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Title: Bedlam
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Color     Purple/Blue
Reaction    Skid/Flip
Veneer    Full Tilt 4.0
Surface    2000 grit Abralon® w/Powerhouse Factory Finish
Core    Bedlam Asymmetric
Weights    12-16

Columbia 300 is creating a little chaos with the Bedlam - the ball you’ve been asking for. Know the ball that gets back from anywhere? This is it - the biggest backending ball in Columbia 300 history. Features a new asymmetric (.018) core as well as a new shell called Full Tilt 4.0. The combination is a tweener’s dream - the ability to hook it with the big boys
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: justdale on June 17, 2009, 01:06:57 PM
LONG AND STRONG     ( and this ball is good looking)

Those words are never more right to describe ball motion:

Again drilled this one 4 X 4 with a 2in pin buffer correction hole needed.

First tried this ball out on a modified 35 ft pattern ( when I say modified I mean I put out a 35 ft pattern than ran oil only over the top of it using the USBC national pattern)

This ball makes it down the lane so easily that you don't even realize how far it is until the ball picks up its roll and your already down past the locator panels. The movement on the backend is something that I haven't seen in a long time. The continued motion through the pin deck is what every bowler there was talking about. The ability to bring this ball back is it's strong suit, and I highly reccomend that you give this ball a try

You will not be disappointed

With this ball I was able to attack the lanes from the outside ( 5 board and out) as well as inside ( 20-10)

If length and pop is what your looking for this is the ball

Great job goes out to Columbia300 for not just this ball but for every ball they have designed so far this year

Thank you for reading my review
Dale Williams
Columbia 300 Utah Amateur Staff
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: the other c300 barnes on June 18, 2009, 06:11:22 PM
This is the ball of the year in my opinion. When people get this in their hands and throw it they will see why. It does everything you would want a great ball to do, clears the front easy, revs up and the midlane and unleashes it on the backend!! also it does it consistantly everytime so it is not over/under reaction you get with other snappy type balls. AND this ball looks incredible!!!!!!!!! I have got so many wows about how awesome it looks. I drilled two of these one with the pin above ring, 45x4x45 with a small hole on axis and this ball has the motion desctibed earlier, used it on scorpion today and ate its lunch! also have one pin below ring drilled 35 x 3 7/8 x 30 and this ball is sick when i need it to start up sooner and peel on patterns like the US open or shark, on the house shot both of these balls are beasts, i personally like the one with the pin up on the house shot for my speed and rev rate, lower rev rates or higher speeds would like the lower pin down with the low hole.All in all this ball I beleive is ball of the year, find out why for yourself August 12!!!
REV RATE 350 - 380
Columbia 300 Amateur Staff
Cliff Barnes Pro Shops of Georgia
Brunswick - Macon - Warner Robins
Bowl Depot - Fayetteville Ga
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: ColumbiaChris on July 01, 2009, 09:56:22 AM
Hey Everyone.

   I am a 3 yr Columbia300 staff member and have been in the Pro Shop business for 15 yrs. I have a high rev rate and my PAP is 4 3/8 right X 3/8 up. with a TC(track circumference) of 11.5. I drilled my 1st BEDLAM 5.5 in from pap which places the pin over my middle finger with the MB kick about 1 in right of thumb.
Talk about flip, this ball doesn't stop. Super clean down the lane.

 We have been using what we call Brand Signatures here at Ebonite International the last couple years in an attempt to maintain separation from our brother and sister brands. I am happy to say with the new balls we have completed strayed from that strategy. Hats off to the people at Columbia300 for this one.  The ball every Columbia300 fan has been waiting for. Super Skid Flip that comes back from anywhere.

Drill yourself one and i promise you wont be disappointed
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: Bowl0832 on July 08, 2009, 01:29:19 PM
I am not sure anything I write here can justify how good this ball is. When they said they have came out with a ball that comes back from anywhere, they were not kidding!

I applied my favorite drill 4 x 4. Mass bias at 40 degree. This ball is so effortless to get down the lane, but make sure you give it some room cause it will be turning hard. The only thing I have had to throw this on lately was been PBA and sport Patterns. I was a little scared of throwing this on the Viper last week cause of the strong Factory finish is 4000 abralon then Polish.
I took mine down to 1500 and then polished it. WOW. You know that ball from the S company that smells and everyone in the world has? I would put this ball up against it anyday!!

Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: ChrisLak on July 08, 2009, 10:13:26 PM
New ball time again guys and gals... Here is another winner from Chad Murphy , another Asymmetric core design with the full tilt cover...

mine is drill 50 x 40 x 4 inches

Cleaner thought the front then the Full swing by a couple of feet but the more movement in the back also. A skid flip ball in the line was really needed when u just didn't have that look but guess what its here and its a winner. Chad must have been sitting in his lab way to long to be making balls this good in only his 3 year with the new columbia 300. his is another winner in are line and if u are looking for something new with a good look give this ball a try.
Chris Lakatosh
Columbia 300 Staffer
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: JayRW on July 08, 2009, 10:57:26 PM
I've had this ball in my bag for about a month.  I actually have drilled two.  I have two totally different reactions.  This fills another gap in the last two years product lines.  The strong asymmetrical was filled with the Full Swing, they were missing skid/flip still. This ball is clean threw the fronts and changes direction harder than any C300 ball in history, since that is the case and I've thrown other stuff for the last few years, the Bedlam would be most similar to the reaction of a raid.  I've tried to trick out a few perfect rivals to get this, they flipped but stopped, the Bedlam keeps going.  I also tried to get another reaction, because the first was so clean I decided to try to get something that got threw the fronts but sometimes you don't want the crazy flip.  I put the MB in my ball track (BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE DOING THIS AS IT WILL TAKE AWAY MOST OF THE BALL REACTION AND COULD MAKE YOU FLARE OVER THE FINGERS OR THUMB. ASK A TRAINED PRO SHOP PROFESSIONAL IF IT WOULD BE A POSSIBILITY FOR YOUR GAME) this ball is so sweet length and I can hit on it and it just sets.

Layout 1: Pin 5 inches from axis above fingers(on centerline). MB 60 Degrees

Layout 2: Pin 4 1/2 inches from axis below fingers (below ring). MB 105 Degrees ( in first oil ring)

Overall: Very Clean and responds fast when it hits the dry.
Jason Wunderlich
Columbia 300 Regional Staff
Homestead, PA
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: lgaudio on July 08, 2009, 11:03:32 PM
What can I say? this is the most angular ball I have drilled by Columbia 300 since being on staff. Bedlam was drilled 4 ½” Pin x 4” CG from PAP. No extra hole and surface has not been altered. The first pattern I used the ball on was non stripped fresh house pattern. The Bedlam went a little too long at first but became more aggressive as I burned up a spot. I then used the ball in my PBAX league Viper pattern. On the fresh I used a Momentum Swing but then switched to the Bedlam in game 2. I was able to open the lane significantly with incredible carry. The recovery on bad shots to the right was truly unbelievable.

This is my ball of choice when the pattern breaks down and I need to get left with something that will corner and maintain consistent carry.
Lou Gaudio
Columbia 300 Regional Staff
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: Columbia4life on July 11, 2009, 06:11:53 PM
I think that this is one of versatile balls out from Columbia.  I feel that i can play any part of the lane with this ball.  I drilled my first one about 4 1/2 by 3.  This one is really strong motion throughout the whole lane. The second one is drilled 5 by 5, this one is longer and strong.  This ball is a great complement to the Full Swing

William Haverland
The Bowling Shop #3
Columbia 300 Staffer
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: The Cheese on July 14, 2009, 11:19:19 PM
Columbia 300 Bedlam
LayoutDual-angle) 50/40/5" Pin-to-PAP

