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Title: Savage
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
The core of the most devastating ball of its time is back with a vengeance. The medium RG Turbo/X core has been retooled for the tighter lane conditions of the new century by adding a flare increasing domed cap. And, by adding the Big Wheel™ reactive resin®, sanded with 1200 grit, Ebonite is recreating the medium length and strong change of direction that made its forefather a legend. Savage. The name says it all.

Specifications are as follows:

Color: Midnight Blue/Rubine Red Sanded
Ebonite Hook Rating (Scale 1-30): 28.25
Length (Scale 1-30): 10.8
Ball Speed: Slower
Axis Rotation: Minimal Side Roll
Axis Tilt: Low Track
Revolutions: Low/Medium Revs
Best Lane Oil Condition: Heavier Oil
Backend Condition: Carrydown
RG: 2.522
Diff: .055
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: striker300 on July 21, 2001, 05:19:09 PM
I layed this bad boy out 5*3 and went to bowl on the house shot which is 7 to 7 and this ball preformed very well.  I could move in left of the track and bump the dry or I could come right up the back of the ball and go play in the sand.  When this ball reaches the breakpoint can you say FLIP? This ball creates such angle at the breakpoint that it's unreal.  You can't go wrong with this or any of the cat series, so i'm sure you will be seeing this along with the Predator in bunches at your local bowling center.  This one gets a 9
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Deadbait on August 21, 2001, 12:05:59 AM
This ball kind of like old XL.   With a 3 3/8 stacked drill it was hook a mile or skid a mile.   Kind of a crapshoot.   One thing about it, you will know quick whether you are using it on the right condition.   Don't fall in love with this one unless you take the time to figure out exactly how to set up the cover and what condition to use it on.  I couldn't.    Luck    Bullred.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: BackToBasics on August 22, 2001, 09:32:54 AM
I drilled this ball with a more agressive layout than normal.  A 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 with XH on my axis.  The ball specs are close to the Pantera and I would have to agree that it gives a similar look to the Pantera but with a touch more length and recovery.  I have a Pantera that's drilled the same and it's more even than the Savage.  The Savage has excellent recovery as long as you have enough head oil as the coverstock is strong (as well as strong core).  The recovery is not as violent as my Vortex I, but more of very hard arc.  I seem to have unlimited right with this ball, especially on longer patterns.  Good midlane read with strong recovery on a variety of house conditions.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: SCOTT TURNER on September 09, 2001, 06:06:25 PM

Title: Re: Savage
Post by: MrEbonite on October 01, 2001, 11:24:12 AM
This ball is diffently a Savage on the lanes. This ball is very versatile. I have a lot of trouble on Wet-Dry lanes. So I laid this ball out 5 X 3 and matted it too 800, then applied a light coat of Ebonites Partical Polish. Out the box I shot 300 with it. Since then I have had a lot of high games with it, by changing the surface.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: DLJ on November 25, 2001, 11:45:31 PM
Pin: 3-4"
Drill: Pin is 12:30 to center of grip
Rev: High
Speed: Medium

Out of the box, this ball easily handled all oily conditions presented to it.
It has no trouble in recovering after a long skid and when it hits the pins, it hits it hard. From my type of bowling, it hits harder than my Predator. Maybe because of its denser ball construction.

When the heads start to dry off, control is still very apparent and ball still holds its lines pretty well.

After shining and polishing it up, the ball cleared the heads real well and kept most of its energy for the hit into the pocket.

Great great ball for all conditions and very verstatile for any type of bowler. It's simple core construction and aggressive enough coverstock, outshines most balls twice its price.

For oily lanes, i will stick to my predator. For anything else, the Savage more than does its job. Ball selection doesnt come any easier than that.

