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Title: Perfect Rival
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
- Color: Purple/Green/Silver All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Core: "Spinner"
- Veneer: "Perfect 300" - Reactive
- Surface: 4000 Abralon
- Hook Rating: Oil - 36, Backend - 30

- Reaction: Strong Flip
- RG Differential: .040 (Medium Flare) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
- RG Average: 2.49 (Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- Description: The Perfect Rival was developed to complement both the Rival and Arch Rival in terms of total hook. This is the third ball in the series and features another great shell developed by the chemists at EBI called “Perfect 300”. The chemistry produces more friction than the Arch Rival’s 300 Plus, but less than the original shell on the Rival. Perfect 300, combined with our proven Spinner core, produce a ball that is great when there is oil left of your target line out of the box, and with some polish will outperform both previous models on the backend of the lane.
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: justdale on October 07, 2008, 04:13:12 PM
Drilled this one identical to the other Rivals just so i could see the true difference. Pin above middle of fingers, cg straight line down through the palm.
This ball turns up sooner ( for me) than the Arch Rival but not as soon as the Rival. The Perfect Rival doesn't need to cross as many boards as the Rival, but still hits like a truck.
Bowled on a heavy oil house shot and did OK (247-243-226), except for a couple of operator errors this ball is a great addition to the Rival line.

I would like to thank Chad Murphy and his staff for their continued support.

Thank you for reading my review

Dale Williams
Columbia 300 Utah Amateur Staff
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: Onefrombills on October 07, 2008, 09:25:55 PM
I am new to this site but I must agree with dale 100%

Its funny I drilled mine the same way and I do see the ball a bit stronger than the arch rival. I left it at out of the box finish. This is a great ball if you are new to the game to make as your bench mark ball or to add to your bag with other balls. This is a much nicer looking ball in person than from the picture
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Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: easy_wheel on October 15, 2008, 03:07:48 PM
 () cg  

drilled mine w/ pin in my palm, cg near thumb.
i left it out-of-box finish, and it burned up a little  
bit for me so i polished it.  rolls more truly i think.
hits harder, and is more predictable.  never really drilled
a ball like this before, but i am very pleased.  great addition
to my equipment.
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: justdale on October 28, 2008, 12:55:59 PM
A quick follow-up to the original post
Last night i decided to give the Perfect Rival some polish, just to see, well I wasn't so sure what I was going to get.
After 10 minutes of practice I was still searching for the right shot, I was out at 10-6 and the ball was a little too long, so with some movement up on the approach, and a couple more moves right, I went from 211 ( before the moves) to 299 254, needed to stay slow ( and this house puts out a good amount of oil) and not try and hit it at the bottom of my swing, but I would say that this ball had the reaction I thought it would.
I would hope that you fellow ball reviewers give this ball a chance, you won't be disappointed

Thank You for reading my review
Dale Williams
Columbia 300 Utah Amateur Staff
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: Travel853 on October 28, 2008, 05:56:19 PM
Drilled the perfect yesterday and gave it a try last night. I set it up 4x4 to be stronger than my arch rival. By stronger i mean earlier. The perfect definately was stronger than the arch. 921 for four on our scratch lge. 41 foot sport pattern.
 The perfect is a keeper for sure, it fits very well with the other two rvals.

     Thanks again columbia
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: chappy on November 05, 2008, 03:31:47 PM
Just drilled this ball only used it on league patterns and the ball seems to be a great house shot ball probably not something that I would use in my sport league the ball tends to be a little weaker with my rev rate and the amount of polish I have on the ball. I will also be offering all weights in this ball for sale for 115.00 and calculated shipping from my area to yours I will not make any profit on the shipping
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Tim on November 08, 2008, 03:58:52 AM
The third Rival is the Perfect Rival.  This green/purple/silver ball claims to have the midlane of the original Rival, and finish on the backend as hard as the Arch Rival.

Mine was punched up 65* x 35*, with the pin 4 3/4" from my PAP.  This is the ball to start off every bowling session with.  You can find out what the lanes are like in just a few shots.  The ball motion is similar to a Momentum Swing, but hooks about 4 boards less.  By starting with the Perfect Rival, you can easily find out what ball you will need to use on that particular session (many of which will be the Perfect Rival!)  

When comparing the previous two Rivals, overall hook was close, within 5 boards for the 3 of them.  The biggest difference will be seen off the breakpoint.  The Rival rolls strong in the midlane, and has a smooth arc on the backend.  The Arch Rival has the most length, and flips the hardest in the back of the lane.  The Perfect Rival has the midlane of the Rival, but is a little bit cleaner through the fronts.  On the backend, the Perfect is not AS angular as the Arch, but still pretty angular.  When I'm using either the Rival of Perfect Rival and they start to burn up a bit early, I can go to the Arch and pick right back up again.