The reaction of the Columbia Bedlam is amazing. Definitely close to the longest Columbia 300 (new era) that I've thrown but THE strongest pure backend reaction of any of the Columbia products I have had the privelege of throwing. On house shots, with my high rev-rate I am able to put on a show because of where I can get this ball back from. The new Full Tilt 4.0 coverstock with the 4000 abralon polished finish out-of-box clears the heads with absolute ease and the impressive new asymetrical weight block system eats up friction on the backend.
On intermediate length and longer sport patterns I was initially skeptical about ability of the Bedlam to create a strong motion becuase of the polished finish, but the asymetrical core takes care of that. Even with my higher ball speed (18-20 m.p.h.) I was able to open up patterns with some ease. Working in a pro shop for the last several bowling seasons I have seen companies attempting to get away from the long and strong skid-flip ball reactions, but Columbia has brought that beloved reaction back to the bowlers and at a mid-range price point as well. Great looks, great price, and the latest and greatest technology from one of the best brands of all time.
Pick one up at your pro shop in August and make sure to utilize the asymetrical weight block system with the dual-angle layout method. Columbia enthusiests can easily find a place for this in your bag between the Full Swing and Freeze, and who honestly can say that they couldn't use a ball with more length and strength? I also coach collegiately and will be getting this ball in the hands of my players ASAP. Good luck and enjoy bowling fans. There is no season better than this one to renew your interest in bowling or further your skill with the innovations of Columbia 300.
Columbia 300 Regional/Amateur Staff
Mike Marks Pro Shop
Wyoming, MI
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: BK on July 26, 2009, 05:48:34 AM

Drilled 55 x 6 1/4 x 25
speed - low
rev - med

I drilled it with the pin above the mid-finger and MB next to the right of the thumb. I knew from the first shot that this was a great ball. When it looks like it isn't going to make it to the pocket, it suddenly snaps and flushs the pins away. If you're looking for a great ball with lenght and a great backend, the Bedlam is your ball!

nice job Columbia300
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: theduke2004 on July 26, 2009, 11:57:58 PM
What can I say about the new Bedlam than WOW. This ball falls in place right were it needs to as the Full Swing with the 5.0 coverstock .  As the Full Swing starts to read the mids to early, the bedlam comes right behind with the new 4.0 full tilt coverstock.  It is cleaner through the heads with a lot more angularity.

          I drilled my Bedlam  65-50-35. It fell right in to place, as I was bowling in New York in second shift of a tournament. Started out with the Full Swing went 190, 196, switched to the Bedlam and finished with 244, 279. The ball got me further down the lane but finished a lot stronger than the Full  Swing.   All I can say is thanks to Chad Murphy for making another great ball for the Columbia 300 brand.

Dureyea’ Toland
Columbia 300 Clinton,MD Staffer
World Class Pro Shops
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: StevenB on August 11, 2009, 09:07:25 PM
Hats off to Chad and the people at Columbia for introducing this ball.  

Besides the cool looking coverstock, this ball will catch people's eyes with its' performance on the lanes as well.  Very clean through the heads and incredible come-back-from-anywhere backend reaction.  Not only will this ball be the favorite of the deep inside players, but the backend motion will allow the strokers to go away from the pocket with the confidence that the ball will recover.
This asymetric core, along with the Full Swing's core, are great additions to the already great line that Columbia is producing.  If a bowler combines the predictable balls of last year with the skid/flip balls of this year, that bowler will have a complete arsenal to compete anywhere on anything.  Thank you Chad and Columbia once again.
Steven Brinkman
Columbia Amateur Staffer
"Columbia Bowls the World Over"
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Tim on August 13, 2009, 04:14:44 AM
Drilled my Bedlam staff ball with a dual angle layout of 45 x 40 with the pin 5 1/2" from my PAP. I absolutely loved the Full Swing and was eager to see what kind of compliment this ball would be to it.

When I am using a Full Swing and it just isn't reading the lane the way I want by not quite turning the corner enough, I go right to the Bedlam without even moving my feet and start striking again. The Bedlam is long, and has the strongest response to friction that I've ever thrown.

On a fresh pattern, I found the Bedlam to be about 5 boards less overall hook than a Full Swing, and longer through the midlane and stronger in the backend than a Perfect Rival.

With the release of the Bedlam, I can carry the four new Columbia 300 releases to a tournament or sweeper and know that I can conquer any condition.
Columbia 300 Staff
Vise Inserts Staff
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: Paul836 on August 16, 2009, 04:00:54 AM
As a Columbia 300 staff member in the Midwest, I've had the chance to test the Bedlam for several weeks.  I drilled the Bedlam 5x4, which placed the pin about an inch above my ring finger and the MB about 1 ½ inches right of my thumb.  A fairly strong drilling, designed to add length through the fronts and accentuate the back-end motion even more.  I’m a medium-speed player with a higher axis tilt, so I struggle a bit with deep inside-line trajectories.  I can’t tell you enough how excited I was to have this ball added to my arsenal!  

