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Centrifugal Mass
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
A Dyno-thane first. The Centrifugal Massâ„¢ is DT''s debut into asymmetrical high performance balls. This premium product release represents some of the most involved and thorough research and development to wear the DT badge. The highly dynamic weight block matched with the highly durable Soaker coverstock makes this ball Dyno-thane''s flagship offering.
Take a look inside and you will see what powers the Centrifugal Massâ„¢. The wide body portion of the core makes the ball start transitioning at the first sign of friction. Once this happens, the weight block shifts into a whole new gear driving this ball right through the pins.

Lane Condition Recommendations

Light to Medium Oil – Highly Polished
Medium – 1000 Grit Polish
Medium to Heavy – Box, 800 smooth
Other Details

Download Drill Sheet (PDF, 166 Kb)
Finish: 800 Smooth
R/G: 2.51
Differential: 0.055
Flare Potential: High - 7" Plus
Coverstock: Blended Reactive Soaker ATC
Oil Condition: 22 out of 25
Backend Reaction: 24 out of 25
Length: 10 out of 25
Weight Block: Centrifugal Mass Asymmetrical
Colors: Solid Red / Teal Pearl
D-Scale: 76-78
Weights: 12-16 lbs



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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2005, 05:10:21 PM »
I just received my new 15 pound Centrifugal Mass from Dyno-Thane and have now had a chance to throw it on a couple of different oil patterns.  Thus far, the results have been quite impressive.  Dyno-Thane has truly gone and done it again by producing another outstanding max-performance ball to go along with their Energy line.

With my combined high ball speed and revs (and dropping to a 15 lb.), I decided to drill the Centrifugal Mass with the pin position 2 5/8” from my PAP and the CAP in the strong position to allow for an earlier read and a continuous backend reaction.  
The layout result I got was a perfect match for my style as the ball provided early friction and a nice sloping backend arc to the pocket.  I was truly impressed with the pin action derived from this ball.  

Not since the original Energy did I throw the first few balls and say to myself, I need to create a little secret stash of these balls.  I will have an idea soon on the angular CAP position when I drill up one from the incoming inventory for a customer whose preference is for strong backend reaction.  If the strong CAP layout provides the same accurate results as in the strong position, this ball will be a big seller to a wide array of bowlers.  Versatility is the key in this business and the early result from this product is promising.  While other companies flood the market with the latest and greatest seemingly every two weeks, Dyno-Thane patiently produces the best balls in the business time after time.  If you have any questions regarding this ball, please don’t hesitate to ask.



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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2005, 01:04:17 AM »
The time has come to consider one simple principal in the world of bowling equipment and that is Dynothane is a step above everyone else.

The new "Centrifugal Mass" comes to us with a all new asymmetrical core design that gives us a ball movement never seen in previous Dynothane Ball releases.

This ball does feature the "Tested and Proven" ATC Blended Soaker coverstock that is very friendly and easy to adjust to different lane conditions.

We drilled our our "C-Mass" with the pin 3-3/8" from the PAP and the Mass Bias Cap in the strong position. We ending up with putting a balance hole at 6-1/2" from the grip center threw the CG mark. This drilling layout is what many would call "Full or Strong Leverage" As always, we wanted to MAX this ball out and see how it would perform on a variety of lane conditions.

We left this ball in "Out of the Box" finish, 800 grit smooth.

Our bowling center had just dressed the lanes with what we will call a "Typical House Shot", medium oil lane conditions at best with clean backends. I invited three of my bowling buddies to join me so we could track up the lanes faster and get a better read from this ball when "Carry Down" took effect. From the very first roll, this ball wanted to go very early and make its move..... and the move that it made was a very strong "Hook & Set" ball motion.

After six frames of attemping to get this ball down the lane, we realized that a shell adjustment was needed. Out of the box at 800 grit was too strong a coverstock adjustment for this "Tweener". So it was back to the ball spinner for a 1000 grit Abralon pad adjustment and no polish.

This time the "C-Mass" picked up alittle more length, but still wanted to move too early. So it was back to the ball spinner again, this time adjusting the coverstock with a 2000 grit Abralon pad, no polish.

