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Infinite One
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Reactions: Designed to be longer than the Big One, with increased backend ball reaction.

Coverstock: GB 12.1 sanded with 500-grit Abralon

Core: Inverted Centrex Symmetrical Mass Bias

Length: 24
Hook: 45
Break Point Angle : 12.75
Mass Bias Rating : 0.027


Jeff Ussery

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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2006, 01:35:10 PM »
Pin to PAP Distance: 4 3/4"
Preferred Spin Axis to PAP Distance: 5"
Balance Hole: None
Surface Preparation: Box Condition

What I Was Looking For in this Ball and Layout:

In my preparation for the Mini-Eliminator, High Roller, and True Amateur Tournament in Las Vegas, I was looking for a ball that just flat out hooked. No better way to find this than to drill the newest, most hooking ball on the market in a fairly aggressive position. I chose the Infinite One due to its coverstock aggressiveness and differential.

What I Ended Up With in this Ball and Layout:

I ended up with exactly what I wanted, which isn't too hard to predict given the ball that I drilled. The Infinite One is very aggressive in the front part of the lane and needs sufficient head oil to clear the front. I've chosen to leave my Infinite One in the box condition for the tournament swing coming up. My impression is that the ball may get through the heads slightly easier with some coverstock tuning. But this coverstock is simply aggressive and should only be thrown in heavier amounts of head oil.

I placed the pin in a 4 3/4" location from my positive axis point to ensure that the ball flared plenty. My goal is to use this reaction on the fresh conditions in Las Vegas when you need all the hook you can get. The Infinite One flares approximately 7" for me with this pin position. Consequently, this ball tends to make a smoother transition at the breakpoint as it is losing axis rotation quickly. I placed the preferred spin axis in a 5" position to create a smooth look down lane and to help retain axis rotation as much as possible. When you are looking at drilling aggressive surface balls with aggressive pin position, always make sure to use a slightly weaker preferred spin axis position to make sure the ball does not hit the pocket dead on arrival.

The Infinite One hooks far more than anything else in my bag. It is a few boards more than my Big One, and is arrows more than my One and Big Time series balls. If you are looking for the newest, most hooking ball that still has pop at the end of the lane, the Infinite One is the ball you are looking for.

Length from 1-10 (Early to Late)

Breakpoint Move from 1-10 (Smooth to Sharp)

Overall Hook from 1-10 (Low to High)

A picture of this ball and the layout can be viewed on our website if you are interested.

Jeff Ussery
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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2006, 01:42:10 AM »
Pin- 4 1/4 from pap 3 1/4 above midline
mb 5" or 70 deg
weight hole 4 1/2 over on midline 25/32 hole

I know allot of people have questioned whether this ball will clear the fronts at 500abralon.It will.It really surprised me that it did.
The lane condition that i tested the Infinite One on is not a very long pattern.I put 1000 abralon onit.It cleared the fronts very well and was very contionous on the backend.I compared it to my Sr300.It read the lane a little sooner,but was not as angular as the Sr300, but it did cover more boards.As i went up in abralon pads the length increased, but the ball motion was the same.It never jerked on the back just real continious.The last surface i tried was sanding it to 4000 abralon and then applying Factory finish polish on it.It was very clean through the fronts, but still very controllable on the back.This is one of the cleanest balls through the front part of the lane if have thrown.I think  the surface i liked the most was 1000 abralon.
The infinite was is something special.
Please dont doubt if this ball will clear the fronts at 500 abralon until you try it.I think you will be surprised.
Dannial Cohen
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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2006, 04:36:17 PM »
I am a tweener who thinks I have the ability to rev it or play with a soft hand when necessary.

I drilled this ball exactly as the yellow label suggested, and this ball does exactly what Ebonite promises!  Box finish is 500 abralon and it clears the heads very well and makes a very nice continuous (infinite???) turn on the backend.

