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Game Breaker 2
« on: August 25, 2014, 10:12:12 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Description: Ebonite is bringing back the success of the Game Breaker with the Game Breaker 2 and it is better than ever. With the proven performance of the Game Breaker bowling ball line and it incredible value this ball is sure to be a hit. This ball takes the Enhanced V2 core and GB 10.7 coverstock and combines them to create a strong mid lane reaction. With the Game Breaker ball motion you can't lose.

- Color: Black/Purple  (Colors may vary from picture shown)
- Reaction: Strong Mid-Lane
- Coverstock: GB 10.7
- Factory Finish: 500, 2000 Abralon
- Core: Enhanced V2
- RG: 2.48 (15# ball)
- Diff: .048 (15# ball)



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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2014, 08:21:52 PM »
385-400 rpm
lower track
16.5 mph at the gun downlane
lower track
4.75" - .25 up = PAP

Length: 41' - 27ul sport, 45' - 24 ul sport, modified 8-1 THS
high friction HPL lanes

First off, i am not a staffer
I had a friend send me this and asked me to review this ball, good or bad.
Left ball at OBB finish

needless to say, I brought the BW legend along and i hardly used it, couldn't put the GB2 away.
On the 41' sport pattern, this ball worked the best playing 12-9 or so. it has a strong midlane and continues through the pins
after breakdown, moving in to 15 and out to 10 or 11 was also a really good look
Very predictable and pretty clean up front.
outside of 8 was flat and it would not recover if I missed out with it.(It shouldn't)

on the 45' sport pattern, started at 17 to 14 and it had enough motion to carry, quite well in fact, squared up a bit and it was playable, after some breakdown and making sure to really roll it well on this longer pattern, it was really good off the end of the pattern. just so predictable

i was able to use it on the 41' THS but it was at OBB (2000) and i had to swing it more than i wanted, i have other options to keep my angles down up front (BW Legend)
I'm sure if i changed the surface up to 4000 or added polish over the 2000, it would have been fine for THS

I have approx 40+ games on it so far with zero performance loss
A very good piece from EBI and I'm betting they will sell alot of them


Likes: So predictable, very continuous

Dislikes: none so far

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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2014, 10:40:07 AM »
15lb 3oz
PIN 3-4"
3.50oz Top Wt.

PIN over bridge.
CG in palm stacked.
No extra hole

This ball out of the box provides the strong mid-lane roll we all love from the original Gamebreaker. With the 2000 Abralon finish and this layout, the ball is super smooth through the front, has moderate length, and a strong predictable reaction in the back end. It is certainly not a super hooking ball but that's not what it's designed to do. The reaction is what you want on the over/under house shots and sport patterns. Don't be fooled. This ball hits hard and carries well for the price. You won't be disappointed. Due to the 2000 surface there needs to be oil up front. I plan to drill another with the same layout and add some polish to handle to transition. I will report back later with that review.
Robert Mockenhaupt


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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2014, 09:39:31 AM »

Length: 40'

Volume: Medium

Type (THS): Variety of House Patterns


Likes: Performance, Versatility, Core/Cover

Dislikes: None

It's Back. And Better Than Ever.
Proven Performance. Incredible Value. New Enhanced V2 Core. GB 10.7 Coverstock. Game Breaker Ball Motion, Need We Say More?

Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Ball Specs:
- Core Type : Enhanced V2
- Coverstock: GB 10.7
- Color: V2 Color (Dark Navy)
- Factory Finish: 500/2000 Abralon
16 lb Game Breaker
- RG: 2.49
- RG diff: .041
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy

Pin Length: 3"
Starting Top Weight: 2.5 oz
Ball Weight: 16lb

Pin to PAP: 5" (above ring finger)
CG to PAP: 3 ¾"
X Hole: 5" over and 1" up from midline

BOWLER STYLE: RH - tweener
Rev Rate: 320
Ball Speed: 16.5
PAP/Track: PAP: 5 5/8" and 1" up

Box Finish: Factory 500/2000 Abralon

House Shot (several different)

