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Vendetta Particle Pearl
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The Dyno-thane Vendetta Particle Pearl™ features the same core and construction as the others in the successful Vendetta series but with a brand new pearlized low-load particle coverstock for extreme control and power. Challenged with improving on the already popular Vendetta Particle, the engineers at Dyno-thane have crafted a coverstock that is clean in the heads and firm in the backend.

When the heads break down and the backends carry down, fire back with the Vendetta Particle Pearl.



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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2004, 03:10:00 AM »
Drilled my seed ball with a 45 degree MB pin 4 inches from my PAP and a weight hole 2 inches past my PAP. CG ended up about 2 inches from center and the pin next to my ring ringer. Ball really rolls great. Clears the front extremely well for a particle and makes a nice move in the back. Fits right in the Vendetta line, different reaction than you see from the others. Same great hitting power as the rest of them, just gives you a different look. Very impressed with the strong backend this ball gives you, wasn't expecting that from a particle ball. This ball will fit very nicely in your arsenal when the heads burn a little or their are signs of a little carrydown. It works great when my Vendetta Particle is checking up a little too early, pull this bad boy out and I am set. I just love this Vendetta line, just a great set of bowling balls to have in your bag, all the bases are really covered here. Buy this ball, you wont be sorry, you will get great length, strong backend and impressive carry...what else can you ask for!!!

We are offering them for $98 plus shipping. Email me at if you are interested.
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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2004, 11:36:51 AM »
Used mine for the first time last night in league,synthetics,early shift league,fresh house shot. This 15# beauty came with a 3 1/2"pin, drilled it with the pin under the ring and the cg 1 3/4" right of the span center line, putting the cg in the thumb quadrant,...a weight hole was drilled 3" below my pap 2" deep to get the side weight to about 3/8oz.
I really like the reaction the ball delivers, smooth arcing, with a super punch. The pearl factory finish lets this blue/silver beauty glide throught the heads. Typical for me, the Vendetta weight block (my personal favorite) revs up at mid lane and never quits,..and with the added bite of the light-load particle, this one turns on the power and drives through the pins with authority. I like the control that I have on the last 20 feet of the lane,..the ball seems to know where to go and what to do when it gets there. Scores were 300-288-248...for a nice 836,..started with the front 22 strikes...needless to say this one goes in the "A" bag.... jim

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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2004, 12:51:06 PM »
In my opinion this ball is one that will be liked by everyone, its not the skid flippiest, biggest hooking, blah , blah blah.......Its a ball that is predictable and strong enough to knock down 10 pins. I also like the colors.


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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2004, 02:07:27 PM »
I found your review, RevSasquatch, so insightful.  Maybe I'll just pick one up myself.
Thanks so much.


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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2004, 11:42:46 PM »

Got mine a few days ago.  Drilled D/T layout #1 (or close to it).  Ball was 15oz, 1-2.5 pin, 3.45 top.  Put pin just slightly under ring (not as far right as the layout chart shows), left CG in center of grip.

This is my first D/T ball that was drilled for me (threw about 4 balls with a friends Black Vendetta and a Cure Pearl, but couldn't get a good read cause the grip was now where near close).  

With the VPP, the hitting power on this ball is amazing, a distinct crack at the pins.  Best I can describe that ball is a "hard, controlled, arc" through the whole lane.

Wood house, some moderate carry down, and threw two games after a few practice balls to get loose and work the thumb out.  Had 236 (two opens) with the last 8 strikes, the two frames I didn't strike - 10 pin (flat on the release), and a 4 pin, tugged the ball (didn't have my plastic with me or I would have made the spares, this practice session was all about seeing what the VPP would do).  Next game, front 10, then 10 pin (again release problem, but this time not being flat but bumping it out too wide).

Overall I was impressed.  I even tried a few different hand posistions and the ball acted the same.

Will post another review after a weekend tourney.


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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #6 on: March 25, 2004, 08:07:20 AM »
Drilled - Pin next to Ring Finger,
Cg in Palm, 4x5 w/xhole
Coverstock - Box condition

Drilled this pretty strong for myself. I wanted a strong arc but also be smooth off the dry. This drill pattern works great on most house conditions and I've also had success with it on PBA's 'E' Pattern.

The Vendetta line is one of the best lines ever made by ANY company, the core seems to match up with just about any coverstock. Not a single one is a dud in the group, the Vendetta PP is no different. This one is longer than the V-solid but has a similar motion on the backend. The carry/hit is very impressive, no different than the other Vendetta's. Massive carrydown gives this ball a few problems tho, but most pearls dont like carrydown, theres the V-solid for that! Dont let the backends hook tho or this ball may never stop striking!

The Vendetta's are the closest thing to a Vortex 2 Solid (one of my all-time favs!) that I've thrown. The only difference is, Dynothane was able to match up other coverstocks to make 4 completely different Vendetta's into 4 incredible pieces of equipment. Those of you that are fans of the Vendetta will love this ball also. DynoThane is a great company to look into, start by picking any of the 4. I dont think you can drill a bad one.


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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #7 on: August 13, 2004, 10:07:53 PM »
I've had this ball for a few months now and am quite disapointed with it when I first got it it did great but after about 30 or so games on it it just would not do much. I contacted dynothane and they said to sand down with 600 and polish with 800to 1000 and thatwould probably fix it well it didn't . I don't have a whole lot of hand but I do allright withmost other equipment. I'm thinking about plugging and redrilling with the most aggressive drilling on their sheet if that doesn't work maybe it will make a good boat anchor
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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #8 on: August 25, 2004, 04:36:47 PM »
Just picked up this ball this week. I have thrown it all of 5 games. It weigh in at 15.1 with a 2.5-3in pin with 2.5 onces topweight. I went with Dyno-thane #1 Drill pattern so far I have not thrown it on a fresh shot. I threw it today on left over pattern from last night. I was able to open then lane up and play this ball anywhere it just keep coming back. In my first 5 games with it I would say this ball will be my first choice out of the bag everynight. I love the mid lane roll with with the strong backend movement. This ball has messengers flying everywhere something I haven't seen in a while. Over all I give this ball a 10 out 10. Dyno-thane one me over with the thing and I have never looked back. I consider myself Dyno-thane unoffical ball rep for my area. All I have to do is throw the ball and heads turn. Keep up the good work guys.


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Re: Vendetta Particle Pearl
« Reply #9 on: March 08, 2006, 06:48:17 PM »
This ball started with 2 ¾” top with a 3 ½” pin, Drilled 5X3 ½ with the pin above the fingers. Remaining weights: ½ positive, ½ finger  This ball was machine shined following drilling.

Lane surfaces and patterns:

Condition A: Fresh oil on a compromised wood surface (last resurface: 2000)

Condition B: Fresh oil on a good wood surface (Resurfaced 2005)

Condition C:  Second Shift Migration following a 4 man league on a compromised wood surface (last resurface 2000)

All conditions were league conditions with significant amounts of oil in the middle of the lane and some friction to the right.  Condition B offered the truest transition of all three conditions with little resistance in the back end.

This ball offered the best length on condition A on lanes that the surface was even more compromised than the lanes in which I rolled the High Energy on.   This ball was clean through the fronts, strong through the mids, and offered just enough back end reaction to hit hard. I had a nice arc look with this ball.  For a particle ball, this seemed to be the most impressive on the brickyard pairs I rolled this ball on.  I would have never been this successful striking with any other particle ball on such a poor surface.  This ball rolled with authority and aggression on condition B, but I consider this my bail—out ball on lane surfaces that are uglier than my pot-hole ridden street.
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