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Title: Big Time
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Length Rating: 10.85 (scale of 1-30, early to late)  
Overall Hook Rating: 28.75  (scale of 1-30, least to most)  
Breakpoint Angle: 9.65 (scale of 1-10, smooth to sharp)  
Color: Black/Silver  
Style: 029744-871  
Reactions: Clean through the front with strong continuous backend reaction.  
Target Line: Track Area and Inside Angles  
Lane Conditions: Medium to Heavy Oil  
Coverstock: BOMBER Low Load Particle Sanded w/100 Grit Abralon  
Core: Apex Adrenaline  

Weights:  16  15  14          
RG:  2.51 2.51 2.51        
Differential:  0.05 0.054 0.054    

Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: BrandonR on March 11, 2005, 11:54:10 AM
If your looking for a ball that moves in Oil without spending $200 plus dollars....then the BIG TIME is for YOU!! The layout used on this ball was a 5 1/2 by 4in pin..with the pin being above the bridge and cg shiffed out. I used Brunswicks Polish prior to drilling. I first used this ball on a basic house wall shot. Great ball for a stroker who likes to play 15 to 10. Ball recovers with NO PROBLEMS! If your a cranker, then you have the entire lane to play with. As for myself I shot 880 with it, although in practice, I was able to play anywhere on the lane w/ a tremindious ball recovery. I then used this ball on a 41ft PBA pattern..I think its the Scorpion. But as before on the wall shot this ball moved though the oil smoothly. So if your looking for an inexpensive ball that HOOKS, then the EBONITE BIG TIME IS FOR YOU!!!
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: zubazcat on March 20, 2005, 12:13:46 AM
Love the bigtime,for the money and for medium to heavy oil realy hits. After 6 games and getting used to throwing it to the right and finding oil on lanes that were bowled on shot 299 my last game with a wobley 9 pin. Lookes great going down the lanes and leaves very few 10 pins left. zubazcat
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: bluebladebowling on April 01, 2005, 03:01:18 PM
Pin:2 1/4"
Top weight: 3 ozs
Surface: Box then polished
Drill pattern: Leverage Stacked
Lanes: Wood
Patterns: Burnt THS with soft backends-THS with soft outsides good backends

If you like Ebonite equipment I believe you will like this ball. I absolutely did not like this ball out of box, and that hasn't happened much. But the polish changed it. It reminded me of the Savage Flip with a boost. It responded to hand positions but not as much as I had hoped. SPEED SENSITIVE. To fast long, blew past break point, to slow short and it got jumpy. Pocket wasn't hard to find and wasn't hard to stay in, the ball seemed touchy. Without getting into scores I will say I shot over my 216 avg. with ease. But with allot of Ebonite equip. I seen allot of 7 pins.

It will find its way into my arsenal just not where I was hoping it would...
I'm not real sure who I would recommend this ball to but allot of my customers are looking at it, and I believe with good reason. Just allow the ball to dictate the line it likes out of your HAND....

I will be throwing it on synthetics over the weekend I am figuring that it will be allot stronger there.. I may report back to let you know.

UPDATE: Shot on synthetics today, and just as I had thought the reaction was impressive. Still left alot of corners, but overall the pocket was still easy to find.. I feel like it could be a little stronger, for it seems a little long in heavy oil. I am happy to find this ball in my bag, and I know I won't be the only one......

Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: kalvis917 on April 08, 2005, 07:36:36 AM
Just purchased the ball last night, planning on throwing today.  Hoping to get a great reaction from it.  Will post p.m. hours
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: kalvis917 on April 14, 2005, 07:28:09 AM
O.K., at first it was not hooking, but I don't throw a hook.  Shot 9 games with it.  Then practiced again, made a couple of adjustments with the wrist and WOW.......  Shooting 5-7 board, hooked back in and slammed into the pocket.  Not alot of  7 or 10 pins left.  I LOVE this ball now.  Will be looking forward to see what it can do in the acutal leagues.
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: Hussman on April 18, 2005, 04:45:39 AM
I finally took the plunge and bought this ball.  After watching Tommy Jones throw the ball for the last 2 months I couldn't take it anymore.  I was really worried that the ball was not going to live up to all the hype I had created.  I had the ball drilled to the 12:00 leverage pattern, pin to the right of index finger and 3 3/8" from PAP.  Had the ball polished on the spinner straight out of the box.  It usually takes me 10 games or so to find any kind of comfort with a ball and I avg. between 195 & 205.  Went in this morning on a fresh THS and immediately fell in love with this ball.  Scores this morning went 192, 223, 235, 235, 136(tried some different lines), 235, 200.  Great scores for me when I am comfortable for sure, but even more impresive I could not believe the instant connection I made with this ball.  This ball is very consistent, easy to repeat shots, and is very angular...more so than expected.  I was so excited that I went back late tonight to see how it would handle carry down...not quite as angular but came back hard off the dry boards for 195, 212, 221.  Looks great on the lane too...colors, angle, breakpoint, everything.  I give it a 10(and I don't hand out 10's), and this will definitely be the first ball out of my bag for summer league.
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Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: jimwoosh on May 01, 2005, 02:48:47 AM
Have only thrown storm for the last five years, but after seeing tj win 2 titles with it this year thought I WOULD TRY IT. Above average revs/ mph 18.4/220 average
drilled it 4 1/2 pin from pap by 4 1/2 cg by pap. FIRST night in league 243 -248-300 791 out of the box.....league shot 41 feet oil line 6th board. swung ball 15 board to  board. i now have 12 games on the ball low series 700.248 average for 12 games ..This is the hardest hitting ball I have owned.DEMOLISHES  the rack especially light hits. Never seen a ball send messengers like this..... loved this ball so much just ordered a second which I'M Gonna drill rev leverage.........2 very big thumbs up!!!!
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: jeffbassingfool on May 03, 2005, 04:40:38 AM
this is the only 3rd ball i have ever owned that i liked from the get go. i don't know that much about drilling yet but I'm learning so i cant tell u how its drilled. all i do know is that the pin is drilled out on the ring finger. this ball is consistent and predictable. i am a right hand bowler and when i release the ball correctly it crashes right into the pocket leaving very few ten pins and every blue moon a 7 pin. my average lately had dropped down to a 177 before i got this ball. I've had the ball 4 weeks now and out of the 4 weeks i have bowled in league with it on synthetic lanes i am averaging 202 a game. so far my highest game on league i shot 251 with it. i release the ball at about the 25 board and throw it out to about the 10 board and it comes back consistent into the pocket flush and almost always carries. i like it
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: FrogArm on May 05, 2005, 11:02:15 AM
I decided to try one of these after watching TJ. Majority of my arsenal is V2's but I DO like the time series. After throwing this ball, all I can say is WOW. Just might be my favourite of ALL time. Shined up, drilled leverage same as my Strong/R. The hook on this ball is insane. I wanted more 'snap' from this than the Strong/R and yes it delivers. Carry is amazing, throws pins around like leaves in a hurricane. Shot a 278/696 first night out with it. Somebody told me that the recommendation is not to shine these. But that they work a LOT better polished up. I was going to get another V2 factory polished but pro-shop guy claimed the BT can be high-shine, went with it. No regrets at all.
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Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: FrogArm on May 05, 2005, 11:08:10 AM
Oh, forgot to mention the colour of this ball looks REALLY COOL. Plain black would have been boring. Black and silver swirl...AWSOME
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Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: bmwsonj on May 07, 2005, 01:24:34 PM
Just had my big time drilled up out of box finish. Great ball carries all kinds of hits. Out of box finish i prefer better. When i shined it there was a more skid in carry down in my house. works better with med to heavy oil. When there was carry down with out of box finish i had a consistent back end. I love this ball hope coverstock holds up being particle one. One more thing i have bowled more than 30 games on it and have averaged 220 with it. High series 757 268 game
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: haraku on May 10, 2005, 10:30:25 PM
i've had many bowling balls...the 2 latest balls i have gotten have been used from Buddies pro-shop. 75 dallors with drilling and the ball ahve only been used like 1 game, so its worth it. anyway before i got the amazing outstanding Big Time, i had gotten the Core Power By Storm, good ball decent hook med oil, heavy oil not so well. so i asked my friend at Buddies what would hook more than the Core Power, he pointed at the Big Time on the that time i had no money for a brand new i thought to myself i can wait untill it comes used, and 3 days later it was there on the used rack, instantly i wanted it...that was friday, the guy workign that night said he had too much to do so he could drill it tomorrow. i had to wait...but it was worth it, that night i had went up to visit my brother up at storrs for his graduation, after a little get together we all went bowling at this local bowling ally, light oil...i had to throw the big time so hard from the first arrow at the Left! right at the gutter, JUST to make it over hook for a brooklyn stirke, at this moment i was thrilled. i couldnt wait to go bowl at my local bowling alley back home. the next day(yesterday) i bowled with a couple of friends...lanes were med-heavy oil,a nd i was hooking it STILL from the 3rd arrow getting it out, then having rocket into the pocket, it was amazing.

