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Author Topic: Columbia 300 Messenger PowerCOR Pearl and Solid (WWRD 07/21/2022)  (Read 3291 times)

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Columbia 300 changed the industry when they inserted ceramic and titanium into their cores, like the Cuda/C and Messenger Titanium. At the time, care was need when drilling onto this series of balls due to the fact they shouldn’t be drilled into. Fast forward to today where interchangeable thumbs and deeper holes are popular. Adjustments have been made where you can do that and strike away. In a dual release, there will be a Pearl and Solid Messenger PowerCor. Both will have its own version of the Reflex coverstock and box finish. Whether you need one or both as a starting arsenal or a replacement for a ball in your bag, it would be hard to find a better value at this price point.

C300 Messenger PowerCOR Pearl
Lane surfaces are aging in some areas and bowlers are always looking for ways to combat early hook or when the lanes transition. Whether if it’s the lane surface topography, condition volume or a slower speed from the bowler, the Messenger PowerCOR Pearl will help get the ball further down the lane and have a nice motion to the pins.
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C300 Messenger PowerCOR Solid
The solid Messenger PowerCOR will give you a solid cover that will present a smooth continuous ball motion. On occasion a ball with a solid cover stock has a bigger core (engine) will roll too early and reduced hitting power at the pins. The RG and Differential numbers are built for performance and the differential is in the sweet spot for most bowlers to build an arsenal around.
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