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Vendetta Sniper
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Become deadly accurate with the all-new Vendetta Sniper. The original Vendetta weightblock is encased in in our armour piercing shell called Tru-Grit Particle Pearl. This cover provides extra traction toward the ultimate target.

Not just a facelift, the successor of the Vendetta Particle Pearl with Tru-Grit technology is formulated to read the lanes more predictably and aggressively in heavier volumes of oil. This allows you to keep the Sniper in play when the carry down is giving others trouble

Recommended Lanes Conditions:
Medium oil volume with mild carry down. Most bowlers with low/medium revolutions would benefit with medium aggressive drillings. It is recommended to try this ball with original surface condition before attempting to polish, which may be beneficial to low/medium ball speed bowlers who desire more length. Higher rev bowlers may find drillings for length most favorable, as the Tru-Grit particle is designed to handle heavier oil conditions.

Recommended surface for medium oil: Factory
Recommended surface for heavy oil: 600 Wet Sand

Other Details

Length: 12 out of 20
Backend: 19 out of 25
Weight Block: Single Density Dual Core
Weights: 12-16 lbs. The same core is used throughout all weights.

Color: Black Pearl / Orange Pearl



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Re: Vendetta Sniper
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2005, 02:48:03 PM »
Hello all, first review in awhile but here goes, Ball specs before drilling where 15lb,3oz 3.5" pin and 3oz top. Drilled 5x4 which for me put the pin over the bridge and the cg kicked about 1" right of center. Ball left in box condition. I have put maybe 20 games on the ball so these are my initial impressions. I have thrown all of Dynothanes soaker balls but this is my first venture into the Vendetta line and I must say I am impressed. For me this is going to be a benchmark type of ball. With this drill it gets very good length and has hard arcing back end reaction. I have thrown on a fresh 38ft top hat pattern and 2nd shift conditions on wooden lanes. Not had a chance to try on a sport shot or synthetics yet. You have to have head oil for this ball as with most particle pearls. The factory surface, even saying it is a pearl seems a bit on the matte side similar to the Oracle Vision. Carrydown doesn't seem to have a big effect as this ball just seemed to ignore it. Once the head oil starts to go though it is time to put this ball to rest. I could see this ball handling more oil with a different drilling and surface prep. For all the strokers out there like myself this will be a good first out of the bag type of ball. This ball has the typical Dynothane smooth roll and predictability and I must say I was impressed with the hit of the Vendetta core. This is my first Vendetta but not my last. I have converted several in my area to throwing Dynothane equipment and this ball will surely help that cause. Thanks for reading my reviews and if I can answer any questions please let me know.

" Focus the next shot is critical"

" Focus the next shot is critical"



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Re: Vendetta Sniper
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2005, 04:14:46 PM »
Dynothane was nice enough to send a pair of Vendetta Snipers to be tested out:

Ball #1
Original Ball Specs: 3” pin / 2.46 oz of top weight
Drilling: 5-1/4” pin x 4-3/4” CG with pin 3-1/2” above midline and no weight hole.  Ending weights were 3/4 oz top weight, 1/2 oz side weight and 5/8 finger weight.  Tested in Box condition and with a 4000 Abrolon Pad finish.

Ball #2
Original Ball Specs: 1-7/8” pin / 2.16 oz of top weight
Drilling: 5-1/2” pin x 6” CG with pin 1-3/4” above midline and no weight hole.  Ending weights were 3/4 oz top weight, 1/8 oz negative side weight and 5/8 finger weight.  Tested in Box condition only.

Test Results:
Medium / Heavy oil on our standard 40ft THS…surface is synthetic heads with wood backends.  Given the drillings both balls were fairly stable with only 2 to 2.5” of flare.  With Ball #1 multiple angles of attack where possible depending on speed, hand postion and finger lift…Typically start with a small belly from around 3rd arrow, but can play inside (5th arrow) keeping it tight or swing from around 4th arrow out to the 5-board.  Ball really reads the mid-lane well and makes a nice hard arc off of the dry.  Ball can definately hook early if pulled slightly and needs the head oil to perform correctly.  Compared to the low pin version this ball (in box condition) got a few feet further down the lane and covered about 4 boards more.  With the 4000 abralon finish the ball would push another couple of feet and made an almost snappy arc move.  I almost want to polish this ball, but I think it will really blend out the pattern I see at tournaments as it is.

