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Title: Rock Pearl
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The ROCK PEARL is an intense ball that features a break-through cover stock technology utlizing Columbia's NEW exclusive TEC2 (patent pending) shell. TEC2 features an enhanced lane-gripping additive that bites through oil without hollow glass microspheres or hard particles found in other balls. The ROCK PEARL is the first pearlized ball designed for medium oil with carry down. It offers a low Rg of 2.506 and a medium differential RG of .047. The core offers an efficient use of the dense mass that surrounds the ball's center. Add Columbia's new TEC2 pearlized shell and you get a strong hooking ball for medium to heavy oil. The ROCK PEARL has a hook rating of 22.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Bill on July 14, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
The Rock Pearl arrived in the shop earlier in the week.  Chris drilled the Pearl with the pin above the finger and the CG on the gripline.  There was no change to the surface.

This ball was test on a first shift league condition, with good head oil and fresh backends.  This ball went long and came around the corner strong.  Like the Rock, the Rock Pearl keep the pins low while ripping the rack.  Chris used this ball around fifth arrow all night and had no problem with the deep inside angle losing hitting power.  This ball has great recovery when the backends are dry.

The Rock Pearl is more like a Reactive ball because of the skid/flip reaction.  On a Scale of 1-10, I would give this ball a 7.5.  Bowlers with slower ball speed might have a problem with this ball hooking and stopping. If you like the skid/flip reaction, put this one in your bag.  I think the Rock will be more popular of the two releases.  This ball should be out in mid-August.


Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: elpablo101 on August 17, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
I got the Rock pearl a week ago, and just got to throw it last night.  Right seems to roll a lot like my pearlized Pulse, but with an earlier breakpoint.

I got it drilled with a 4 inch pin-out, pin to the right of the ring finger, with the CG just to the right of center of my grip (much like many of my other balls).  I guess I can be classified as a power stroker.

I was throwing it late on lanes with a lot of carry down (after Thunder Alley and a ton of sloppy plastic balls going all over the lanes).  It didn't cut as hard as I had hoped it would, but I can't expect it to with that much carry down and no fresh shot out at 11:30 at night.

I did like the fact that the ball did hit hard and kept the pins low, tripping out the corner pins easier that most of my other equipment.  I am waiting to see what this ball will do on first-shift league conditions, I am hoping for something in the neighborhood of a ball that goes long with a good snap on it, but forgiving when the shot dries out a bit as the series goes along.

More on this ball later on other conditions...Paul  
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: striker300 on August 18, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
I drilled this ball 4x4 with a hole on my axis.  On a medium house condition this ball was great.  This ball gets through the heads extremly well and then watch it go left when it catches the dry.  This could be the first ball out of the bag for many people.  It simialr to a really strong reactive ball.  This ball will not be the ball to go to on heavy oil, but thats what the Rock soild is for.  Columbia has a great 1-2 punch with these Rocks
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Will Willis on August 21, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
I've put about 20 games on this ball now, so I figured I'd take a moment to post a review. First, some background. I'm a right-handed "power stroker" type of player, usually playing a 10 board swing shot (stand 20 throw to 10, 14 to 5, 25 to 15, or variations standing between 10 and 25). I've been averaging high 180s for the last year and a half using a Zone Pro Azure as my strike ball and an old Cobalt Rhino as my spare ball/dry lanes ball. The Rock Pearl doesn't cover as many boards as the Zone, but I find that since it goes longer before turning that I leave a lot fewer 10-pins. I typically bowl on second shift conditions, and the Rock Pearl seems to be perfectly suited for it. I rolled a 589 in league last week, the first time I'd used it, and would've shot much higher had I not blown some easy spares. I had a much better strike ratio than what I've had in recent months. I've practiced on fresh conditions as well as some carrydown conditions the next morning after a night of Xtreme bowling. I don't think this ball is the type you're going to play deep inside with on a fresh shot, but I don't think it is a light oil ball like some have made it out to be. I suppose it depends on your drilling? Mine is drilled fairly aggressively, but unfortunately I don't remember the exact specs off the top of my head. I had no trouble standing 20 and throwing to 10 and having the ball snap back into the pocket on a fresh shot, and on a drier shot I was able to throw out to around 5 from 20, though 7 was a little more realistic if I didn't want to hang 10-pins all night.