Thanks Ebonite and Bowl to Win.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Joe L Carter on November 28, 2001, 11:22:38 AM
I have been rolling the Savage now for about a month, and all I
can say is it's one devastating ball when it hits the pins, and has
great carry!  I have mine drilled for maximum hook in heavier oil,
the pin out.  In our leagues on most nights, guys are having problems
getting to the pocket because of the tight condition.  I am right-handed,
and most right-handers are standing so far right, they are almost
pointing the ball to the pocket.  There is an out of bounds at about the 6th board on both sides.  Each of the last 4 weeks, I've started out standing on
or near the 25th board.  I start out playing around the 13th board, sending
it out to about 8, and back.  Since no one else is able to play in there, my shot stays a long time, and I'm generally able to string a large amount of strikes.  The Savage seems to love the oil, and makes the turn for the pocket
easily. I am a stroker. The guys that have watched me throw this ball can't believe that I even dare to start out playing inside!  I noticed that lately about 6 or 7 of them have bought and are now using Savages!  Scores are going up.  I really love my Ebonite Tiger for medium lanes, but the Savage is now my favorite ball, period!  Those two make a great combination.   Thanks, Ebonite.  You folks continue to make the best equipment at the most reasonable price!
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Jace Peterson on November 29, 2001, 01:16:14 PM

 I drilled two of these, 1 label with a 2-1/2 inch pin, the other 4-1/2 strong.
 The label drilled ball, reacted early and smooth, could not open the lane too far, because the ball set up in the back. However, the 4-1/2 strong, gave me almost unlimited right. I was very impressed and a little surprised how strong this ball is. For the price, this is a must have ball. (very versatile)
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Garcia on December 13, 2001, 01:35:01 AM
This ball is a high flare Turbo/X core with an added flip block. I placed the pin 6" from my PAP, Cg in the palm, no hole.

I took the shell to a 1000 grit wet sand, no polish.  The Savage is a ticking time bomb going down the lane.  Drilled weak, the Savage gets to the break point with ease then UNLOADS on the backend.  Very strong and continuous thru the pin deck.  This ball has been killer on easier conditions with medium carrydown.  Great addition!

Xeno Garcia
Ebonite Regional Staff
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Jim Lewis on December 17, 2001, 02:56:21 PM
The Savage is properly named. This powerful ball can match up to almost any $200+ ball.  The Savage's strength is its loping roll that will allow bowlers with medium ball speed (and proper surface preparation) to get the ball through the heads and midlane to create a strong angular hook on oily to somewhat broken down lane conditions. Bowlers with higher ball speeds will need to use duller surface preparations to minimize midlane skid of Savage.  The layouts I have used are 6x5 label drill and 4 1/2x3 with hole in PAP, both with pins just above finger level.  My positive axis point (PAP) is 5 1/4 by 3/8 up.  I use these layouts to allow myself to use the Savage from deep inside angles, when low RG balls like Vortex 2's are losing energy too early on broken down conditions.  That is what works best for me, but this ball can easily be drilled with other layouts for those who want to play from outside angles on oily lanes.  I would highly recommend a Savage to any bowler looking for a mid-priced ball with power.

Jim Lewis
Ebonite Regional Staff
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Stormbowler101 on December 27, 2001, 01:40:48 PM
14 lbs.
Drilling 1
Label Leverage

Check profile for my style.

A Savage is just what this ball is.It goes very long and is huge on the backend. I am a YABA bowler and i get a little above average revs.I have an average ball speed.This ball is awesome.I throw from about board 16 to 8 on heavy oil.It goes long and comes back hard.It is very strong and kicks out the corners like no other mid-price ball i've ever seen.Overall, i would give this a 9.5 of 10.

Part 2

Ok, it's a year later and I have used this ball A LOT more so I can post a detailed continue of the first one.

Ball works best on either heavy oil or medium oil. Too over under for me on regular house shot with dry boards from 5 on out. 38 ft. Christmas tree pattern. I find that I can throw the best line on this pattern by playing along the first arrow, and cutting down on my revs a little. On medium oil it is great, it is a very strong ball. Heavy oil is it's forte though. This thing cuts through heavy oil like no other I have thrown. Outhooked the Apex Aggression I tried at a demo day on the sport shot. In conclusion, this ball is good on medium oil, average on medium/heavy, and great on heavy.