With Ball #2 the same basic shots were possible with this low pin version, but in general the ball had to be played tighter (little right with my feet and not as much swing) unless the lanes were fresh or I got softer with the speed.  This is typical for me with low pin drillings, but that's what made it so great to have both of the these balls in the bag...they worked very well together.  I got more control with this ball and on the fresh shot I could make more aggressive shots without having to worry about too strong of a move.  With carry down this ball started to loose it's pop and on a few shots I pulled it inside my target and left 2-10's...this differs from the high pin since that ball would pick up enough to not leave weak hit splits.

Having a low pin and high pin of the same ball makes for a great 1-2 combo for higher volume shots as the low pin is most effective on a fresh shot with good backend and the high pin opens up the lane more and can cut through some carry-down.  While the ball can handle some carry down I found myself a few times in what I call “ball limbo” as I couldn’t get the ball to pick-up enough from inside where the head oil was, but moving right there wasn’t enough head oil to make the ball effective.  I think this is typical of particle balls though, at least from my experience.  Though I could combat the carry-down problem with the High Energy.  

Overall Conclusion:
The Vendetta Sniper is another great release from Dynothane that will nicely fill the Medium / Heavy benchmark ball slot for those people you like the predictability of the Vendetta core, but require the added mid-lane read a of particle ball.  I found the ball to respond very well surface adjustments and hand adjustments.  With different drillings I was able to have everything from a hard arc to an almost reactive like finish into the pins.  This ball will definitely appeal to those bowlers who want a hard hitting and controllable ball for those fresh house shots or demanding tournament conditions.

-Chris: DJ's Pro Shop : Auburn, MA


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Re: Vendetta Sniper
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2005, 02:43:50 PM »
Ball: Vendetta Sniper

Drilled Specs: # 15, 2-1/2” pin, 4-1/2 x 3-1/2, X-hole at pap and val, pin over. Finished with 5/8 oz finger, 1/2 oz side and 3/4 oz top.

Bowler Specs: 15 mph, PAP 5-1/2”> ½ up, 17* axis tilt, 45-60* rotation at release.

Oil Pattern: Standard house crown, (wall) 18 to 50 units inside of the 20”s, at 15’, 42 ft buff.

Preferred line: 34-15-8 @ 42 feet, breakpoint.

OOB surface, opening league shot the Sniper has a good mid lane read with  moderate cornering ability. First game playing 34-17 - 10 at 40 feet, fair reaction no over read or early “hook up”. Kept pinging 10’s even after moving right in attempt to set the ball higher on the head pin. Finished clean with 209. Took her to the spinner applied compound and overcoat of Magic Shine. Back out for game 2 and 3, same line different look. Smooth rolling through the heads, much sharper turning the corner with more power at the pin deck. 245, 246 two more clean games. Reacts similar to the VP, just earlier moving not as violent at the break point. Particle pearl coverstock cut through what carry down was present with ease, where others were finishing flat, I had continuation galore with great carry. For a THS this ball is a performer mid price line ball is going to be a big seller, high performance ball in a mid price range. A wolf in sheep’s clothing without a doubt.
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Re: Vendetta Sniper
« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2005, 01:44:46 PM »
This ball is clean through the front and has very good backend reaction. I drilled it with a 5" pin, cg in the center of the grip. It's a great ball to compliment the Energy or High Energy when you need a little bit more bit in the mid lane or backend. This is a great ball on a variety of conditions.



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Re: Vendetta Sniper
« Reply #5 on: March 20, 2006, 09:21:43 AM »
My layout for this ball placed the pin above and between the fingers with my cg out to the right with an extra hole.  I used this ball on the 2004 USBC Masters Pattern (won by Danny Wiseman).  The oil patter was used for a local event Mesa, AZ presented by the Strikeforce Tour.   At the beggining of this event, I was trying to use my Black Vandetta which was pretty aggressive.   It proved to be to agressive when my read was to early in the mid lane, and had nothing on it in the backend.    Talking with local Pro and Dynothane Staffer, Jim Pratt, He indicated to me that I should go to something with a little surface and will arc into the pocket.   I made the swith this ball.  First part of the day I could play straight down 10 board.   As the day went on and the lanes opened up, I was able to move left 2 and 2.  Did not make a check,  but I finished the day strong on a tough pattern.