Overall, I think this is a very good ball. I'd definitely buy it again if I had it to do over again.

Will Willis
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Drillmn300 on August 28, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
Great ball for me once the coverstock was changed. Layed it out with a 5x5 and through it for a few games and was pleased at all, once it hit a dry board it flipped. It was too skid flippy and made it difficult to read the breakpoint because it never had an easy push to the right. Took it back to the shop and sanded it to 800 and through a coat of 5,000 on it with some Black Magic over the top of that and man what a difference. I now have an unlimited push to the right and the ball has a more consistant breakpoint than I could ever imagine and I hate anything with particle in it. I'll keep it polished up and see if it last as long as the other Tec they keep rolling out to us,(very few games)but for now I see a few more 300's and 800's with this equipment.

Have Fun!

Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Paul Gault on September 26, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
I have to agree with Sam on this one. Heavy oil with no carry down is a good conditon with this ball, but if there is any carry down, I would only pull this ball out in medium conditions only. The Rock Pearl crushes the pocket. I have left the least amount of splits and 10 pins with this ball. But I learned last night on wood lanes, especially the wood lanes I throw on, with carry down this ball was a dud. It never started to arc towards the pocket, it just skidded straight on down. However on the synthetic lanes I throw on, they have little to no carry down. I can lay this ball down on the 2 arrow and I am assured a pocket hit 9 out of 10 times. I am a 170 average bowler, but I have bowled one 289, three 279s and a couple of 260s and 250s with this ball. I have only thrown 15 games total with this ball, so I would say I love this ball for me. This ball is not for everyone, but if you are a high rev player I recommend this ball. It goes great for a one two punch with the cuda 2000.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: elpablo101 on January 02, 2001, 12:44:25 PM
This is a followup on the previous review listed below, originally posted Aug. 17, 2000:

I was originally hoping to use this ball as a primary ball, but with the amount of oil in the house that I bowl in this season, it has become a good later-shift ball because of its good length for me.  I have been using a La Nina primarily, then following up with this.

Most recently, I was bowling a make-up team set, and the lanes had not been substantially oiled at that point.  After trying to swing the ball through what was left of the heads, I had very little room for error playing about 20-8, I had to hit that 8 board or the ball would either go a little wide, or come up way to high or brooklyn (with this Rock Pearl).

After getting frustrated by not being able to hit a consistant spot, I decided to rip it right down ten, and found an additional use for this ball when I'm unable to hit the right spot on my normal shot.

I made this switch about 3/4 through the 2nd game, and help pretty much the same line the third game, having to give it a little more room right as it continued to break down.

I'm still a big believer in the Rock Pearl, with a very nice low carry on the deck, but you have to have the right release point or condition for it (mental approach helps too!) ;)

Good ball for a cranker who wants a pearlized ball for a later reaction, or a secondary ball for a stroker.


>Date Posted: 8/17/00  

>Review: I got the Rock pearl a week >ago, and just got to throw it last >night. Right seems to roll a >lot like my pearlized Pulse, but with >an earlier breakpoint.


>I got it drilled with a 4 inch pin->out, pin to the right of the ring >finger, with the CG just to the right >of center of my grip (much like many >of my other balls). I guess I can be >classified as a power stroker.


>I was throwing it late on lanes with a >lot of carry down (after Thunder Alley >and a ton of sloppy plastic balls >going all over the lanes). It didn't >cut as hard as I had hoped it would, >but I can't expect it to with that >much carry down and no fresh shot out >at 11:30 at night.


