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Element Ne10
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
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 It''s all about chemistry - combining the elements of perfect coverstock, precise surface, and most effective core to yield unbeatable reaction.
Dyno-thane''s new Element Ne10â„¢ wraps the high-performance Inverted Element core with revolutionary NexGenSoaker Neon in 1000 grit polished surface for mid-lane hook and strong backends - the winning chemistry for medium conditions.

Get Dyno-thane''s Element Ne10 and get chemistry to win. No lab coat necessary.

Oil Condition

Backend Reaction


Other Details

Coverstock: Solid NexGenSoakerâ„¢ Reactive
Weight Block: Inverted Elementâ„¢
R/G: 2.54
Differential: 0.050
Flare Potential: 4" - 6" (Med - High)
Oil Condition: 16 out of 25
Backend Reaction: 23 out of 25
Length: 14 out of 25
Finish: 1000 Grit Polished
Colors: Blue / Neon Pink
D-Scale: 76-78
Weights: 12-16 lbs



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Re: Element Ne10
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2007, 04:30:06 PM »
Dyno-Thane Element Ne-10

First, I’d like to thank Billy and the boys at Dyno-Thane for sending me out the new Element Ne-10.  I wanted a reaction to maximize the ball’s strengths on medium-oil conditions as well as to accommodate my high ball speed and rev rate. This being said, I left the ball in boxed condition and went with a layout of 4 ½” from my PAP with the mass bias located on my VAL.  I left 1/2 ounces of positive side weight from the 15/16” counter-hole positioned 1” past my PAP.  

I tested the Ne-10 on both a medium-oiled and a light-oiled late night shot.  I found the Ne-10 to be versatile on both conditions.  A great back-end reaction with enough length for great results with the lighter oil patterns.  Oh yeah, and it also hits like a pure Dyno-Thane max performance ball.        

My evaluation broken down on a 10-point scale is as follows:


The Element Ne-10 offers a similar roll as the superb 357 Magnum (the very best release in the Vendetta line) but with a much stronger break point to the pocket.  I believe that if the 357 Magnum and the original Element had a kid, it would be the Element Ne-10.  Talk about a power couple teaming up to produce a star.  Great, great release.


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Re: Element Ne10
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2007, 11:45:00 PM »
I want to thank Billy and the gang at Dynothane for sending me this gem. My Ne10 was layed out 4 1/4 from my pap. This ball looks great and is super smooth with a real nice backend, not a flippy ball at all, very predictable and pins seem to just jump off this ball, great carry and pin action. I throw about 15 mph throw 20 to 5 and ball arcs in and just throws pins around like they're bouncing off a superball. Exellent pin action. This ball compliments the 357 Magnum very well. The Ne10 has a little more backend than the 357 and is just as smooth, when the lanes start to break down and the Ne10 comes up too strong put the 357 in your hand, play the same line and continue scoring. Teriffic combo.
Dynothane carries end of story


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Re: Element Ne10
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2007, 11:05:43 AM »
This has got to be the smoothest ball I have ever thrown, it reminds me alot of the old Amf Ninja Fury. It is very clean through the heads and tracks great with excellent length and a very predictable move to the pocket. It is not a pronounced
move like the Threshold but a significant move none the less. I would use this ball when the lanes break down and can't hold the 63% angle balls you start out with, if you are Robert Smith type this my be your main ball. Overall it fits well in any bowlers bag.