Also, the coverstock of this ball is very versatile. If you polish it, depending on the condition it will have a nice skid/flip. When dulled down it starts pretty early but has a strong backend. Out of the box I found it at the best, it will be mostly skid/flip, except start maybe 3 to 4 feet earlier than dulled.

I spent 5 hours taking the oil out of this thing and now it has become an absolute BEAST! Talk about skid/snap! I threw it on a normal house shot and I actually had to cut down on my revs to get it to the pocket playing 22-6.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: willyps61 on February 01, 2002, 03:58:28 PM
Picked one up cheap on line, had it drilled medium rg, pin 4 3/4 from pap
just under ring finger, cg at grip mid line.
Threw four practice balls to find a line and proceeded to throw 11 strikes my first game with it(missed a (solid) 10 pin for 267).  Great reaction, pounded the pins, kicked the corners and mixed well on light hits.
Played outside until they dried out too much then moved inside.  Went long through the oil and carried well through the back.
Great ball.  Very versatile for my style(low axis, medium revs).
Tossed a 698 with it first time out of the box.
Recomend highly!
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: James Campbell on February 25, 2002, 08:32:05 PM
I have two of this ball.  The first one has a 2 1/2" pin from my PAP drilled to 1/2 pos side weight with weight hole on axis.  This layout I can use on anything is very predictable.  Has very good length polished but still has very good backend.  The other one has a 5" pin from my PAP drilled on center line of CG.  This ball I can stand left and hook the lane with.  It has very good length and when it makes it's move to the pocket is very even on the backend.

James Campbell
Ebonite Regional Staff
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Michael Gaither on March 16, 2002, 06:48:34 PM
This is a very strong reactive ball that reads the midlane good,
with a very strong backend.I like the savage for medium to heavy oily
conditions.It compliments the v2 solid very well.If you want more hook
then the v2 solid and want to stay in reactive,this is your ball.                                                                            

Michael Gaither
Ebonite Regional Staff
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: GJACKSON on April 17, 2002, 09:32:21 AM

Drilled this ball with the pin to the right and below the ring finger.  The cg is in the thumb positive kicked to the right.  There is a weight hole on the val on a line from center of grip through the cg. ending with 1/2oz negative 1/2 oz thumb weight.  The surface was left with box finish.

I bowled league last night in a syntheic house where there is a good amount of oil and carrydown because it's a late league. I stood on 25 and played around 15.  The ball went down the lane very nice and on the back POP!  This ball made a left turn that shocked me and the people I was bowling with.  The first game I bowled 231. The 2nd 183 (low score).  In this game I hit the pocket almost every time but could not carry.  The last game I move my feet to 30 and played around 20.  STRIKING TIME AGAIN!  Finish the last game with a 237.  Ended with a 651 series.  Not a big series but enough to pocket $150 in winning the pots.

All in all I give this ball a 9 out of 10.  The only reason not a ten is because the ball left solid 10 and 9 pins.  Still this ball is a must to have in your arsenal.

Check my profile if you want to email me with questions.  Remember Practice Will Improve Your Game.

Thanks for reading my review.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Phatdon on June 17, 2002, 02:17:25 PM
I bought mine used from Gbuck and used his existing drilling, just had to move the thumb. For me it is a 3x3 drill.

On fresh oil, this ball is so predictable it's almost scary! I've been using it now for three months.

It is the smoothest rolling/arcing ball I own. Hitting power is phenominal. It stores up energy very well, then, once it hits the dry boards, it explodes into the pocket. My average has increased substantially since I started using it.

