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Polishing a Hooligan
« on: September 21, 2018, 11:15:35 AM »
So I bought a Hooligan NIB for $47 and I want to keep the original surface intact so I bout a SMarT kit to sand and polish my equipment at home (couldn't afford the spinner) but the hooligan's specs says 500 compound polish and I have no idea what that really means.  Is there a special polish or can I purchase polish from a reputable online site.  There are literally dozens of options and I want to make the best purchase possible the first time.  Thanks for the advice in advance.



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Re: Polishing a Hooligan
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2018, 12:27:27 PM »
According to this link -

Factory Finish   500 Siair/Royal Compound/Royal Shine

First things first compound and polish are two separate products and steps you use to change the coverstock on a bowling ball.  Brunswick is discontinuing the Royal line I believe but the compound can still be found but you may have to buy a quart -

(edit3:  never bought from this vendor but they have the compound in 6oz bottles as well -

I bought a quart and that stuff is great compound as it based on pressure and time allows you a wide range of surface options.

The Royal Shine can be bought in smaller quanty here still -

Of course you could always use the current compound and polish line from Brunswick Crown Factory Compound and Polish which can get at most pro shops and easily online but may not be as close to factory OOB (which is rarely possible to get exactly right anyway).  (edit2:  Brunswick owns DV8 FYI which is why they use Brunswick products on it)

As for factory finish directions from Brunswick all that I can find are pretty vague.  Here is what I would do.  Use 500 Siair or Abralon pads for 30 seconds a side pretty strong pressure but always use water.  I would then do 30 seconds a side with the Compound on a polish pad again with not quite as much pressure but pretty firm (should notice lots of friction at first but after 10 to 15 seconds it gets easier as compound breaks down finer and finer).  Finally I would do 30 seconds a side with the polish on a polish pad with slightly less pressure.  Finally after maybe every 10 games I would just do the polish step and do a full resurface every 50 to 100 games.

(edit:  FYI compound in general is much rougher than polish (has more abrasive materials added that gradually break down and get finer and finer) and is good for putting a pretty dull polish on the ball (in between completely dull and highly polished).  Polish has much finer abrasive particle in it that actually super smooth out the surface of the ball.  The polish changes the ball coverstock as the polish itself doesn't stay on the ball.  In general all things equal the more polished the bowling ball the further it will skid, the less energy it will waste and hook it will do in the front part of the lane and more angular it will be on the backend.  Of course the big drawback for some styles is they may see over/under with polished balls where the ball won't be consistent where it may slide through the breakpoint on one shot or grab early on another).
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Re: Polishing a Hooligan
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