i would recomend this ball to anyone who love to hook.   this ball OWNS!
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: ItsJustMe300 on May 20, 2005, 09:41:29 AM
This ball definitly does hook. Probably the biggest hooking ball I have ever owned. Got it drilled to the left front of the pin for maximum hook. This ball definitly gets through the heads on any condition. I average 212 and bowl a lot of sport shot tournaments on all types of conditions and this ball has yet to fail to hook on any of them. Ball does not have a lot of forgiveness to it tho. It takes off at the same angle all the time. If you're not a consistant bowler you may want to try to find a different big hooking ball. This ball is nothing short of its expectations. Great ball under any condition and for those who are hook challenged this thing will move for anyone! O yea forgot to mention I'm only 16 =)
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: Dangerzone85 on June 05, 2005, 04:17:40 AM
Pin below fingers{Pin 5 1/2 from Pap}
small weight hole
surface: Box

House Shot{Dry outsides little oil in middle} I was able to stand 30 and pitch it out to 5 with a smooth but continous back end.

Tournment(Oil outsides with oil in middle) Scored better playing between 5 and 10 board.

Overall ( out9 of 10}Ball is clean thru the front and smooth but continues backend

Good luck
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: georgiabowler on June 21, 2005, 11:22:19 AM
thinking about a big time sanded i have alot of revs and speed does this ball respond as good as i have read and is it worth it love to get the feed back
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: TrimMan on June 27, 2005, 09:36:30 AM
15 lbs 2oz
3oz TW
3-4 pin
Pin 5" from pap cg kicked right about 1/2" this put the pin above the ring finger for me. No weight hole required.

Before I even threw this ball I took the finish to 4000 grit abralon. I wanted this ball to get down the lane and make a hard turn.

38' THS wood lanes with quardian heads. 232-265-211 It took just a few threws before I got lined up. Definately a hook set motion coming straight up the back. When I changed hand postion and came around the side more the ball had more continuation. Was able to play different lines with no problems. This ball was great on this shot, with excellent carry. Last game the beer started to come into play.

41' THS synthetics (AMF) 265-212-210-207-156-206 With fresh backends this ball responded well . I struggled a little with carrydown, was able to adjust but not as fast I wanted. When the lanes started to break down I was able to move inside. Overall really didn't buy this ball for this house you need something to roll up a little earlier. My Xxcel is which I perfer in this house.

Overall, my intentions with this ball was to have something under my Xxcel. My wish came true. For this price great ball. Way to go Ebonite keep them coming.
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Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: Hussman on July 02, 2005, 02:44:56 PM
Just wanted to give an update...almost 3 months since I bought this ball and over 175 games later and it is as good if not better than the day I bought it.  This ball does not have the biggest hook or the hardest hit, it just gets the job is a consistently high scorer for me.  My main concern when I bought this ball was the life of the coverstock, but I'd say Ebonite hit a homerun with this one...shot 695 with it just last week.
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Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: wrwfan1029 on July 24, 2005, 03:10:23 PM
Got this ball in May and it has been the best ball i have had. Use it on med oil from ten to ten. outside dry. Have not shot under 600 with it yet in league. High set 799 and 297 with 4 more 700's and many high 600 sets. Getting the pearl version drilled up. Great Ball Great price definite 10
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: 9cline on August 08, 2005, 02:33:28 PM
Great ball for med-heavy oil.
Mine has the
pin below ring finger and x hole on pap
goes smooth down the lane and nice strong arc off the dry.
Rolled the ball on a long sport pattern it never turned over, I slowed it down to give it chance to react. Still didn't,but played straight to pocket and it did carry on through the hole. I don't think mine is the ball for this condition. Have used on broken down league shot,and moved inside it worked terrific. Seems to work better when it can cover boards.
Good ball I love mine too.
Nina Cline