For starters, there’s no questioning the backend reaction of this ball.  It is more angular from the point it changes direction than any previous ball in the C300 lineup.  By creating an increased entry angle into the pocket, I’ve noticed an increased percentage in carry from light-swisher hits.  For my initial testing I left the ball out-of-box which is 2000 abralon sanded plus Powerhouse Factory Finish.  The Bedlam responds very impressively as advertised.  

My additional testing of the Bedlam involved two distinct surface changes.  My first change was to take the cover up to 4000 and then re-polished it with the same Powerhouse Factory Finish.  It’s amazing what just a small surface change can do to ball reaction shape.  What I got was an even more impressive backend motion but it was accompanied by a bit more of an over/under reaction at the breakpoint.  Perhaps with a weaker drilling, this surface preparation would excel but in this particular case I did not prefer it.  My second change was to restore the 2000 abralon finish but this time I left the Factory Finish off.  FANTASTIC!  Suddenly I had ball motion which was boards earlier in the midlane with a strong arc off the spot.  Pin carry was enhanced on both light and half-pocket hits as the pins seemed to be kept lower on the deck as compared to the skid-snap reaction with polish.  This surface also adds to the Bedlam’s versatility, as I’ve had continued success on both THS and sport conditions with this cover combination.  

Thanks to Columbia for another fantastic 2009 release!  

Paul Bober
C300 Amateur Staff
Morton Grove, IL
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: Badger856 on September 14, 2009, 02:34:59 PM
This is by far the strongest ball I have ever thrown...and that is a lot of bowling balls.
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: BOWLAHOLIC300 on September 14, 2009, 11:14:22 PM

Punched this beauty on Sunday AM.  Bowled in a Tournament Sunday PM.  I practiced with the CELL PEARL, VIRTUAL ENERGY, AND THE BEDLAM.  All three balls hit the pocket good but the bedlam game me the most mistake room. I shot 1 squad a 3 game qualifier.  Shot 241, 210, 258.  1st and 2nd game still getting use to the ball.  However made the SEMI FINALS.

Semi-finals I shot 223 very broked down pair.  made finals

Finals fresh shot.  shot 268. stone 8 in the 5th stone 9 in 6th Sheet.




Mr Wham
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: Los300 on October 05, 2009, 12:30:24 PM
I drilled my Columbia 300 Bedlam a week ago and am beyond impressed with it thus far. I did leave the ball in its original box finish to see exactly what it could do and I do not plan to alter that finish with the reaction I have seen. I am an avid Columbia fan as I love the smooth, hard midlane, easy to read backend bowling balls that are generally in their arsenal. The reaction of the Bedlam is unlike any Columbia ball that I have thrown and it is a welcome change and an overdue addition. The Bedlam will clear the fronts very easily, pick up very hard in the late midlane, and continue with the hardest backend that I have seen. The ball will seemingly continue all the way through the pin deck and really does seem to get back from anywhere. The carry is unbelievable as the amount of energy left within the ball on the back leaves nothing in its path. In comparison with other pearl Columbia balls that I have in my bag, the Bedlam has 4-5 extra feet of length and 5-6 more boards of backend than my Momentum and 3-4 feet of length and 2-3 more boards of backend than the Big Shot. The thing is, both of those balls are pretty angular in their own right but are not even in the same league as the Bedlam as far as angualrity goes. If you are a Columbia fan, or anybody for that matter, and have been looking for a ball with unmatched angularity, area, and carry I would suggest drilling a Bedlam.
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: bowlintigersrock on November 06, 2009, 02:51:43 AM
Does anyone know which ball is stronger or which has a bigger backend, the Track 715A or the Bedlam?
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: LGreene on November 07, 2009, 02:09:21 PM
The Bedlam is one of strongest backend balls i ever threw! I have 2 of them one is drilled 5 1/2 on the pin & mass bias is 45 degrees. This layout works great on longer patterns when needing more down the lane. Ball 2 is 4 1/2 from my ap mass bias is 45 as well this layout gives me a smoother ball reaction on heavier volumes of oil. Ball 2 follows my Full Swing on PBA patterns like the Shark,and Scorpion.On the Chameleon pattern it's the first ball out the bag. The Bedlam is the smoothest ball ive thrown coming off the breakpoint in a pearl cover. This is a must for every style! The pearl ball of the year hands down.               Lamont Greene C300 Regional Staffer!
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: Schmidty0818 on February 16, 2010, 12:58:26 PM
First of all, let me say that I am a non-staff amateur bowler and have zero obligation to give positive reviews on the equipment I use. Having said that, I've put a good 80 or so games on this ball and it's still cornering as strong as the day I took it out of the box. Columbia definitely hit their mark with this ball as it more then adequately fits the skid/flip description. Probably the best part of this ball is that it carries a fairly predictable motion, despite its big back-end potential. It definitely won't leave you scratching your head as you walk back from the foul line.

