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Author Topic: DV8 Hater (WWRD 3/21/2024)  (Read 2828 times)

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DV8 Hater (WWRD 3/21/2024)
« on: March 07, 2024, 06:03:57 PM »
DV8 Hater   @15lbs 2.539 .054 .024 DynamiCore/D.O.T./HK22
WWRD 03/21/2024    12-16 lbs Alternate Core 12-13 lbs       Volume- Heavy
Core- Hater (NEW)         Coverstock- HK22 Havoc Hybrid (NEW)
All new and all powerful for heavy volumes and speed dominant players looking for hook, this is the DV8 Hater. The Hater core is very aggressive and the new violent cover together makes a great choice for a bigger backend entry angle that’s even more than the Hellcat XLR8. While the surface prep and a similar motion through the front is close, the response to friction is quicker than the XLR8. This would be the top ball in your tournament bag from DV8. For the 13 and 12 pound balls, DV8 does use their Asym core that has been used in previous balls. However if a bowler has had trouble with other choices not cutting through oil, the new HK22 Havoc formulation will make up for it. Don’t forget DynamiCore for durability and D.O.T. for layout flexibility. Haters gonna strike.
Box Surface- 500/1500 Siaair   Color- Cherry/Red/Blue
Recommended Cleaner: Power House Ball Cleaner
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