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Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: bruceklebejr on August 16, 2005, 12:42:59 AM
i like this ball...great for a bowler who needs some help with hook...for me it can get a little jumpy in the front of the what i do is shine it up and go inside and slow it down in the oil...thats if your center puts oil on the lane in the middle..but this a great ball quality and price it can become sensitvie on the backends even dulled up where it skids too far..
 someone who has higher speed with little slow your tempo down a
little to allow this monster to work because when i slow it down it gives me the whole lane...
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: jchosea on August 25, 2005, 01:15:00 AM
1st night out(I know it's early) maybe the best ball I've ever owned. Glides through the fronts and about a third through the mids and turns over and crushes everything in sight. Drilled pin above and between the fingers and the cg is kicked out about 1 1/2". No extra whole needed(Thank goodness). 244, 257, 259. Enuff said.
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: Monster Stitch on December 22, 2005, 11:41:40 AM
3 Inch Pin
3oz Top

Right Handed
5 x 3
Pin Under Bridge
CG kicked out 2 inches
X-Hole 6 inches in a 45 degree angle from center of span through cg and down

I bowled with this ball on a couple of different lane surfaces. This ball skid through the front, revs in the midlane, and has a continuous arc in the backend. On a THS, this ball can strike at pretty much any angle. You can swing it out from the wet to dry and the ball rolls back to the pocket. I can go stright up the oil line and it will hit the packet too. The Big Time keeps the pins low and hits like a truck. I was very impress. When the lanes start to break down in the front and mids, it's time to put this ball away. It burns up early like other balls and checks up. Overall with the adrenaline core this ball really spins up. I always liked how the APEX ball rolled. With the low load particle and the rest reactive this ball can really give a one two punch. Also the Big Time is responsive to different hand positions.

Look at when Tommy Jones threw the ball on the PBA Tour last year. He was dominant.

Another great ball by Ebonite.
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: mr845 on January 22, 2006, 10:27:30 AM
2 1/2 inch pin
2 1/2 top

drilled pin  below and just outside of ring finger cg straight below with a weight hole.

I finally found enough head oil for this ball at our local singles tourny.
All I can say is it's about time I got a partical ball that is capable of getting good length and has enough left on the backend to turn the corner.I have alwas had trouble with particle balls running out of gs on the back not this one.I was able to play inside the oil line all day and never had any problems carrying in a house that is famous for bad carry.

If you are looking for an easy to control particle ball that wont run out of energy on the back this is it.The only ting is you will have to put it away when the heads start to fry.

In my opinion this is the best particle I have ever thrown as far as readability and storing energy for the backend.I would definately recomend this ball to anyone who is looking for a ball for heavier oil.

This game is sooooo easy.SEE SPOT HIT SPOT why is it I still cant get it right after all this time?
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: Fairchase on January 26, 2006, 04:47:53 PM
First I'd like to say thanks for the info on this ball and others. I have just found this site in the last couple of weeks. I've been throwing a  Voxtex V2 the last couple of years but I just couldn't get it to finish on heavy oil. I'm a guy older guy with med. ball speed,a stocher sytle. I needed a ball for heavy oil and I got the Big Time. All I can say is WOW! I haven't been able to throw a inside line in along time. Well now I can. I can belive how hard this ball hits. It's just  what I've read on this site It goes long and comes back hard. After two nights of bowling with ball I know this ball will now be my main ball. I also have to give credit to my Pro shop as he set it up right for me at a good price.
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: Jeff Ussery on June 14, 2006, 10:48:22 AM
Pin to PAP Distance: 5 7/8"
Preferred Spin Axis to PAP Distance: 3 1/2"
Balance Hole: 29/32" x 1 1/2" Deep 1" Past PAP
Surface Preparation: Box Condition

What I Was Looking For in this Ball and Layout:

Here's a great example of what NOT to do with a brand new bowling ball. I drilled this ball with no real objective in mind. The aggressiveness of the coverstock and the high differential of the ball scared me into a weaker pin to PAP distance than I would normally use. I drilled this ball with only one thing on my mind; keep it from over-flaring too early.

