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Columbia 300 Command
« on: January 20, 2021, 11:09:01 AM »
The new Columbia 300 Command has a new core design called movement. Combined with the A.R.S. (Angular Reaction System) cover, it  gives me one of the best motions Iíve seen down lane from an asymmetrical ball since the Columbia 300 Savage Life. As I compare the Command to other balls in their line I see the Command being the perfect go to after the Dynamic Swing. For me, the Dynamic swing is a great ball to help get a slower motion through the middle of the lane and the Command is the ball you go to when the Dynamic Swing has become too strong through the fronts and mids. The Command will give you more distance and a quicker response down lane. For me in comparison to other balls on the market, the Command is the closest to the Astro Physix in motion. The Command would be a great choice if youíre looking for a new cover to replace your Astro Physix and also perfect for those that need an asymmetric piece that is clean and will respond very quickly down lane. I have found good use for this ball playing up and in from the outside on a house shot and inside the lane when I need to see better distance and a stronger, quicker response down lane. A great useful piece to add to your bag.

Andrew Jensen
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Andrew Jensen
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