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Author Topic: Trying to treat my withdrawal symptoms (lol)  (Read 832 times)


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Trying to treat my withdrawal symptoms (lol)
« on: March 23, 2020, 08:43:43 AM »
Since nearly everything is shut down due to the Covid-19 crisis and the remainder of this year’s bowling season has been cancelled in my area I’m “trying” to treat my withdrawal symptoms by watching ball videos.  Only got to use the new ball that resulted from to my previous topic “Will a smallish drill-angle produce a CG-Axis like motion?” once, but I luv it.

Saw another interesting YouTube ball video and as expected, the staffer made the asymmetric ball look really great but this one seems a bit odd 

The layout looked like a RICO (pin in the center of the palm w/CG & MB about 45degrees) but there was no evidence of a balance hole.  Seems odd because the video was dated Apr 24, 2018 which pre-dates the weight rules transition period. Ball is probably legal today but just looking at the layout it’s hard to imagine the ball didn’t exceed the then 1oz finger/thumb limit.  Have a look.

Liked the shape, I’ll probably convince myself I “need” to drill another toy.

Take care and stay healthy.