After five frames with this coverstock adjustment we believed the match was right on! Now the "C-Mass" got down the lane with energy and made a strong "Hook & Set" ball motion to the pocket. "WHAM!" Pins were flying everywhere! We continued to roll three more complete games with this shell adjustment and found that as long as we moved left with our feet and followed the oil line, the ball continued to make its strong move to the pocket. If we strayed abit too far outside the ball let us know real quick that was a No No!

After four complete games the ball started flexing more muscle and did not quit when we knew that "carry down" was taking effect. The "C-Mass" continued its "Hook & Set" ball motion as if it was ignoring the carry down.
There was no loss of hit and carry! Pin devastation was the word being used!

We took a short break and then we went back to the same pair of lanes that we  started out on. We expected that the new "C-Mass" would need some additional coverstock adjustments or we would realize that it was just time to put it away.

Those who bowl with me learn really quick that I do not like playing the lanes very deep inside because of my "Tweener" release. I am medium Rev's and medium ball speed at best. We started bowling game five and I found that I was needing to continue to follow the oil line inside to keep the ball from checking up too early. I also was expecting to soon lose my good angle to the pocket and start leaving the corner pin more. As I continued to finish my sixth complete game, my bowling buddies were amazed on how "Deep" I was playing the lanes with out loss of pin carry. The "C-Mass" with its "Hook & Set" ball motion provided me with great continuation threw the pins. I was playing the lanes very deep and well above my normal comfort level for this inside line. But I found great confidence that this ball would not let me down and carry!

It was also league play night, so I was looking forward to three more games later this evening. I took my full 15 minutes of league practice time and I was tempted to run to the ball spinner and throw alittle polish on the ball, but I decide at the last moment just to leave the shell alone at 2000 grit abralon. First game in league play was a 259. Second game 239, and the third game was 215. Besides the fact of being alittle physically tired from a long day, I thought the ball held up well in actual league play with 10 bowlers breaking down the lanes. I was impressed with the great hitting power!

Those of you who have had any experience with Dynothane Bowling Balls know exactly what I am talking about when it comes to "Hitting Power" and on the lane ball performance. But this new ball the "C-Mass" raises the bar higher!

I believe this ball to be an excellent addition to any bowlers arsenal who needs help too over come carry down and play tight inside angles.
With the very friendly coverstock the "C-Mass" will be easy to adjust to a wide range of lane conditions.

I Highly recommend this ball to all bowlers! Those of you who bowl tournaments this ball is a MUST! I do suggest you talk with your Proshop Professional or Proshop driller when it comes to a personal layout for this ball.

Not everyone needs the strongest drilling! and please keep in mind that the drilling layout needs to be properly matched to your personal bowling needs and "PAP", (personal axis point).

Those of you who have never tried a Dynothane ball before should get this one to experience what you have been missing!  

If you have any questions feel free to email me or give me a call.



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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2005, 02:36:26 PM »
The cap system along with the Rad system virtually eliminates the importance the CG location once had. Make sure when this ball is drilled up that your driller uses the spec sheets provided by dynothane on their website for this specific ball.  This is important to understand how balls in the future will be set up.  

The centrifugal mass is a great addition to the Dynothane line up. The slogan Transition at the first sign of friction is true.  The ball on fresh oil is a beast and it should be recommended for higher skilled bowlers....


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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2005, 08:53:16 PM »
what more can i say about this pill...."nasty"!This ball has such a profound movement to the pocket,and hitting power"wow"!I laid it out pin under ring finger,cg kicked off center 3/4 positive,1/2 hole,cap 4 1/2" off the axis.Ball trucks through the oil,but does not lose energy in the dry,on typical house condition.The ball seems to match up even better on a flatter pattern.Gonna be trying 2 more with some surface changes,"gotta good feeling about this one".I am truely impressed with the versatility of a ball with such high flare potential and and asymmetrical core.This ball seems to match up well on more than one pattern.Just cant say enough other than"keep em coming"!


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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2005, 11:07:21 AM »
Ball Tested: Centrifugal Mass

Ball Specs: #15, Pin 2-1/4’’ Box finish 800 smooth or matte

Bowler Specs: med speed with above rev rate, pap 5-1/2> 1/2 up.  

Drill Pattern: 4-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 3  Pin over ring

Oil Pattern: THS, crown heavy inside of the 2nd arrows tapered light outside, 42 ft buff.