Just like the orignal One, I find that this ball reads very true and consistent.  It's consistency makes it very versatile and it reacts very predictably to changes in the release.

This is truly a high-performance ball!  Another ONE for Ebonite!

Ron Ware

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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2006, 04:35:10 PM »
I've had The Infinite One for the past three weeks and during this time I've had four 300s, one 299, and an 858 series in three different houses.  I've drilled it 4 1/2 PIN/PAP and have thrown the same ball out of the box (500 Abralon) and with 1000 factory polish shined.  You must have the speed to throw it dull on a house condition and believe me, this is a hooker!  I've found the versatility with it shined where it is adaptive to those strokers that like to go straight up the boards or others who rev it more and create all that area with the bend and get you that awesome entry angle.

I've been bowling for a long time and I can honestly say that I've never felt so confident in my game since I had this ball.  My problem now is that I'm trying to "force" the ball to any condition I encounter which takes me out of my normal game.  But by doing so, I've added more consistency to different shots and enabled me to recognize other dimensions in attacking the lanes with what I thought was my "B" game.  In the past, I always changed balls and stuck to my "A" game.

Believe me, this ball will make you think twice about what you "thought" you knew about ball reaction and carry.  The Infinite One will put you on the course for that One Ball addiction! more than one and tweak the drilling and coverstock to give you more options.  Whatever the case, one thing for other ball out there hits like this INFINITE ONE!!!

Ron Ware
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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2006, 08:15:27 PM »
Pin to PAP Distance 4 1/2"
PSA to PAP Distance 5"
Box Condition 500 Grit

I wanted to get all of this One and test its hook ability in a flood and boy did I ever get what I was looking for. This ball likes to start up early so make sure you got plenty in the heads. I tested this ball from multiple angles and different breakpoints and for a 500 grit ball it makes a very sharp change of direction down the lane and the hit is incredible. The reaction shape can really open up the lane if you've got some speed on a house shot. If you don't the surface can be easily adjusted. A great piece for heavy oil. Probably the truest rolling heavy oil ball I have ever thrown. Bowl to Win.  
Keith Boyd
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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #6 on: July 15, 2006, 04:15:16 PM »
Drilling: Pin 4-3/4 from PAP with MB @ 45 degrees.

Condition: House shot (heavy inside dry outside) 40 feet

This is a very good compliment to the ONE series. With the 500 Abralon surface I found the ball a little too strong for my style. Sanded the surface to 1000 Abralon and BINGO! This is the perfect surface for me. The ball is clean through the heads and strong when it turns the corner. I really like the pin action that the INFINITE ONE gives me. It keeps the pins really low and mixes the light hits very well. It appears to be 3-4 boards stronger than my BIG ONE. Get yourself one and see what all the hype is about!
Chris Hayes
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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #7 on: July 26, 2006, 02:13:45 AM »
the infite one is amazing i swear on my life best ball i have ever thrown im 15 and i was at junior gold and i will be going to teen masters this coming week. last weeknd the 23rd and 24th i was at a bowling camp with many pros there.. anyways i must have bowled for about 7 hours each day with about 20-30 games a day..... its now tuesday and i probably have 60 games on it and not to mention the camp was all sport shot 44 feet or something like that and the ball STILL clears the the heads and hits like a new ball. I have the big one and the one and they do not compare to this ball.. i suggest everyone get this ball.. im buying another and drilling it diffrent thats how good it is.

my first 3 games for 44 foot pattern.... 212 221 196... like i said no matter where u through it it will hit the pocket..


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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #8 on: July 28, 2006, 12:56:33 AM »
Excellent piece from Ebonite.  My specs are listed...

Pin to PAP - 5 1/2
MB Angle - 75 degrees (just left of and below thumbhole)
Pin 3" above midplane

This ball was surfaced with 1000 then lightly polished with Factory Finish.  No balance hole was necessary.

