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Tactic Control
« on: July 17, 2018, 01:11:31 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Get your game under control with DV8's Tactic Control Urethane bowling ball. This ball pairs the Turmoil Symmetric core that is a modified Freakshow core with the Control Urethane coverstock. This cover and core combination offers controlled hook on drier lane conditions.

Color: Red/Light Blue
Core: Turmoil Symmetric
Coverstock: Control Urethane
Finish: 500/3000 Siaair Micro Pad
RG: 2.528 (15# ball)
Differential: 0.042 (15# ball)
Hook Potential: 75 (low)
Length: 100 (early)
Reaction: Controlled Hook
Recommended Lane Condition: Dry



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Re: Tactic Control
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2018, 02:15:15 PM »
When it comes to DV8 Bowling, they never want to get lost in the crowd.  So join Lane Side Reviews as they take the first #TwoColor #Urethane to the lanes with the DV8 #TacticControl.  You High Rev players are NOT going to want to miss this one. 


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Re: Tactic Control
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2019, 08:48:24 PM »
My release specs are:
-Classic 1940’s style Full Roller with suitcase release
-12 mph ball speed off my hand
-Zero Tilt
-90 Degree Axis Rotation

Ball Specs:
-Full Roller Layout with pin 2 ” past my PAP
-Conventional grip
-Ball weight is 14lbs

My goal for this ball was to be able to play up the boards from the right, either down and in, or a slight push left to right.
Through experimentation I found that a True Motion with pin in PAP (Axis Weight Layout) provides a beautiful look from the outside that I labeled “The Float.” The only issue was the Axis Weight layout tended to leave corners and not go through the pins as hard as I needed to score higher.

Ron Machniak of suggested that I could get the same “Float” but with more angle and continuation through the pins if I moved the pin from the PAP to 2 ” past the PAP. I decided to try this on the DV8 Tactic Control.

A little history: I am a urethane junkie and have used and own virtually every modern urethane ball made today as well as many vintage ones. I know urethane, how it rolls and moves and how different grits and layouts work for it. So when I read reviews of the Tactic Control and how this ball excelled in backend motion I was intrigued. The reviews seemed to indicate that the Tactic was not very affected by carrydown. I often see this with all my other urethane balls. I can be on a line for a while and then it starts to leave corners requiring a move right and an increase in speed or simply balling up to resin.

I tried an initial handful of shots on league night in warmup with the ball at stock 500/3000 and found it a touch too weak, so I put it back in the bag. Later when I got home I hand wet swirl sanded it to a smooth 2000 grit Siaair.

Next night up in league in warmup with the Tactic Control, I started with right foot on 8 rolling up 8 board.
Only hard, high flush strikes! Wow…

Now, understand, I am not a power player, I am a finesse player. I don’t normally get a lot of strikes or strings of strikes.
I use urethane for control with the understanding that I am giving up carry for consistency.
Well the Tactic Control just changed all that!

This ball is clean, very clean up the lane and then gets into a very graceful and hard roll and comes off the breakpoint like no urethane ball I have ever seen before. I really couldn’t believe it. The control of urethane with a resin like move in the back? How the heck did DV8 do this???

Also the Tactic Control is a beautiful looking ball swirling up the lane.

Since I started using it in league and practice this last week I have only bowled one game with it below 190.

Note: My composite average over three leagues in three different houses and patterns is 175 and my highest single house league average is 187. So for me, to just use the Tactic control and start laying down 200+ clean games like I am a higher average bowler using the latest Resin tech says a lot about how amazing the Tactic Control is.

I will continue to work with this ball and see where I can go with it, but for now, I can authoritatively state that the Tactic Control is unlike any urethane ball I have ever used before and may just be the best urethane ball made today. I also noticed no carrydown issues with it. I could stay on the same line and if anything I had to move “left” like it was a resin ball and it could get back!

Talk is cheap they say, so here is a video of me using it on the Stone Street pattern.
I am standing right foot on 8 and crossing the arrows at 8.

Enjoy the Tactic Control in action:

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