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What are you missing? It must be the ELEMENT!!

The Element is the new Dyno-thane's entry into the high-performance bowling ball market. The Element features the all new SOAKERTM coverstock. This unique coverstock, developed by Phil Cardinale, President of Dyno-thane, is designed for outstanding performance in normal league play. The SOAKERTM coverstock absorbs oil and dissipates it completely so each shot hooks as well as the last one and the ball will continue to hook, shot after shot. Easily cleaned with standard ball cleaners.

Recommended Conditions: Sanded, this ball will perform well on heavy to medium oiled lanes. Use during your first game in league or on fresh oil. For medium to drier lanes, a polished surface will get The Element further down the lane while retaining the energy for increased carry and scores.

Weight Block: Dynamic design with flip block technology

 Cover Stock: SOAKERTM resin coverstock

Weights: 12-16 lbs

Finish: 1000-Grit Smooth

 Color: Emerald Green/Orange Pearl

 Radius of Gyration: Low @ 2.540 Differential: High @ 0.058


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Re: Element
« Reply #16 on: May 12, 2004, 01:05:08 PM »
Bought this bad boy used from another ballreviews member. Here are specs:

drilled close to pin axis
box finish

 I was curious as to what this drill would produce on an aggressive ball like the Element, but it seems to be a great match. I've tested this ball on everything from THS to all of the PBA patterns, and I've found that it can be played on pretty much anything. The ball seems to be at its best, for me at least, playing straighter lines in the oil. On the heavier patterns I can play up third in the heart of the sauce and just let the strong midlane bring it to the hole. On THS I can open up the lane from deep or take some revs off and go more up the wood. The Element revs up strong in the mids and delivers a powerful, arcing backend. It's not too snappy, but it will still backend hard with the right rotation on the right shot. The hitting power is as advertised, simply devastating. This was my first Dyno, and I've already picked up two more and have a third on the way. Great ball from what looks to be a great company.
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Re: Element
« Reply #17 on: February 26, 2005, 01:38:19 PM »
OK, BEST KEPT SECRET IN BOWLING. this ball is flat out awesome. I've never had a ball hit like this one, box condition it hooks up early and arcs to the pocket and doesn't stop hooking til its off the deck, this ball is very
versatile, I can play up the boards or swing it out and it  comes back everytime. Ball hits like a tank, the only negative thing about this ball is they stopped making them. I cannot find a 15lb to save my life. Anyone out there know where I can pick one up? Your help would be appreciated.
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