First off, let me say that I liked but didn't love the One.  I found it to be very quick off the friction and it would squirt/stop if used on the wrong patterns.  The Big One was much better for me because it was more controllable and continuous than the One.  The Infinite One creates all of the midlane that the Big One had with incredible continuation and hit.  On all three patterns that I've used it so far, it forced my feet deeper with a more angular recovery than anything else in my bag no matter what surface I had.  I did end up hitting the back flares a bit to slow it down off the friction and now it's a solid go-to piece for heavy, longer, and pushed patterns.

The length is not easy if the heads are breaking down.  You'll have to stay left of the pack.  The midlane is a perfect combination of catch and roll, and the backend is incredible, even in the presence of some low to medium volume carrydown.  When switching to the Passion with the same surface, I was forced to move 4-5 boards right with my feet and had to contend with more head friction and less backend recovery.  When switching to the SR300, Paradigm, Pyro, and Nitro R/2, none of the balls would catch the midlane without major speed and hand adjustments.  Simply stated, it opens up longer and heavier patterns more than anything I currently own... particle or not.

I have a pictoral posted on my site, with video comparisons to the Passion, etc to come in the following days.

Good job on a summer release from Ed and the boys in H-ville.
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Mike Austin

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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #9 on: August 02, 2006, 02:51:58 AM »
I drilled my Infinite One for heavy oil, specifically PBA Regional Pattern 5.  We bowled on this pattern earlier this year on Pro Anvil Lane, I finished second.  The last few games were really a struggle to get the ball to hook on the right part of the lane. My Scorchin Inferno was too long, actually finished the tournament with my One, with very heavy red scotch brite finish by hand.

Well, two weeks ago, we bowled on Pattern 5 on Pro Anvil Lane again in Abilene, TX. We were told that there was LESS volume than the Angleton tournament, but there was still a ton of oil.  I made the round of 8 losing to Paul Fleming, who was also throwing the Infinite One.

I was really worried about this ball not finishing if I went with the pin under the fingers and/or low in my grip.  I went with the pin just above right of my ring finger, the MB marker is about 1.5 inches right of my thumb.  The ball had a 2" pin out, and it was out of line to the right, which gave me too much finger and side weight after drilling.  I used a small high hole to get the ball back to legal static weights.  The pin is 4" from my PAP with MB about 90 degree angle.

I did hit it with the 500 Abralon pad that comes with the ball on Sunday, I cleaned the ball to get the gunk off from that stupid sticker they put on the ball from the factory.  This cleaning actually shined the ball some.  It was okay, made the ball more playable at the beginning of the tournament.  I was able to start left, and get the ball to the pocket from left of 4th arrow, and my break point around 13-14.

This ball is a heavy oil monster.  Great hitting power.  Hooks more than both of my Scorchin Infernos, early and very continuous.  The lanes in Abilene did not break down the same as Angleton.  Angleton created unlimited hold in the middle with OB outside of about 10-12.  In Abilene the OB was there, but the hold down the lane was not there, making the shot much lower scoring.  In Angleton I had the absolute nuts, and could have won that tournament.  In Abilene, I bowled well, but Paul was better that day.

The Infinite One is a heavy oil ball only.  Don't bother polishing it, why?  You could probably be better off with one of the other Ones.  Straight players are gonna love this ball, still need some oil, but will get more use, specially if you have good ball speed.  Tweeners are gonna like this ball, will love how continuous this ball is.  Crankers are gonna need a flood to use this ball, but when they do, watch out.  Good hitting power, rolls great.  This ball should do well for players that have an arsenal.  If you only have a couple balls, you may not need this much ball.
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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #10 on: August 03, 2006, 03:56:25 PM »
15lbs 02oz
2 3/4 top
4 inch pin

drilled it with the pin bout 1 inch above the bridge, with the CG stacked, no weight hole. its out of the box and the ball is very strong, clean threw the head and sweet backend, i wanted to drill it so it would go a little long and save its energy towards the end, and it did. I can stand on about 35-40 and get its out over 20-25 to bout 12-8 it will come back smooth, im a tweener/cranker, rev 400-425 and speeds about 17-19. I really like the one series and i see how differences between the balls, and i think you could def. make an arsenal out of these ball and maybe get the doom or hawg series in there and your good lol. Great ball A++

jonathan nask
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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #11 on: August 04, 2006, 04:12:04 AM »
With the success of The One and Big One, all of us at the shop were eager to punch these up, I was the lucky one to do so.

