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Flipside Shock
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Shock was developed to handle medium to heavy oil with ease, relying on its smooth finished UFD (Ultimate Friction in Dry) coverstock. Polish this beauty up and it'll perform well when the heads break down and that heavy oil pushes down the lane.

Ball Specifications  
Core Technology: Dense core body. Dense energy flip blocks.

Core Technology Benefits: Concentrates the weight near the center of the core for more roll in oil. Adds flare potential for more overall hook.

Coverstock: UFD

Coverstock Benefit: Tackified additive creates a quick response to dry boards down the lane.

Hardness: 75-78

ABC/WIBC Approved: Yes

Track Flare: 4-5

Color: Red/Black with Silver Sparkle Engraving

Sanding Process: 1200 grit concentric

Polish Name: Dry Buffed  
Shock core

Hook Rating
Overall Hook: 50
Hook Oil: 25
Hook Dry: 25
Dynamic Properties
Available Weights Radius of Gyration (Rg.) Rg. Differential
16 lb. 2.498  0.052
15 lb. 2.523  0.049
14 lb. 2.540  0.049
13 lb. N/A N/A
12 lb. N/A N/A
11 lb. N/A N/A
10 lb. N/A N/A




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Re: Flipside Shock
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2004, 03:01:23 AM »
Drilled mine 4 1/2 x 5 pin slightly above ring and to the right with the cg in the palm. I bowl on a simple 10 to 10 and about 38 feet long. Box finish on these clean back was a little to much was really a monster hook ball. Yet as quick as the ball changed directions down the lane it was still very controllable. I just recently polished mine up and it dramatically changed the reaction. It allowed me to square up and play a little more up the boards. Overall a very good ball with the versitilaty of the cover and the strength of the core it has a lot of bang for the buck.


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Re: Flipside Shock
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2004, 12:46:36 PM »
Ball seems very similar to the Formula, easy to contol, polished can play up the boards, dull you can swing it.  Easy to read and predict, very good ball for $150.  If you are looking at one, compare it to the WOW and the Formula.

Dwight Albrecht

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Re: Flipside Shock
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2004, 12:50:10 AM »
Columbia Flipside-Shock:
Ball Specs

The ball being drilled was a 2 pin out with 3.00 oz top weight.

The drilling chosen was my favorite. Pin 3 3/4" from PAP and Mb 4 1/2" from PAP ( approximately 60 degrees) pin is below fingers, 1 3/4" above grip midline. Weight hole past axis pitched away at a 3 o'clock angle.

Bowler Information:
Track diameter is 10 1/2.
PAP is measured at 5 1/4 over and 3/8" up.
Average ball speed (foul line to head pin) is 17 mph.
Axis rotation is typically 45 degrees
Initial rev rate is typically 300 rpm, "Tweener"

Thanks to Danny Speranza from Columbia for allowing me to test this ball.
I bowled a summer league at AMF Waukesha which mixed up the oil patterns in 4 week segments, the last 4 weeks we ran into heavy oil and carry down. I felt I needed a new ball to help me with this condition, heavy oil and carrydown and my game do not mix. Danny suggest the Flipside "Shock". Now that I have had the ball for about 1 month, I have 4 nights on the ball and have 3 700's to my credit. Just a great ball. As long as you clean backends, the ball is awesome. Clean and smooth through the fronts, a impressive mid lane roll, it revs up quick with a strong but smooth backend reaction. The only condition the ball is just to weak is the flood with carry down. It can get to the pocket, but will leave week 9 counts. It will handle heavy oil conditions, but you need clean backends, then the ball matches up well. I love the way this ball revs up in the mid lane and the strong change of direction on the backends. Because the ball rolls so well, the carry is awesome. I personally feel that this ball will be ball of the year for sales in the mid-price level. $150-$170. It's that good.

Compared to my other Balls:
Ultimate Inferno: The Shock revs up quicker and is harder on the backends with a touch more over all hook.

Compared to My Track Phenom Unleashed:
Cannot tell any difference except for the additional $50 savings. A touch smoother on the backends than the Phenom Unleashed.

Compared to Track Mutant:
The Shock has more overall hook and revs quicker. About the same backend reaction.

I used the Shock on wood lane centers and have not yet used it on a panel lane surface. Both houses on wood the ball performed wonderfully. Thanks to Columbia and Danny Speranza for the suggestion.

Thanks for reading me review.