Ebonite has created a great product line lately, this is just one more excelent piece of equipment for an arsenal.
If it don't say Ebonite, it might as well say K-mart!
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Messenger Ti on June 23, 2002, 04:03:21 PM
I wouldn't say is a great ball on oil, but it work.  Hit like a truck when oily, hit like a tonka truck when it's dry I use this ball mainly the first 2 games of my league then put it away and use my Ti.  I think the two balls compliment each other very well.

Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Vets2k on June 28, 2002, 10:19:25 AM
This ball is a beast.  I prefer my Savage slightly finessed instead of dull
really gets down the lane and make a strong move toward the pocket.  Drilling
is pin under fingers with cg in palm.  Good drilling for me with predictable
reaction.  I am a Savage with my Savage.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Jesse James on October 28, 2002, 08:01:48 AM
Hey all,

This is my very first post of an Ebonite product. Usually, I use Columbia stuff or Track or AMF. Anyway, the ball is 15# with a 2-1/2" pin. It's set up label leverage, a very general drilling. I haven't used an Ebonite piece in 11 years, so from memory I was expecting an angular piece with decent hit,  but would leave a lot of 10 pins. What I got was something else. Bowling on synthetics, with light oil, about 40', I found this ball to be extremely consistent and controllable. It had a very late break, but it was extremely powerful on the backend. It really stored up energy. Still had the angular Ebonite attack, which gives you good angle entry to the pocket, though.

On the fresh shot, I wasted a game playing with different releases determining which ones would work. Shot 165. Once I felt confident with two releases that I could use, I went to work. 259 and 211 the next two games. Played down 10 and in for a couple of frames, but didn't like the pin reaction. Moved inside, standing on 25 and shooting 13 out to 7 or 8 and back....Wham!!! This ball loved to be swung. In the 259 game, I opened then picked up a difficult split but went the next 10 to the wall!!! This IS a great ball! Holds a line well, gives you good pin reaction whether swung or played tight. Needless to say I was impressed. May have to give Ebonite another look, especially if their other equipment is as good as this. Good job Ebonite.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: Ray Edwards on November 26, 2002, 12:57:27 PM
I love this ball!  I have 5 of them drilled various ways.  Compares to the V2 but more length.  Versatile cover can be shined for serious length or dulled for early roll.  The core is proven to be versatile too on many conditions.  But I guess the thing that surprises me is it's price.  Can't be beat by any other ball in it's range and performs like balls priced much higher.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: dafetz on January 04, 2003, 01:37:41 PM
The bottom line:  The Savage is a very good heavy oil ball.

I use the Savage mostly on my local house shot.  This particular house is widely regarded as the most heavily oiled house in the area.  Everyone from the strokers to the no-thumb crankers play outside 10 on the fresh there.  I've also watched the lane man bowl there.  Since he plays straight down the 5 board and rattles strike after strike, I've always thought that this line would be extremely effective there.  

My Savage is drilled with the pin over the ring, 12:00 from the CG.  This is approx. 4.5x4.5 from my PAP.  Cover is 1200 (stock) with a light polish using Finesse-it II.  The Savage plays the oil line extremely well.  It has a strong midlane roll, and it has excellent recovery if pushed right and it holds great if pulled left.  

I've tried to play this line there with many other balls (such as the Rock, V2 sanded, Matrix II, B/V Tornado, Blue Messenger, and many others), but the excellent midlane roll of the Savage gives me superior control and carry on this type of condition.  
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: C-G ProShop-Carl on January 07, 2003, 12:42:21 AM
Just a weaker version of the Predator.
I liked the consistency of the Savage. But with so many balls out that react so close, this ball never makes it out of my house, let alone into my bowling bag.
When I have used it, I prefered polish of sanded. Sanded it seemed to lose some hit, and it left alot of weak 10's.

I was not overly impressed, but truthfully, I did not really give it much of a chance.
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: BobMatt on March 06, 2004, 03:33:00 PM
I picked this ball up used from a guy I know.
--he had it drilled label, then plugged and redrilled stacked 3.75"

I plugged and redrilled using the same midline as he, placing this approx. 3.75-4" stacked from pap. Pin is directly next to the lower cut of the ring finger. 2.5" pin. Weight hole under pap.