I’ve had the CM for a month, it’s been drilled for 2 weeks and last night I tossed it for the first time on a fresh shot. I chose the drilling to get a good comparison with the Thing Lives. Both balls have the same layout, the difference being the CM has a shorter pin than I traditionally drill. With all that said, I began the night using same area I generally begin with the Thing Lives 34 - 15 - to 8 at about 40 feet. In warm-ups the ball did not seem to recover as I thought it would, probably due to the fact I was not good and loose. At the outset of game one I found the CM getting stronger with each toss. It seemed to come alive as the game progressed. Extremely clean up front with a hard turn at the break point with messengers galore. I continue to throw the same line until the CM became more aggressive on the backend. After moving getting deeper 36 with the feet to 10 at 40 it charges harder and more messengers than before. By game 2 I’ve moved another 2 left with the feet to 12 at the break point, now we are talking serious destruction, I nail the front 9 in game two, get it out a tad to far at the break point (about 2 boards) but she returns home for carnage, solid 10, the 4 pin comes flying across the pin deck only to slide in front of the 10, in and out of the gutter and back onto the pin deck spinning like a coke bottle. I have had good carry with all my D/T equipment but I have never had as many messengers or pins flopping and dancing like this ball gave me last night. Excellent carry, very forgiving, clean up front with unparalleled control. In a nut shell, about 3-4 boards stronger than the TL with the same drill pattern, more length and finish with more control. Once the heads breakdown, wipe her down and put her away for the night, you ain’t got enough speed to play her on dry or lighter oil without surface prep.
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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #6 on: December 06, 2005, 09:37:33 AM »
Dynothane was nice enough to send myself a Centrifugal Mass to test out:

Original Ball Specs: 2.25” pin / 4.0 oz of top weight
Drilling: 5” pin x 4.75” CAP with pin 3.5” above midline with a 5/8" weight hole on axis midline 2 inches deep and angled at 1" down.  Ending weights were 1.3 oz top weight, 1/8 oz positive side weight and 3/4 finger weight
Style: High rev player with a 12.5” track circumference and a high track (5-1/2” x 1-3/8”)

This ball is a flat out monster out of the box!!  Playing 5th arrow on a fresh shot I could see the ball burning grabbing in the heads, but it maintained enough energy to make a hard arc back to the whole.  I tried my Pure Energy on the same target line and was able to get better continuation through the heads with a more pronounced move in the backends.  

After that I tried several surface preps; 2000 abralon, 4000 abralon, 4000 abralon with Storm Polish and green Scothbrite with Ebonite Factory Polish.  I liked the ball with a 4000 abralon finish as it saved more energy for the backends, though I thought it would overlap with my Vendetta Sniper a bit too much so I decided to polish it.  After messing around a little bit I realized that this ball needed a little bit of grit under the polish and for me couldn’t be high glossed.  With the current prep (green Scothbrite with Ebonite Factory Polish) the CM  has become a good weapon for being able to play in the oil but maintaining a tighter line.  It’s unique for me in that I can play more direct and not have to swing the ball out to the dry to see optimal performance.  Unlike some of the other equipment it also doesn’t reed to early when try to play a tighter line, which typically forces me deeper into the lane.  

Overall this ball is strong and the new core design is a winner....great job Dynothane!!

-Chris: DJ's Pro Shop : Auburn, MA


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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #7 on: January 13, 2006, 02:26:11 PM »
Bowler Stats

PAP 5 3/4" over 3/4" uo
Low axis tilt
Approx 70 axis rotation
Med/Low Revs
Med Ball Speed 15-16 mph

4" Pin to PAP distance
CAP in strong position
Pin approx 2.5" above midline
No weight hole necessary 7/8oz +side weight

Med/Heavy pattern through the middle no bumper on the outsides, but oil is slightly less. At this house average bowler plays 10 at the arrows straight up.  Those with more hand can play 13 out to eight, but nobody plays inside of third arrow.  This league is after a ladies league when there is significant carrydown.

The CM allowed us to open up the lane more than other balls.  Our vendetta particle will hook off of the outside area, but gets a little squirty in the oil.  Our AU 79 will not quite recover from the outside.  