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Re: Flipside Shock
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2004, 04:22:54 PM »
I picked up this ball from Columbia along with my Panic and Fear.

The ball is drilled with the pin 1" below the ring finger.  Early roll is the name of the game with this ball.  This ball with the drilling I have on it is an absolute oil HOG.  Though it's not a good ball for the deep inside line (I have a Ti Traction for that), it is a great ball to play 15 out with a lot of oil.  The ball has great skid, revs up nicely in the midlane and, once it encounters the dry, turns and absolutely crushes the pocket.  Playing up the boards delivers an equally effective result.

This is overall a good offering from Columbia, though I don't think I've had enough oil on a lane to really give the Shock the opportunity to perform.  I'll update this once I find lanes that match up to the abilities of this ball.

** On Edit **

I finally found the conditions this ball can react to.  I joined a sport league that has a 39' heavy pattern.  After struggling for a couple of weeks with the wrong equipment, I pulled out my Shock.  I played a simple line between 2nd and 3rd arrows while making some adjustments with my fingers and wrist.  This ball was perfect for the conditions.  I was able to open the lane up a little giving myself a little "forgiveness" room for slightly errant shots.  The result was a respectable 619 on sport.

This ball will fit in your arsenal.  It is a winning offering from Columbia.


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Re: Flipside Shock
« Reply #5 on: September 05, 2004, 01:59:08 PM »
Drill Pattern:
55 degrees
Pin Above Fingers

This ball has a tendacy to play very early.  When the ball was left dull we could actaully get the ball to stop and hook out.  Once this ball was polished it became a little skiddish.  Either way the straighter we played this ball the better the reaction.  After drilling these for a few different people, the bowlers with a lower rev rate or with a lower track seem to benefit more from the Shock.  We are going to test another one of these with a different pattern to see if it can be played better from inside angles.  Since this is a mid-price ball, it is definitly worth the money, if you want something to read the front part of the lane.


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Re: Flipside Shock
« Reply #6 on: January 04, 2005, 08:53:26 PM »
I picked this ball up hoping to help combat some of the heay carry down problems I had been experiencing.  The shot is a 40' heavy oil on synthetics.  Oil seems to carry down extremely quickly and you are left with lots of oil up front and little to no backends.  Normally this forces you to play a direct line to the pocket and destroys any sort of carry.  Lots of wrapped 10's and, although I hate to admit it, the dreaded pocket 5 pin .

I picked this ball up with a 2" pin to cg and 1.75 oz top.  I layed the ball out using a 45 drill with the pin 3.5" from my PAP.  This resulted in the pin being approximately 1/2 way between my fingers and my midline, with the cg kicked out right quite a ways.  I placed a weight hole on my PAP to bring the ball back to zero side weight and 1/2oz thumb.  Left the ball in box condition.

Started out playing the heavy carry-down shot in my normal place...  straight down the 7 to 9 board area.  I got tons of flare in the oil (4-5") and a very smooth continuous reaction the entire length of the lane.  The ball covered approximately 5-6 boards more on the lane than my sanded Neo-Tac Khameleon, which had previously been my heavy oil ball.  The extra hook generated by this ball caused the "straight down 7-9 board" shot to consistantly come high on the head pin.  This was an encouraging site as previously I had trouble getting the ball back to the pocket!  After making several adjustments, I was finally able to settle into an inside shot, playing around 17 at the arrows, swinging the ball out to around 12 at the break point.  The extremely smooth reaction was just enough to make it back to the hole with sufficient energy to carry the 5 pin.  This was a huge improvement over my previous shot...where I was barely able to get the ball back playing straight up the boards.  

On heavy carry-down, this ball was very smooth and predictable.  It was plenty strong to move even on a heavy oil shot and in carrydown.  I'm sure, this ball would be much stronger with clean backends.  Overall this seems to be a very smooth and consistant ball that is able to handle a good deal of oil.  I would recommend this ball for anyone who is looking to cover medium to heavy oil with some carry-down.

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Re: Flipside Shock
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2005, 08:53:24 PM »
This is a great ball, it's a nice compliment to my X factor Ace. It to hits like a ton of bricks. It only lasted me about 600 games and 2 resurfaces so it lasted all right.(BETTER THAN ANY BRUNSWICK BALL). i picked that ball again about 3 weeks ago, and man can it hit better than ever. I let it sit for about 4 months then one day took it out and bang shot a 289 right of the start and man does it feel better than having an old friend back.
William Esau
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