Everyone knows the V2 and/or Game Breaker in regards to performance - arguably the greatest "benchmark" ball of all time.  The Game Breaker 2 again is my "benchmark" regardless of the pattern (my favorite of all time).  This ball allows me to develop a lane play plan immediately.  It will perform on most environments. (the surface will have to be modified on some patterns).  It also gives me the opportunity to make the correct and fast decision on whether or not I need something different in ball motion.  The RG has been slightly increased due to the updated USBC requirements with RG.  The Game Breaker will perform extremely well in heavier volumes and even lighter volumes with a cover adjustment and a longer pin from the PAP. It also responds very well with a hand position change. This is what separates the Game Breaker from all the other "benchmark" balls.  The Game Breaker responds perfectly to the bowler who can change ball speeds, axis rotations and loft zones. I haven't found another high performance ball that can match up to the Game Breaker in regards to versatility.
If you liked the previous versions (Vortex - V2 - Game Breaker) you will not be disappointed with the new Game Breaker 2.  It has the same look, characteristics and ball motion.  I actually think it is a tad stronger at the breakpoint than the original, which would make sense considering the higher RG.  Thank you Ebonite for bringing "the benchmark" ball back to the game! 



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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2014, 08:47:20 AM »
Length:  39

Volume:  medium-light

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  Sport Pattern

Likes:  Ball makes a continuous move to toward the pocket at the breakpoint something I think Ebonite has been needing for awhile.  1 of 3 new Ebonite balls I bought to simply try EBI again because that is all I threw years ago.  From what I have seen in the Honor and Gamebreaker 2 I may be making that switch to all EBI and getting rid of my Roto-Grip stuff.  I started out playing left of 15  ish and swinging to 10; then migrated left throughout the tournament until I was 25 to 15.  The ball carries the corner though.  That was my biggest concern getting so deep was flat hits or wraps but the ball just carried through.  Started with the Honor but it was too strong for the volume so I balled down to this and used over 7 games. 

This ball seems to want to hook strong in the mid-lane so when the heads get dry you have to jump lines.  I couldn't simply pick up speed because the ball was still over hooking the track area.  Obviously I couldn't add polish or adjust surface which would have probably allowed me to play the track area longer.

Overall I love this ball and I'm glad to see EBI get back in the game.  Keep it up Ebonite.

Brandon H.

Name of the Game Pro Shop
Huntersville, NC


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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #5 on: November 30, 2014, 11:06:05 AM »
Pin Length:  3”
Starting Top Weight:  3.0
Ball Weight: 15
4” Double Thumb – this puts the pin above my ring finger
BOWLER STYLE:  RH - Stroker – slightly speed dominant
Rev Rate:  280
Ball Speed: 17-18
PAP/Track:  PAP:  4 11/16” and 7/8" up
Box Finish



If you loved the Gambreaker or the original V2, you’ll want to have the GB2 in your bag.  This ball reminds me of my old V2 so much, I sometimes refer to it by that name.  It has that same distinctive roll and hit that you look for in a solid symmetrical ball.  With my style, I can’t send the ball too far away from the pocket. If I do, it burns up in the friction, and my carry suffers.  That being said, if I keep it fairly straight through the heads, the carry and hitting power is outstanding.  The nice thing about this ball is I can go ahead and hit it while still not having it over hook.  I plan to drill a second one with the pin under the ring finger. I also think this is a great choice for a wide variety of sport shots. The price point for the GB2 makes it a terrific value. If you haven’t thrown an Ebonite ball for a while or you loved the old V2, take a good look at the GB2.
RJ Alman
Ebonite Regional/Amateur Staff

Joe Somd

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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2015, 03:21:38 AM »

Pin Length:3
Ball Weight: 15lb
Layout: Stacked - Pin over ring
Rev Rate:400
Ball Speed: 17 mph
PAP/Track: 5 1/4 over and 1/4 up

Finish: (Matte, Polish, Sanded):  Box
Length: 40ft
Volume: 50 UL
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

On a scale of 1-10 ( 1=Low, 10 = High )
Length: 6.5-7
Back End: 7
Overall Hook: 7
Midlane Read: 6
Breakpoint Shape: Medium length and even roll

Likes: What a great ball.  A compliment to its predecessor.   This ball for me was a good benchmark ball.  With the layout I gave it, it rolls heavy and true off the end of the pattern giving me a good judgement of the lane and what it is doing.Its very versatile and rolls great from multiple angles.