I didn't put an overly aggressive layout, I wanted to see what this ball had to offer. On the 41 ft sport shot, this ball was a monster. The outer part of the lane was flooded. I was able to stay in the track area, and have some room to the right with this ball, it almost made it seem like our house shot. On the house shot, which has an 80-90 unit flood in the middle, I was truly impressed. I have used balls that are supposed to be hook monsters, but only the Infinite One can conquer the middle. And if I sent it a little wide to the right, it came SCREAMING back, blowing the rack. I was truly impressed with the backend reaction being so strong, especially for a dull surfaced bowling ball. I am going to try it with some polish, and will update after I do so. I see this ball being a popular one for quite some time.

Bowler's PAP: 4 3/4" over, no up/down

Layout Used: 4 1/2" pin x 4 3/4" MB to PAP, Pin 2 inches above midline of my grip, weight hole was required, 63/64 drill bit, on my axis point, 2.25" deep

Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy oil

Any questions feel free to email me at or call any one of us at the shop, 1-866-717-7772

8/11/06 UPDATE

I've gotten a few emails from people asking about if it was polished, how it would react, so I decided to throw it back to 500 grit and apply some Ebonite Factory Finish Polish to it. I was a big fan of the ball before, now I am a HUGE fan. The only problem with the Infinite One before was that it was very aggressive in the heads. After applying some polish, I noticed a huge difference. The ball was much more predictable through the heads and still had the same booming backend that it had before. Ebonite claims the Infinite One to be the most versitile ball in the One series of balls, and now I firmly believe it.


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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #12 on: September 02, 2006, 11:23:41 AM »
The worst ball I've tried on demo day!

This ball might work for straight ballers. But for those who likes to hook their ball, this ball doesn't work. I don't know what Ebonite did with the coverstock but it just has no energy after hitting the pocket. I tried three different infinite ones.... but I still get the same early roll... and very poor pin action. I mean, compare it with the XXXcel ...and the new Black Widow, the Pain Raw Hammer .... this ball is a great disappointment. It just looses its energy. And the funny  thing, even if our center was newly oiled. This ball is still dead. I went around asking people how the Infinite One performed for them... even the most high seasoned players were disappointed... except for one... he said he bought the ball only because he couldn't admit that he can't get the ball working ... I saw him the following day, he never used the ball in our tournament... He went for the black widow instead... So, if you plan to buy the infinite one ... I hope you'ld think again ....

Mr Ten Pin

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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #13 on: September 03, 2006, 11:39:34 AM »
Hi I have been bowling for over forty years and used over 60 balls Strom,brunswick,columbia,track,hammer,moRich,and they are all good balls,now I am using Ebonite,I have all three Ones. The One is set up for dry lanes. The Big One is set for Med oil, and The Infinite is set up for heavy oil.I just got the Infinite One and out of the Box rolled 258,256,256 for 770 now that consistent. I used Ebonite #1 Drilling long and strong for me it works. my ball speed is around 15 and med rev, I like a controlled roll the moves about three to four boards my ball weight is 15 lb Ebonite you have put out great balls for my style Thank You.
Mr Ten Pin


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Re: Infinite One
« Reply #14 on: September 03, 2006, 03:40:14 PM »
well raven i disagree with you on the infinate one. the ball is very strong into the pocket and it destroys the pins. i have also thrown the black widow and yes it is powerful but the infinate one is still stronger and more agressive, its a great ball for any type of bowler whether you throw a big hook or a down and in, you will enjoy this ball