>I did like the fact that the ball did >hit hard and kept the pins low, >tripping out the corner pins easier >that most of my other equipment. I am >waiting to see what this ball will do >on first-shift league conditions, I am >hoping for something in the >neighborhood of a ball that goes long >with a good snap on it, but forgiving >when the shot dries out a bit as the >series goes along.


>More on this ball later on other >conditions...Paul  

Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Michael on January 03, 2001, 05:22:16 PM
my stats: righty, tweener. I just recently purchased the rock pearl. This ball is very strong , I drilled it with the pin at about 2:30. The pin is 3 to 3 1/2 inches from the cg. It is drilled on label. I had this ball drilled with 7 inches of flare or you could say that I put the pin at a 45'(3 and 3/8) angle according to my axis.This drilling pretty much maxes it out!  I would not reccomend this drilling for the rock though. The ball rolls well on the longer oil patterns or when there is more carry down than usual( I keep the ball pretty polished). the ball tends to set up real early,with energy left on the backend to kick out alot of corner pins.

P.S. I just bowled a 700 with this ball and I went 280 233 187 the ball was going very long and used up a pretty good bit of it's energy on the back end. The lanes were pretty walled up but the ball didn't hook up early when it hit the dry.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: CompEdgeProShop on January 08, 2001, 10:39:16 AM
I have had my rock pearl for about 3 months now and love it. I drilled it flip leverage which gets the ball trough the heads so clean and just makes a left turn on the backend. I recently through a 299 with the ball. The conditions where I bowl are more of a medium oil pattern. The lanes are oiled to 38 with moderate carrydown. This is the  condition that this ball was designed for. So if this is what your throwing on I would suggest this ball to you. I give the ball 9 out of 10 rating.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Will Willis on March 02, 2001, 11:39:15 AM
Here's a followup review, I originally reviewed this ball last fall after having it for a relatively short time.

Well, I still love this ball. It's great on the second shift conditions I typically bowl on, and the ball isn't quite as jumpy as it was when I first got it. The Rock Pearl still flips pretty good on the backend, though like most balls it isn't nearly as violent a reaction now that I'm well past the 100 game mark on it. It became more of a smooth rolling ball though, somewhere between and arcing and skid/flip reaction. I had it resurfaced for the first time a couple of weeks, which has pushed it back towards a skid/flip reaction. The resurfacing wasn't something I went out of the way to do though, the ball got chewed up in a couple of spots from a broken ramp in the pit, which the resurfacing fixed.

Anyway, I am playing a slightly different line with it than I was in my previous post. I'm standing about 20 now and throwing out to 7 and bringing it back to the pocket. Moving inside I can play it to about 25 throwing through 15, then I've got to put it up because it won't come back from any further inside. I finished the summer league averaging 189, where I used a Zone Pro Azure for all but the last two weeks of the league before getting the Rock Pearl. This fall/winter/spring season I'm averaging 201 and am on a serious roll. Coming into this league my personal high series was a 678, shot last year. In the last six weeks of league I've shot 678, 782, 570, 606, 712, and 725. Still using my Cobalt Rhino for spares and sometimes late in the third game as a strike ball, but basically using the Rock Pearl for my strike ball.

The house shot is pretty typical second shift stuff. I think they start with an oil pattern of 10 to 10, and a guy who works there says the "house shot" is to throw down 13. By the time we get the lanes there is carrydown and the oil is a little choppy (conditioner technically, the lanes are synthetic).

I throw with above average ball speed, so the drilling is more aggressive, letting my speed do some of the work in getting the ball to go longer down the lane before making the turn to the pocket. I think it might be a 4x4 layout, but I'm not positive. It wasn't the absolute most aggressive drilling pattern, but it was one of the more aggressive layouts.