Dislikes: The cover isnt very angular.  They need a pearl

Joe Leingang

Get Tough - Get Hammer

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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2015, 01:57:28 PM »


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):USBC white pattern on Brunswick Anvilane

I kept the Gamebreaker2 at box finish and I was very happy to see the reaction and aggressive roll from a mid performance bowling ball.  I haven’t seen a reaction such as this one in a long time in my opinion the Gamebreaker2 fits almost all bowler skill types.  I started playing through 10 at the arrows standing 18 and the Gamebreaker2 was to strong from this angle.  I moved 8-10 left and looked at 15 at the arrows as well as allowing the ball to get out to 10 down the lane.  The smooth ball roll and aggressive yet readable reaction to the 1-3 pocket showed no signs of the quitting, and then the finish through the pins can wow almost any bowler.  If their is a first ball out the bag this is that ball for me.
When you get a chance please check out the track recommendation tool however before doing so I will strongly suggest you go to your local pro shop and ask for assistance with getting your Rev Rate, Tilt, Axis Rotation and Ball Speed.
Ronald Davis Jr.
Track Amateur Staff


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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #8 on: September 24, 2015, 02:14:43 PM »



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):


Likes:  Seriously, best ball ever made.   ANY bowler could make a complete arsenal out of a few of these bad boys.   Dull, shiny, or somewhere in between, GB2 trucks! The only drawback to this ball is my other equipment doesn't get out of the bag very much!

Dislikes:  Our legal system is broken.  I dislike that.



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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #9 on: September 29, 2015, 02:21:55 PM »
Age: 22
Ebonite Staffer ( 3 years )
Turbo Pro Shop Staff ( 3 years )

Rev Rate: 400
Speed: 18
PAP: 4 9/16 RIGHT  23/32 UP

Gamebreaker 2, what can I say this ball is absolutely amazing. Ever since I heard this ball was coming out I was excited for it. This ball for me has always been my go to ball when I am in trouble or the first one out of my bag.

The motion to the ball is very clean through the heads of the lanes and mids of the lanes. It has a nice smooth roll in the back in with a continuous motion towards the pocket.

I absolutely love this ball on any conditions, one of my favorite conditions throwing the ball on is a... SHORT PATTERN conditions. I have used it on house shots ( wood or synthetic doesn't matter ) still gets the job done. This probably why I have 5 Gamebreaker 2 !!!!!


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Re: Game Breaker 2
« Reply #10 on: November 20, 2015, 09:28:33 AM »
Ball Review – Ebonite Game Breaker 2

**Note – I have not had the chance to work an EBI Demo Day with the Bowler I.D. Software so I do not know my bowler stats, all descriptions of my game will be based on general observations

I would describe myself as having average ball speed (roughly 15 MPH, sometimes a touch lower) with a slightly above average rev rate, I am very up the back of the ball but working on being able to get my hand around the ball easier and more effortlessly.  I do prefer to hook the ball and am very comfortable getting in deep, however I can play straight too if the lanes call for it.

The Game Breaker 2 from Ebonite is THE benchmark ball that should be in everybody's bag, this is the ball that should be the first one on the ball return before you even put your shoes on.  If you're walking into a bowling alley that you've never been in and bowling on a pattern that you've never seen, one thing that should give you all the confidence in the world is the Game Breaker 2

The first Game Breaker 2 I drilled was pin over and pretty far right of the Ring Finger, CG about a half inch right of grip center with no weighthole and box finish.  This layout caused the ball to roll very early and be very smooth on the backend, this motion allowed me to stay pretty far right on fresh oil and helped tame down strong backends.  With my ball speed and rev rate this ball was extremely conditional and only came out of the bag on fresher tournament patterns and shots that called for very straight angles through the front part of the lane. 

The second Game Breaker 2 I drilled was pin about two inches over bridge, CG in grip center with no weighthole and box finish.  This layout gave me the typical benchmark motion that we're used to seeing out of the Game Breaker 2 and is usually the first ball out of my bag; if the lanes tell me I need something stronger I can switch to a Paradox and if the Game Breaker 2 is too much I can switch to the Game Breaker 2 Gold.  Despite having a higher pin placement the strong core and duller surface prep (500-2000 abralon) helps this ball to grab in the midlane and give a smooth predictable motion on the backend.  This ball is great on a wide variety of lane conditions and can handle everything except the extremely long or extremely short patterns.

In conclusion, this ball promises proven performance with incredible value and I couldn't agree more, the amount of hook out of a mid-performance ball cannot be matched by any other ball on the market.  I would recommend this ball for all styles of bowler, young and old, fast and slow, higher and lower rev rates, all can find a spot in their bag for this beast. 

Thank you!
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