What I Ended Up With in this Ball and Layout:

The result of drilling a ball without a desired ball reaction is that you really don't know what you will end up with. Unfortunately for me, not thinking about the ball layout before throwing some holes in it created an overlapping reaction in my bag. This Big Time ball clears the head area of the lane better than anything in my bag right now. The smooth coverstock and weak pin position combine for an unbelievably low amount of friction in the front part of the lane, and I've yet to find a lane that I can't get this ball through the front on. I drilled a balance hole beyond my PAP to try and open up the flare rings a little, but the effect of this was very minimal.

Here comes mistake number two with my brilliance. I placed the preferred spin axis of this ball 3 1/2" from my PAP. When combined with all of the front end skid I created through pin position and ball selection, this PSA location creates a very medium type of backend reaction. The ball sneaks through the front part of the lane and then needs an incredible amount of friction in the backend to get started. If the ball does get into a transition, it does make a very strong move towards the pocket. With the skid created by step 1, I can really create some steep entry angles with this PSA location.

The overall hook of my Big Time is significantly less than the One and Big One balls that were also reviewed on June 3rd. While the surface makes it slightly stronger than my Overtime, the ball does not have any real purpose for me. The real issue with this ball lies in the lane conditions we bowl on. I said that the ball clears the front of the lane extremely clean. This means that I really can't throw it on slicker heads because it just skates out in the backend. So I'm really looking for a condition that is slightly broken down in the front of the lane for this Big Time. I also need an incredible amount of friction in the backend to get the ball started. In tournament play, far more often than not, when we see broken down fronts, we see a lot of oil down lane. So again, it's near impossible for me to match up this ball properly.

In summary, don't drill bowling balls without a purpose in mind. I hope you can learn from my lesson and keep situations like this from happening to you.

Length from 1-10 (Early to Late)

Breakpoint Move from 1-10 (Smooth to Sharp)

Overall Hook from 1-10 (Low to High)

A picture of this ball and the layout can be seen on our website if you are interested.

Jeff Ussery
Powerhouse Training Clinics
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: kusan_31 on October 22, 2006, 10:37:47 PM
Ball Specs: 15.04lbs, top 3.75oz, pin 3-4"
Pin above ring finger (4" to PAP)
CG kicked out about an inch from 12:00, x-hole slightly below PAP
Surface Dulled with Burgundy Scotch Pad.

I originally got this ball drilled to read the midlane push through carrydown.

This layout produced a controllable change of direction, yet high revving at the end of the lane. I found this ball to work better on my current house shots than anything ive ever owned. The one thing i can't get out of my mind is how this ball carries the corners 95+ % of my pocket hits.

The only problem i had with this ball is when the track area is completely broken down. It rolls a tad too early when i try to bounce it off the dry. Its playable on a medium-light shot, but takes a little too much effort to swing it out enough.

My friend (a pure Lane 1 user) commented the reaction I got from this ball. I think that shows how greatly under-rated it is. Im planning to get one more Big Time and drill it without such a big x-hole.

Through all the companies that ive tried, Ebonite balls seem to compliment my game the best. Next up is a Raw Hammer Doom which im currently waiting for.
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: 7 SPLIT 10 on January 01, 2007, 05:21:32 PM
Well, this is kind of a tall of two balls here.  For the first 8 months, the ball was amazing.  Massive smooth hook for a ball in its price range.  You won't find a better ball at its price level, guaranteed!  However, after 8 months and lots of games, the coverstock died.  Baking and cleaning with powerhouse energizer just couldn't help it.  Well, at least  I now have a ball that works perfect for the Norm Duke down and in shot if you change hand positions and alter the surface slightly.  I liked this ball a lot, but now it sees minimal usage time.  If you own a Big Time and think it's a great ball, try a Raw Hammer Doom instead.  That is a great ball with a similar but better reaction and it won't die on you.
Title: Re: Big Time
Post by: kidder1212 on February 20, 2007, 08:01:39 PM
I am a cranker I don't know much about the specs of the ball, but i have found this ball to be a great ball on any condition except dry.  I cannot do anything when the lanes are too dry.  I bowled my first 300 within 3 weeks of purchase.  On medium oil it is best.  I can get it to do whatever i want it to.  I have had this ball for 2 years now and just got it plugged and redrilled.  Since i got it redrilled i have shot 633 and 749 in my youth league. I love this ball and plan on using it for a while longer.