The Perfect Rival fits a lot of bowlers's styles...everybody can use a PERFECT benchmark ball.
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Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: lgaudio on November 25, 2008, 05:21:24 PM
Drilled Perfect Rival, and Momentum Swing both 4x4 no hole. Both balls have similar ball motion with the Swing outhooking the Rival by a good 6 or 7 boards. Even though the ball motion is similar the Swing will pick up about 5 feet sooner than the PR.

I used both balls this past weekend at an East regional on the new version of the Viper pattern. On the fresh the PR was uncontrallable it either hooked too much or hung when hitting right of target. The Swing gave me a much more readable path to the pocket with some recovery right. After the breakdown I was able to move further right and catch the burned breakpoint made by powerplayers and switched to the Perfect Rival goign up 4,5,6. When the PR got too strong off the spot I switched down to the Loud Noize which held up till the end of the block.
Lou Gaudio
Columbia 300 Regional Staff
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: BILL FONG 88 on January 24, 2009, 01:31:32 AM
This ball is predictable and reliable.I drilled mine under the ring finger cg slightly kicked out.Amazing backend and great carry.Bowled 300 a few weeks ago with normal 2 to 1 moves.Consider this ball as a benchmark ball.Its great when their is carrydown oil.Good ball when there is a hang spot and rolls off of it .This ball out duels the Arch Rival by far.Looking forward to drilling another  one.
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: BILL FONG 88 on January 31, 2009, 03:38:29 AM
Had a teammate struggling because lanes were swirly with carrydown and lanes were speed sensitive.My teammate throws hard so i suggested throwing my Perfect Rival.I told him to throw his normal speed and pitch it right.And he shot 299.Calls me today to order one for Nationals.Just another success story due to the  Perfect Rival!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: fillmann on February 12, 2009, 06:25:06 PM
I acquired this ball about 3 weeks ago. I've used it in a couple tournaments and was very pleased with the performance. I had it drilled with the pin just below the fingers and the cg in the lower palm. It gets into a roll fairly early, but has a continuous arc with plenty of hitting power. It takes some oil for this ball to come out of the bag, and quite often have to move inside early, but when I have been able to use it, it has become my favorite oiler condition ball. Won a tournament with it already, and paid for itself and then some. A good choice for oilier conditions and will provide a lot of hitting power without giving up control.
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: BILL FONG 88 on March 27, 2009, 06:07:05 AM
Had a teammate i have been telling he needs an updated layout when the lanes are wet dry and most PBA pros are using.He is lefthanded and drilled pin on top of his middle finger .3/4 finger weight no side weight.Polished with 5000grit.Looked good in practice so used it his first game and bowls 300 game.Perfect Rival is an underatted ball.Action always speaks.So does bowling balls.
Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: strikecing on April 20, 2009, 12:42:02 AM
Cant say enough about this ball.  Mainly throw Storm but this ball Has got me back into C300!!! This ball move is just amazing. Drilled with the pin above the bridge and this ball doesnt not seem to over react off the friction!! Also love how well it cuts throw carry down.  Bowl second shift and this one is always the first out of my bag, even preforms better than my shiny 2nd.  Cant wait to see the next release of the Rival.
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Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: 67camaro on September 17, 2009, 03:30:06 PM
Have had the ball since July, but don't bowl a whole lot anymore. Bowled a six game set with the West Texas A&M University men's and women's team in Amarillo, TX on Sunday. All I can say is WOW. The ball enabled me to play parts of the lanes that others were struggling with. Ball is drilled label leverage with pin above ring ringer and cg in the palm (right handed). Ball clears the heads with easy and goes into a heavy roll at the break point. Very controllable motion to the pocket, and is a great ball to begin with on any pattern. I shot 700, 760 for the two sets. I wish this ball was not already discontinued. This ball definitely is a keeper
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Title: Re: Perfect Rival
Post by: Genorok on February 09, 2011, 12:56:27 PM

Length: 41 Ft.   
Volume: 50 Units

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):   THS


Likes:    This ball reacts earlier than the Rival and Arch Rival. A good ball to fit between a Resurgence and a Rival. Great on House shots and a decent reaction on Sport Patterns. 

Dislikes:  Need to keep the surface up more than with other balls. If the surface isn't kept fresh it seems to lose a lot of pin carry.