I haven't bowled with anything newer than the Rock Pearl, so I can't compare to other stuff, but I still think this is a perfect second shift ball and for conditions where you need a good medium oil ball. Definitely not suited for heavy oil unless you're willing to play it down and in.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: ThatBowlinDude on March 16, 2001, 07:08:51 PM
Weight: 15

Pin Placement: 2 1/2"

Drilling: Pin next to ring finger

Lane Condition: Wet with dry backends

I needed a new ball to replace my Triamx 3, I was told I didn't need a ball but th Trimax was 14# and I wanted to go ahead and go to 15#.  My PSO(Pro Shop Operator) told me that the Rock Pearl could have alot of backend if drilled right, I had no idea what i was in for.  I threw my usual shot(usual shot with Apex on heavy oil, down and in) and the ball snapped past Brooklyn.  So then i tried taking some revs off and it still went to Brooklyn.  This ball is perfect in all but one place, it dosent hit hard enough, I left more 10 pins than you can shake a stick at!  out of 10 i give it a 9.  
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Charlie Batten on March 29, 2001, 03:35:12 PM
With my high speed, this is my "go to" ball on medium-oily conditions.  The pin and CG are stacked 4X4.  The box shine helps me get the ball down the lane and there is still plenty left to knock down a lot of pins.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Aloarjr810 on April 06, 2001, 01:03:14 AM
Columbia Rock Pearl (aka Rock X)-
Ball info- 16#, CG to Pin is 3 1/2
Drilling(RH)- Pin 4 3/8 from axis (Pap is located 5 7/8 >5/8 ^) above and right of the ring finger, CG is 5 3/4 from axis located at the center of the grip.
Cover stock texture-Polished and scuffed.
Lanes/conditions- Brunswick Pro Anvil, Approx.Cond. Heads 20units 8 to 8 and 17units at 2 board(left side was 11units) pattern going to 41ft. Also tried was the same basic pattern but with drier outsides and clean snappy backends.
Lane play- Was tried from 7 to 13 board at the arrows depending on the lane conditions.
Review-The Rock pearl is very clean thru the heads both polished and scuffed. I haven't noticed any problems from over/under reactions. It has a strong backend reaction polished on good backends. But on a oiler/longer pattern or heavy carry down situations it can tend to come in light or labor somewhat when making the turn. Scuffing it helped give it just a little better bite at the break point. Its got a good controlled roll, if you got some snappy backends and crank it some you can get a more skid/snap reaction. A good strong hit at the pins, with good drive and deflection.
A good ball for most of your medium conditions, lanes opening up with some area.
On wet lanes there are other balls that would be better. If polished to a good shine can work on allot of the drier,shorter oil shots if you keep speed up. The TEC coverstock handles lane wear very well.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: waterville on May 13, 2001, 06:47:31 PM
I am a stroker, 16 mph. Ball was drilled maximum leaverage. I bowl in two houses, one wood and one synthetic. Both are oiled to 36 feet, 10 to 10. Have used this ball in combination with the black rock. Where one leaves off the other fits in. Ball goes nicely thru the heads and mid line with a nice break to the pocket. I leave corner pins with the carry down. For me I need a dry back end. My son also had one and our stories matched. He also left numerious corner pins and finally gave up on the ball. He had more hand then I only at 15 mph. I liked the ball as it very predictable and responds to different hand positions for the changing lane conditions. Have tried different surface finishes to no avail. It works best polished. I traded another ball with a fellow bowler for his storm Xit and the only thing I can say is its the pearl with and attitude. My corner pin leaves were reduced by 80%. I use the pearl in practice as I get numerious shots at the corner pins. For league play on syhthetic the first ball out of the bag is the Xit.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Greatness on October 13, 2001, 01:17:31 AM
Changed bowling alleys and the new bowling alley has given two completely different shots.  One is heavy oil in the middle (5 to 5) and dry on the outside with carrydown.  The other shot is heavy in the middle, and even heavier on the outside with dry backends.  Was a great ball on the lesser oil at the previous house that i bought it for but on both shots at the new house this ball isnt any good for me.  On the first shot the ball snapped off the dry but ran out of gas and fluttered lightly into the pocket.  On the second shot, the ball did very little on the heavy oil in the fronts and was very inconsistent on the backend, breaking too early or late.  With the amount of hand i put into the ball, the ball is very speed sensative.  A lot of times it breaks to hard or skids too long on the oil leaving a mess.  I gave it the boot in favor of the much stronger and more predictable control zone.