The CM would hook much more in the oil, and with increased angularity would smash the rack when you got it outside.  Great overall ball, will give more information later after a couple of surface adjustmens and a weight hole.
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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #8 on: January 24, 2006, 04:38:05 AM »
This is a long time coming. I had the ball now for 2 -3 months now thanks to Don Jonietz pro Shop here in San Antonio, Tx.

Now for the ball. the ball layout is 5 by 3 with the Cap in a strong position stacked with the C.g.

Surface Prep is 1000 with polish, 600 dull. Currently 1000 with polish.

Types of Lanes and Lane Conditions :

38 - 40 ft. Old Wood LAnes with Hugh Track area at 8 to 15 board.

36 to 38 ft Old Plastic Lanes with Carrydown

40 ft new Plastic with hooking heads and Carrydown

Personally, I think this ball works best on a fresh pattern due to the fact this ball gets in a roll really quick and does not back off unless it burns - up and runs out of energy. I have not been able to used this ball in the Old Wood house since it is done by the time it gets to the head pin or I am too deep on the lane.

On both plastic centers the ball begins to shine. In the older plastic center ,the ball allows me to play in 15 to 10 and miss a little right with recovery. Normally I have to be 5 right on the fresh with both eyes and feet with my Vendetta or deeper and less hit with my Epx - T1.

On the Newer Plastic, this ball is way too strong with both sufraces and forced me to play 6th arrow with a slow curve and hope I didn't 5 - 7 or worse.

For me, this ball gives me a good 1 - 2 punch to my Epx - T1. When the Epx -T1 is too much or or not enough on the Back - end . I can use the Cm until it's time to go to my High Energy or Vendetta.
Click on this link for Pics.

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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #9 on: March 03, 2006, 10:09:50 AM »
Layoutin to the right of ring finger.  short pin. cg located directly below Pin with and extra hole.  hooks more in the backend portiton of the lane.

House shot, with a bit of an out bounds.  This ball has a very smooth reaction with continuous hook.  This is a very aggressive ball,  but unlike most hook monsters,  The CMass is predictibly.  I'm still using it with the out of box cover (a bit on the dull side)  For all the Dynothane fans,  this is a must have for the arsenal.  The layout allowed me to play outside line (Straight down 5 board) in the beginning, before moving inside due to overeaction.

I hope that dynothane will build a line based off of Centrifugal Mass.

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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #10 on: March 08, 2006, 06:50:24 PM »
This ball started with 3 ¼” top with a 3 ½” pin.  Drilled 5X4 with the pin in the center of the grip line below the fingers. Remaining weights: ¼ negative, ¼ thumb. This ball was machine shined after drilling.  The extra hole in the ball was tweaked several times to come up with the most effective weights after several games on a fresh condition.

Lane surfaces and patterns:

Condition A: Fresh oil on a compromised wood surface (last resurface: 2000)

Condition B: Fresh oil on a good wood surface (Resurfaced 2005)

Condition C:  Second Shift Migration following a 4 man league on a compromised wood surface (last resurface 2000)

All conditions were league conditions with significant amounts of oil in the middle of the lane and some friction to the right.  Condition B offered the truest transition of all three conditions with little resistance in the back end.

This ball was the top performer on patterns with the most volume of oil and the cleanest surfaces such as condition A and B.  This ball was as clean in the fronts and mids of all of the balls, but was the most aggressive in the back ends.   I was impressed with how stable this ball rolled while storing energy throughout the lane, especially given the remaining weights, and was pleased with the shape of the strong arc this ball offered.  

Before using the CM, I was terrified of throwing asymmetrical balls since my history of bowling success with asymmetrical balls was limited. Since I have slower than average ball speed, asymmetrical balls I threw in the past offered too much instability and unpredictable reaction.  My fears of throwing asymmetrical balls have been eliminated as long as I have a CM in my hand!  

Happy Bowling!

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Re: Centrifugal Mass
« Reply #11 on: March 20, 2006, 11:41:05 AM »
My C-Mass was drilled to give me some length and strong backend, this ball does that with authority. Revs great and gives good length until it hits the dry boards then it has a hockey stick like move to the pocket, hits like a ton of bricks. The C-mass is very versatile, polish it and goes long but has excellent hitting power with a strong backend reaction, scuff this ball and its a monster, it will move real early and keep moving when it does. This ball is awesome and should be thrown by everyone that want s to carry everything in your house.
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