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« on: October 08, 2013, 11:15:37 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
DV8 Ruckus Ball Specs:
- Color: Black/Blue/Lime Hybrid All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Coverstock: Class 8F Hybrid Reactive
- Core: Ruckus Medium RG Core
- Factory Finish: 500 Siaair Micro Pad / Royal Compound
- Reaction: Skid/Flip
- Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.592**
- Differential (Diff): 0.052**
- ** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal


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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2013, 09:25:10 AM »
I drilled up two of the new DV8 Ruckus, the first one with the same layout as my favorite Endless Nightmare, 65 by 4 5/8 by 40.  My Endless was really strong in the midlane, and gave me the most continuation on heavy oil that I've ever had.  This Ruckus displayed the same shape on the lane: strong midlane with a continuous, smooth backend.  The biggest difference would be the amount of oil it can handle.  I can throw the Endless on the heaviest of lane conditions.  If the pattern is a little flatter than a normal house shot but still has some friction, I can throw this Ruckus.  When it wiggles too much, I know to throw my Endless, and when it burns up a bit in the front and doesn't drive through the pins, I know to throw my second Ruckus.  My Endless was about 6 or 7 boards stronger than this particular Ruckus.

My intentions for my second Ruckus were to give it a cleaner move through the front of the lane, with more pop off the spot, which led me to 65 by 5 1/8 by 35.  When I need to play in the middle of the lane or further inside and get it around the corner, this is my go-to ball.  Long, strong, and great through the pins.  This particular ball is a little too long on fresh or heavy oil conditions, but it was not designed for that.  This ball is just as clean as my Brutal Nightmare, but is about 3-4 boards stronger off the breakpoint.

When you need a ball for length and a crazy move on the backend, pick up a Ruckus and make some noise!

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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2013, 09:07:45 AM »
I drilled a ruckus last week and have not taken it out of my hand yet! With a hybrid cover and dv8's new medium rg skull core design, it's allows me to get the ball thru the lane really well, start to read the friction soft, then makes a hard turn to the pocket. For me, if the lanes start to break down, I can keep moving farther left and the ball still reads midland and corners in the back.

In comparison to my arsenal, I feel the ruckus fits really well in between my endles nightmare and and brutal nightmare. When the brutal nightmare just isn't enough, and the endless nightmare is too much, the ruckus fits really well in my hand. I'm almost certain I can pull this ball out of my bag and get a really good feeling on which way I should play the lanes at any given time. 

Not to mention the color! There is something special about the colors dv8 uses and for some reason this color scheme on the ruckus looks really good to me. When bowling balls perform as well as the ruckus does for me, even if I didn't like the color, "MAKE SOME NOISE", is exactly what it does!

The ball is released in 4 more days!!! If you Havnt ordered one yet, you should really ask yourself why you're still waiting....

John Bercier
Dv8 Regional Baller


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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2013, 08:08:32 PM »
DV8 describes the Ruckus as “Featuring the new Class 8F Hybrid Reactive coverstock wrapped around the new Ruckus core, the Ruckus skids easily through the front and mid-lane flipping on the backend for the most breakpoint potential of any DV8 ever on medium to oily lane conditions.”
Wow… just Wow!  When this ball is used properly it is something I have personally never experienced before.  First off, let me say this ball is NOT intended for heavy oil.  It is intended to be used on MEDIUM volumes.  For the first time in recent memory for me, a company finally came out with a ball that will give you an asymmetric motion, but doesn’t need a lake of oil in order to retain energy.  And for me, that is something very special.
After a few discussions with a couple people that had already drilled a Ruckus, I decided to go with a pretty strong layout in my Ruckus.  I was told “Put a 45x5x70 in it and have some fun.”  Since I was undecided on what to do I said “It’s worth a shot.”  This layout puts the pin below my ring finger.  I was a little nervous because every single time I put pin down in an asymmetric ball, I don’t like it.  They burn up before the arrows and are dead at the pins.  NOT THIS BALL! I have used the Ruckus on a few different patterns and have had a great look from all over the lane.
First trial was on a medium volume house shot.  The Ruckus got through the heads clean, and made that strong midlane move that I am used to seeing with asymettric balls.  I was afraid there would be nothing left at the pins because that is what I am used to.  Boy was I surprised!  The pins exploded! The Ruckus still had every bit of energy left at the pins.  I could not believe my eyes.  So I set out to prove myself wrong and make it lose energy.  I could not do it.  I moved right into the track, BANG full energy. Move way left and wheel the lane, BANG full energy.  It was insane!
Second pattern I tried it on was the 2013 USBC Open minors pattern.  I was able to use it the first 3 games until the heads started to get a little too burnt up.  This is still a strong ball that needs a little volume in the front.  But the look I had the first 3 games was really good.  I started playing fairly straight down 8 board, and was able to use the Ruckus until I got into about 17 at the arrows.  I then needed to ball down to a Dude. 
The last pattern I tried was a very heavy volume house shot.  This was not the shot for this ball.  There was just too much volume in the middle and I could not get the ball to read the lane correctly.  So I learned that the Ruckus is not for heavy volume, save it for medium volumes.
Bryan Bannach
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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2013, 10:51:06 AM »
DV8 does it again, fills a void in my arsenal
I drilled my Ruckus 60x5x50 threw it on THS for the first time in a tournament shot 803. This ball was very clean down the lane and gave me the extra movement to the pocket I needed compared to the Brutal Nightmare, surface OTB. This ball gives me a Look on the lanes I have not seen from DV8. This ball will need good head oil on Medium or Fresh. For Heavy oil conditions I suggest the Endless


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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #5 on: November 06, 2013, 09:33:08 AM »