So I let the bowler on my team try it out, he throws about half the revolutions and a little slower.  He was using an old hammer and getting nothing out of it.  With the rock pearl, he got the pop and the consistency he needed and bowled his high game of the year.  Needless to say, i sold him the ball for $75.

If you have the perfect shot for this ball, it will work for you well.  If anything else, the ball is a dud.  For a good ball, read my review on the control zone.

Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: Pedro on February 28, 2002, 01:58:12 PM
This is pedro I have had this ball now for about a year.
 This ball is great for a block shot. Its better for dry lanes which is good. The only problem I have with this ball is that it is a little to inconsistant. I have averaged around 210-215 with it and just cant seem to get over the hump. I have averaged 220 before and just cant do it with this ball. it seems to carry good one and not the next. It is good to have though for dry lanes. The ball goes long and hits like a truck. If you are looking for length on dry lanes this is it, but if there is oil, well Hope you have a backup.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: OLD SCHOOL 23 on July 20, 2002, 01:52:57 PM
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: cursedinvt on July 29, 2002, 06:02:10 PM
Been had this ball for awhile but don't use alot because i normally throw 15 lb and this 16 lb didn't feel as good as i hoped.  It does react fairly well though.  

Specs:  16 lb/pin just above bridge with cg under the ring finger/2 and 1/2 top.

This ball works real well on medium conditions but does slid to much when there is a fresh long oil pattern.  This ball is real smooth and works well by middle of the second or the last game on the night.  Would like to have tried a 15lb instead.  8 out of 10
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: shimozukawa on May 04, 2003, 04:31:15 PM
I drilled this ball up about three weeks ago.
1.5"x4.5" (pinxcg) which basically gave me a slightly thumb weighted (maybe 1/8 oz) ball. I cut the surface twice (600, then 1500) to take away the gloss. This allowed the ball to roll a little sooner and cut down on back-end squirt.

The ball works excellently on heavy oil.

Last weekend, I bowled at a center which normally does not have oil. (The owner believes that value is created by minimizing cost -- so they use the cheapest oil... if they use it at all.) However, for some reason, they oiled for, what appeared to be, 50 ft.

While everyone struggled to hit the head-pin on the shot, the Pearl Rock allowed me to play a relatively tight line (22 to the 16) with enough recovery and entry to score decently. If not for a missed 7-pin, I would have shot 200. With the missed 7, I shot 196. Not bad for an "older" particle ball.

While the ball certainly does not shred racks, it does roll consistently enough to keep you in play.

If you're looking for a ball to "read" lanes for you, try the Rock Pearl with a low-flare set-up. Heck, I'm actually quite confident that the ball reads lanes well with a higher-flare set-up... I've seen some juniors use it as a "read" ball.

So, if you can't find a Tour Power (which is the situation I was in), I'm pretty certain that you will find the Rock Pearl to be an adequate substitute.
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: C-G ProShop-Carl on May 29, 2003, 06:49:16 PM
The Rock Pearl, I had this ball at the same time I had the Assassin, and I liked the Assassin more because the Rock had so much more grab at the dry. It was not real predictable. This is not really a bad thing considering the overall controll on the Black Rock.

The good points, this ball came strong through carrydown, it hit really well. This was my first dabble in the Pearl Particle pool. Not as skid flip as the reactives before its time, and certainly did not burn up like the first generation solid particles.

The ball was drilled with pin above and between the fingers and the cg was out of my mid grip about 1/2 inch.  