Ball Surface
OOB finish - 2000 Abralon w/polish

Ball Layout
Dual Angle Layout: 55* x 30*
Pin to PAP Distance: 5 1/4"

This ball works best on medium to light oil. It gets down-lane with ease and carves an aggressive, angular path to the pocket. Carry-down can be a problem, but that was expected. I knocked the polish off yesterday and I'm going to try throwing this ball @ 2000 dull to see what it can do. It might turn into a nice benchmark ball for me. I'll give updates later on.

Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: Shields on April 09, 2010, 02:59:09 AM
I dont work in the pro shop so I cant give you all the details.The pin is next to the ring finger I'm a low rev player throwing between 14-16mph. Works best on med. oil conditions. The discription Columbia gives this ball is very true. It is def a tweeners dream. Very aggressive turn and snaps very hard into the pocket. One of the loudest sounds at the alley when this ball hits the pocket perfectly, the pins just explode. This will def be the first ball out of my bag for now on.
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: nthzone300 on April 14, 2010, 01:00:07 PM
After not bowling for 8 years I was unsure of what to get. I decided to try the Bedlam.  It has surpassed my expectations.  I know exactly what this ball is going to do everytime I take it out of the bag.    I have had a couple of 279's and 4 700's throwing this ball the last 8 weeks.  This ball has definitely helped renergize my passion for the game.
Craig Davis

High Game - 300x2
High Series - 800
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: CHawk15 on July 29, 2010, 02:03:12 PM
Columbia 300 Bedlam
Pin to CG Distance – 3”
Layout – Pin Over Ring Finger,  MB @ 50 degrees
Reaction – Long and Strong


The Bedlam is really clean thru the front part of the lane, even when the heads start to break down.  It reads the late midlane and can cover a lot of territory in the back part of the lane.  Although the Bedlam can cover a lot of ground, it doesn’t “jerk” off the spot like other skid/flip balls I’ve had in the past.  I’ve used this ball in several different bowling centers around town with favorable results. I haven’t had a lot of success playing out with this ball on the fresh, even with a little more surface on the ball.  I’ve had much more success playing in, I believe that this is partly because of the drill, but mostly because the ball was designed to cover ground on the back part of the lane. In all the bowling centers I tried the Bedlam, it easily pushed to the right in all of them. The Bedlam is at it’s best for me when the fronts have broken down a bit and there’s a little swing room outside of breakpoint.  

If there is one small drawback with using a Bedlam and that is it’s a little oil sensitive.  It definitely needs a defined friction spot to throw to and doesn’t really handle carrydown very well.  Changing the surface to 1000 abralon w/polish made it a little less oil sensitive, but not significantly so.   The Bedlam has a slight susceptibility to over/under ball reaction, but less so than other bowling balls I’ve had in the past that cover this much ground in the back part of the lane.

So if you need a ball to get through the front part of the lane and recover on errant tosses to the right, this is the ball for you.
Title: Re: Bedlam
Post by: goaway65 on October 20, 2010, 08:05:17 PM
Got this ball last year when it was retired at a good price.  Its a good quality first ball out of the bag.  Very predictable versitle bowling ball.  Not meant for very heavy oil but on a house shot works well.  Have not thrown it on the national shot but traveling at local houses the ball works fairly well on different patterns.  Left with factory finish raised my average to 200 from 195.  Highly recommended.