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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #6 on: November 11, 2013, 06:51:45 PM »
DV8 Ruckus

Pin Length - 2-3"
Starting Top Weight – 3 oz
Ball Weight - 15lb 5oz

Drilled at 60 Degrees X 5 1/4" x 35 Degrees

Rev Rate - 400  / 350 / 300 / 250
Ball Speed - 19mph / 16mph


Grit - Out of the Box
Type (Matte, Polish, Sanded) - Out of the Box

Length - 41 ft
Volume - 27.35ml
Type (Wall, Xmas Tree, Sport) - USBC Open Championships 2011


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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #7 on: November 19, 2013, 06:20:34 PM »
Bowler stats:
Right Hand
Avg 300 rev rate based on CATS program at Kegel Training Center
Ball speed: 17 mph at breakpoint from CATS program at Kegel Training Center
PAP: 4 5/16 RT, 7/16 up
Axis Rotation: 5-20 degrees
Axis Tilt: 0-20 degrees

DV8 Ruckus 45x5x30 Pin centered above fingers
MB kicked out 1 inch right of thumb hole
No balance hole
OOB Surface
#1: Typical House Shot for 5-man League (41ft), Oil: Kegel Ice:
Played Ruckus on fresh oil using my target 17 board @ 17ft with my breakpoint around 9 board @ 40 ft. Ball was very clean thru the heads and made an angular movement towards the pocket with excellent carry. With the backend reaction the ball produced, I was able to play deep inside all night. At the house I bowl it, this was a first for me. Normally I am forced to play outside in order to get a good ball reaction. One adjustment was needed during the night, a two-one move left. The ball continued to get thru the heads very clean and still retained energy at the backend of the lanes to allow continued good scoring. With the Ruckus’ clean movement thru the front and mid part of the lanes, ability to retain energy and still have continuous motion thru the pins and carry, it is a ball I recommend for people that want to open up the lane especially for low rev rate bowlers.

#2: Typical House Shot for Friday Morning 3-man Senior League (42ft) ), Oil: Kegel Ice:
The lanes have not been thoroughly cleaned, especially the backend for the morning league so I played the Ruckus more towards the outside of the lane, targeting the 9 board @ 17ft with my breakpoint around 4 board @ 40 ft. The Ruckus reacted well despite the conditions with very good carry and the continuous motion thru the pins.

I received comments from some league bowlers that were very impressed with way ball rolled thru the front part of the lane and the ball reaction once it read friction down lane. Even on the morning league, several bowlers were impressed on how the ball reacted. The DV8 Ruckus has allowed me to play inside on a typical house pattern (when lanes are cleaned properly) which is something I have not been able to do except when I bowl PBA50 regionals or other tournaments which do not use the typical house pattern shot. Excellent thru the front parts of the lanes, handles transition very well with tremendous results at the pins. Ball has continuous motion thru pins for excellent power and carry.

Compared to my Nightmare with similar layout this ball is about 4 boards stronger, gets thru the heads cleaner with a better backend reaction. Both balls complement each other very well.

This is another great ball from DV8.

Mike DeVore
Senior PBA Regional Member

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.


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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #8 on: December 19, 2013, 07:53:35 AM »
Drilled up Rukus 45 X 5" X 30

left ball OOB, there is lots too say about this ball !!!!  This has been 1 of the best DV8 balls that I have thrown to date.  This ball with its Hybrid cover, makes it so easy to get down the lane, but still has the teeth to dig in and make the move.  I have thrown this ball on different types of patterns and it seems like this ball is very adaptable to most patterns that are out there.  I have not played with the cover on this ball very much yet, but from what I see with the OOB finish, I am not sure if I want to play with this one. LOL !!!!  When the front part of the lane starts to hook, the Rukus still goes through with ease, and still makes the corner.  I may just drill up another Rukus and paly with the surface.  Just from the characteristics of this ball you can make a lot of surface adjustments for most lanes conditions that you will encounter, weather you are bowling sport patterns to the typical house shot.

Definently one thing I notice about this ball right away is the colours that are used on it, they are very vibrant when it is going down the lane.

The Rukus seems to be the right ball, doesn't have extreme pick up cause of the Hybrid cover, but has the teeth to dig into the lane and take the corner.

For the regular house bowler, this is a ball that you will want to drill if you are having problems with getting a ball to come around the corner. For the tournament bowler this is a definent ball that you will want in your bag.

A special Thank you to Ron Bragg from Brunswick !!!!

Jason Dee
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Re: Ruckus
« Reply #9 on: December 31, 2013, 11:41:55 AM »

Ball Weight: 16 lbs


Dual Angle Layout: 70 x 5" x 50

X Hole (if there is one): None


Rev Rate: Higher, between 370 and 410 rpm, aka Cranker

Ball Speed: 16.50 mph

PAP/Track: 5 3/8" over and 7/8" up with a high track


Grit: Box

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Polished


Length: Multiple

Volume: Multiple

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Multiple


Length: 8 / 10

Back End: 9 / 10

Overall Hook: 8.5 / 10

Midlane Read: 8 / 10

Breakpoint Shape: 8.5 / 10 (Angular)


Likes: Strong controllable reaction

Dislikes: None

This ball is good for heavier oil conditions, and fits between the Endless Nightmare and the Brutal Nightmare. When the Endless nightmare starts hooking too much, I switch to the Ruckus to give me a little more length but still need a strong backend reaction. In the box surface, the Ruckus clears the front part of the lane, gets into a heavier roll, and keeps hooking through the pins. I really like the strong backend motion of this ball like the other high end balls in the DV8 lineup. I have used this ball in heavier oil conditions and on THS with the same predictable strong overall reaction. If you are looking for a stronger ball for tournaments or league, this ball fits the bill.
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