Overall, good ball, probably an oiler for those with huge HAND, or slower speed. I give it a 7 out of 10
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: thenextbigthing500 on October 22, 2003, 11:03:19 PM
this ball has a very late reaction. it doesn't really work for me even on Christmas tree patterns.  
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: AdrianS on March 03, 2004, 07:34:21 AM
I like this ball, when the backs are clean and the fronts are still soupy this ball will come to play. It's drilled pin above ring finger and CG kicked out about 3.5 from PAP with hole just under PAP on the VAL. The movement of this ball reminds me of my Pulse but cleaner through the heads. It's taken me a few games to read what this ball was trying to do but when i got lined up i had the usual 10 boards to hit on a house shot with stronger roll than any reactive i've thrown(plus some MAJOR hit!). It compliments my other stuff very well, sitting above my 3-4 middle of the road reactives and below my strong drilled EMB pearl. It's not the greatest on carrydown, if i wanted that i would have hunted down a Rock Solid or Rock On. Now that i've had some experience with particle stuff i can see why some people call them 'legalized cheating' the smoother motion with 'reactive' hit eliminates a lot of over under and the reactives don't have to come out now until the other stuff starts diving a bit 'early' Now i just have to keep the surface maintained to give it a long and happy life!
EVERYONE wants some of this!!!
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: 221nyc on March 24, 2004, 01:14:17 AM
I used this ball on a med to dry condition.  No matter where I moved on the approach I could not get lined up with this ball.  I used it for about 20 games and gave up on it.  A year later I found this ball and decided to give it another shot.  Well....I put it back where i found it. .......i still wish there were more red cuda/c  around.....!
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: SkillzMagillz on December 08, 2004, 12:15:51 PM
This was a ball that I really loved to have but I just couldn't get it to fit for some reason.  It always felt different from my other balls but I just couldn't get it fixed.  I went to 4 different shop drillers and nothing.  But when It came down to this ball being the never let me down.  With this ball I liked to stand about center and hit the dry at 1-3.  It flipped perfectly and demolished the pins.  This ball is great for wood lanes and is the one I always used when I had a tourney on wood.  2 weeks ago, however, I traded it in for a big hit pearl.    I needed a dry lane ball tha would stay in my $ range.  Great ball tho!
Title: Re: Rock Pearl
Post by: mainzer on February 17, 2007, 08:51:45 PM

SPECS: My favorite drill pattern, pin above and between my fingers with the Mass Bias out about 1 inch, PAP was out about 5 1/2 inches. 1000 Grit finish no polish.

House 1: Brunswick Synthetics put in, in 2000 Oil was ten to ten heavy in the middle very dry outside, This is when I bowled youth leagues still! shot was like this. about 12-15 at the arrows varying on who I bowled against each week and the break point was five revved up past 45 feet and came back hard into the pins throw alot of messengers around great carry for the most part but ten pins could be a pain if the ball was coming in with alot of angle. Rock Pearl was relativly forgiving with this lane dressing if I got the ball out to early it had a smoother easier reaction dry to late it snapped harder overall very good read from beginning to the end of the day.

Same house the following year as and adult bowler, Oil was heavy across the middle no place for a Pearlized ball and there was a fair amount of hang if I went to far outside with it all in all a more difficult pattern to play on. Moved the shot right a little now 10-12 at the arrows depending on other players with the break point in at 7th board or so. Rock Pearl was still revving up past 45 feet but the ball cut alot harder due to the higher volume of oil earlier in the night, as a result I had bad reads early in the night.

As the night bore on however Rock Pearl found its home most bowlers were playing close to the same line they dried the track quick when I seen this I moved left farther playing around 15 at the arrows and 7 at the break point still past 45 feet down the lane ball had better lenght later in the night than other equipment so I scored well the last game and a half. Hit and carry were the same regardless of what time of night I throw the ball great as long as the ball was in the pocket it carried like a gem.

I was just learning to bowl on sport patterns when I had this ball so I really can't say how it did on them I was not consistent enough at the time.

Overall: I was a house bowler at the time and this ball fit that house and pattern well great for dry backends or outsides when other gear read to soon this ball read and turned later on the lane. Pin carry was incredible I really don't remeber having any trouble with this ball not carrying it was a tremendously tough coustomer in the pins. Overall good ball lane and shot specific but in my view on of the best when it was in it's theatre!