Ive used this ball for alittle over a month now, so this is a tentative review.

The savage is weaker than advertised in my opinion.

What i see- On heavy oil it skids. It needs some dry to hook, and WILL NOT cut through heavier oil, or significant carrydown. I find it best suited for, what i consider medium oil conditions.

by condition breakdown (by volume, then length):

Heavy Volume
long-Will skid WAY too long.
medium- I feel the savage is not the ball of choice here. It skids --too far by design, for the oob surface to do anything major. It starts up too --late for anyone on this condition
short-Breakpoint is too strong for short oil.

Long-Still i think this will skid too far, unless there are bone dry backends.
Medium-The savage isn't the best ball here but it can handle this condition well --if played up the boards. Not gonna be a big hooker here.
SHort-Too flippy for this.

Long-Here i feel that with dry down lane, it still starts up a tad late, but the --ball recovers enough to make up for the skid.
Medium-Very nice, strong backend and perfect length for this. Here is where i --I feel this ball excels on fresh shots, or slight carrydown
Short-Once again too flippy

Medium and below
--Too little oil for the savage imo. ROLLOUT CITY

My thoughts (outta 10)
Torque (flipiness)-8.5
Overal hook-7

Carrydown will make it so the savage never stands up

This is a great ball for fresher medium oil, but in my experience it cannot handle heavier oil. Keep it away from heavy and light oil. Medium oil/medium to a bit longer is where this ball shines.
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Title: Re: Savage
Post by: DP3 on May 29, 2004, 09:01:57 PM
I'm using a new review format to get to the main points so everyone can relate

16.5-16.7 mph speed
Right handed tweener
PAP 4 11/16ths over, 1/8th up

l Profile
Stacked Leverage(3 3/8th x 3 3/8ths)
Weighthole on PAP
Light Polish with Storm React-A-Clean

-Excellent to cut through carrydown
-Strong Consistant Reaction on a variety of surfaces
-Excellent drive through the pocket(rarely any flush taps with this ball)
-Continuous at the breakpoint from the start of a block to the finish
-Retains energy very well for the last 15 feet of the lane
-Explosive Backend
-Carries light hits very well
-Adapts well to release changes

-A bit too strong off the breakpoint
-Really no margin for error when missing right due to extreme angle on the backend
-Not for freshly stripped backends with this drilling, just way too much angle out of the dry
-Just too much hook/burnout when SANDED(box finish) unless there's a flood up front

Balls that have a comparable reaction(For Me)
-Silver Streak Solid(same hooking motion for me, but the Savage carries twice as well and kicks out the tens consistantly from house to house)
-Ebonite Pantera(Savage has the same hook shape, it's just a little less squirty when polished)
-Command Zone Arc(Same hook potential, just saves most of it for down the lane instead of the midlane)
-Columbia Detour and Track Threat/Triple Threat(same hook shape and potential, Savage is just more immediate in response to dry boards)

As you can see, the Pros outweigh the cons and I like this ball very much.  This is one of my flagship balls and my goto ball when I have to open up the lane.  It coressponds great to changing conditions because you can just chase the oil line inside and ride it all night and never have to worry about it getting around the corner.  It's violent reaction makes for some great entertainment as flying birddogs(messengers) go flying on light and flush hits.
-DJ Marshall
"Repetition beats luck everytime"
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: jaguar2007 on February 01, 2007, 03:35:27 PM
i just got this ball used, drilled up with pin below ring finger.... shot 749.. went long on medium oil wood lane shot... carried every pocket hit, but one ten pin, very satisfied... great ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Savage
Post by: jaguar2007 on February 11, 2007, 06:12:09 PM
this ball has struck again for me, just a few days after picking it up used, i bowled a 300 game. it is an awesome ball. ebonite made a good one here!