but I still have good hitting power.  I have found that it works good out of the box and when oils builds up or you shine it up a little I still get a good reaction just a little longer before it hooks, but I know it will hook for me.  I don't throw hard and still havce no problem getting it throw the heads unless real dry.  I would recommend this ball to be in your bag for tournaments.
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: ursool on January 25, 2009, 11:28:30 AM
After alot of investigating and decision making I chose to purchase an Arch Rival. I had it drilled with the pin up for length and snap on the backend. I have normally bowled with length and big arc. I was not disappointed with what I got! Wow the ball went through the heads with ease and snapped back into the pocket at the last second. It also carries the 10 pin with ease as I have not left a 10 pin since using the AR ( 9 games ). I have been mainly a Columbia guy for the past ten years, but have tried other brands. Columbia has not be given the recognition it deserves! They have put out another top notch ball that everyone should have in there arsenal... Great Job Columbia!
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: fillmann on February 12, 2009, 06:13:50 PM
I've had this ball now for a few months. Had it drilled with the pin above the ring finger and the cg in the palm. With this drilling pattern, I get pretty good length and a very strong backend. I'm able to use this ball to create more angle into the pocket that anything else I have. It works well when I am forced to play deeper in. For me, the lanes cannot be dry and expect this ball to work, as it will hook too early and too strong. For anyone looking for a strong finishing ball, this would be a good choice.
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: pbaexp12 on June 11, 2010, 07:59:32 PM
This ball is great, shot my first official 300 with one only 7 weeks ago and man does it hit hard and drive through the pins.  
I got my arch from ebay for only .99 with very low ship and I just matched up perfect with the current drilling.  It's been plugged three times and looks very bad, label missing from sanding and all but It's no slouch!!!  It's my ugly duckling ball.  
15 pounds and stacked drilling next to ring finger on left side, has good length and a very controlled backend.  and very forgetful if you miss outside target, it doesn't jump when it hits friction.  
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: pbaexp12 on August 23, 2010, 04:41:53 PM
I'm back and again it's for the arch rival.  I just aquired a second one of this ball and shot another 300!!!  This one is polished and has a pin up drilling with cg kicked out some.  This makes two 300 games with two different arch rivals.  This ball is the best!!!!!!!!!!
you can email me at or

latest 300 shot with arch rival yes!!
columbia is the best!
Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: I am batman on January 16, 2011, 03:08:43 PM


 40 ft


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



Likes: Very smooth rolling ball. Drilled 5.25X5.25 (Pin 4" above center of grip- CG in center of grip)
excellent continuation.







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Title: Re: Arch Rival
Post by: geodane on January 18, 2011, 01:41:26 PM




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS



Likes:This ball roll long and turns sharp. Hits like a ton of bricks.

Dislikes: Soft cover shell, shows dings, gets dirty fast.