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Title: The Angular One
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Coverstock: GBV 12.7 Pearl

Core: Centrex Symmetrical Mass Bias

Length: 28
Hook: 45
Break Point Angle : 13.25
Mass Bias Rating : .027

16# 15# 14# 13# 12# 11# 10#
2.51 .037 2.46 .056 2.49 .053 2.59 .043 2.62 .046    

Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Jeff Ussery on November 07, 2006, 10:43:58 AM
Pin to PAP Distance: 5 1/2"
Preferred Spin Axis to PAP Distance: 5"
Degree Layout Conversion: 70 Degrees
Balance Hole: None
Surface Preparation: Box Condition

What I Was Looking For in this Ball and Layout:

Many times when I'm drilling a new release for the first time, you'll see my use this layout. This layout "fits my eye" and gives me what I like to see on the lane. It can be difficult to drill a new release with a goal in mind, so at times we simply apply our favorite ball layout and take it the lanes for a test drive. Nothing really in mind here with this ball layout; just wanted to get a feel for the product.

What I Ended Up With in this Ball and Layout:

The Angular One clears the front end very easily with the 4000 grit Abralon and Powerhouse Factory Finish surface. One thing I've noticed while throwing Ebonite products is that rarely will you have trouble getting their finer grit bowling balls through the heads. The Angular One is similar to other polished balls in the Ebonite line. Even in our home center (Guardian heads, Wood pines and backends), the Angular One seems to handle the fronts pretty easily.

The Angular One is extremely strong at the spot for me. In this layout, I create a lot of down lane track flare, which increases friction and entry angle. The Angular One is true to its name in the middle and backend portion of the lane. On all lane patterns that I've tested this ball on, the Angular One has responded quickly to the dry boards. One of the things that made the original One so successful is the ability for the ball to read the spot quickly but consistently. I see these properties in the new Angular One. The Angular One seems to read the breakpoint quickly, but it really isn't hard to control at all. This tells you that the coverstock and core have been matched up well.

The Angular One is clearly stronger than anything else in the Ebonite line at this point. Even with the pearlized shiny finish, the coverstock is so strong that the ball simply outhooks everything else available. I've had no trouble getting my Angular One to out-curve all of my One, Big One, and Big Time sanded bowling balls that are reviewed on this site. If you're struggling with higher volume lane patterns, or perhaps even longer lane patterns, this ball would be an excellent choice for you. The Angular One is also more "angular" in the backend than all but one of the balls in my arsenal (Big Time Pearl).

Length from 1-10 (Early to Late)

Breakpoint Move from 1-10 (Smooth to Sharp)

Overall Hook from 1-10 (Low to High)

To see a picture of this ball layout, visit our website at
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Mongkit on November 07, 2006, 11:30:16 PM
ball weight = 15lbs
3-4" pin
Pin to PAP distance =  5" to PAP
Degree Layout Conversion: 60 Degrees
Balance Hole: Yes
Surface Preparation: Box Condition

Drilled this ball using the same layout as my "The One", this ball is definitely strong than "The One". On the first day played on this ball during the league, most of the time I throw is a strike except missed a few #9 and #7 pin  for "Full pocket" b/c the backend of this strong is too strong. I prefer to play this ball in "Mid Oil to Mid" lane condition because even this ball is in 4000 grit and highly polished but this ball will not skid as long as you think. If you do not have enough amount of oil to play in the middle of lane. It can be TURN very early and the result will be the hitting power get weaker.

Second times played with this ball in another bowling center during a tournament's qualify. Scored 247, 215, 300 in one set. For that perfect game, this ball helped me a lot, b/c few times the #10 pin was lock down by the messenger (including the last shot).

Conclusion : This ball is truly ANGULAR, I prefer anyone who's looking for a BIG backend ball should try this ball.

PS - Can anyone post a review that compare the "Angular One" & "Storm Domination", b/c the selling point for both balls are "BIG backend". Just curious which one is stronger.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: BUTTER on November 09, 2006, 04:56:06 AM
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: hacksaw on November 10, 2006, 02:07:52 AM
With the current newsletter from you can get one of these balls for $107.50 with all discounts taken. Not bad for a ball that just hit the market.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: DynoLess Daddy on November 11, 2006, 01:42:42 AM
Initial Review.

15 lbs 4 oz
4" Pin

After 6 games of testing, the Angular One has performed just as expected. It actually rolls cleaner then any ball I have tested up front. It held well, cleared and still maintained a strong motion to the pocket. The carry factor was better than expected as it made a higher entry angle.


.....0 0

......0...MB  ....

Second review will be done using:

Bowlers Map

I will give detailed analysis!

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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: cfagyal on November 11, 2006, 12:24:18 PM
ball weight = 15lbs
3-4" pin, 2 3/4 oz Top Weight
Pin to PAP distance = 4 1/2" to PAP
Degree Layout Conversion: 70 Degrees
Balance Hole: No
Surface Preparation: Box Condition

Drilled the ball with the pin over the bridge, Mass Bias just to the right of the thumb hole, CG just to the right of the grip center.  I'm guessing on the angle and pin to PAP distance, but it should be pretty close.  

I just got back into bowling a few weeks ago after a 7 year absence and have started buying some new gear.  First ball was a Paradigm Passion, and then after seeing all of the favorable info on this ball decided to buy one and drill it out.  Threw my first set on it this morning, and I must say i'm extremely impressed.  I was able to play around 25-26 and swing it out to around 8-10 or so, and it came roaring back with a flip i've never seen before in a ball, at least not one that i've thrown.  Ended up shooting 233-227-290 for a 750 and threw in a 217 in the 4th game for 967 over 4 games.  Not a bad beginning for having only thrown 7 games before today since I came back to bowling 2 weeks ago.  Too bad it was only practice, as i'd like to have that 11 in a row plaque to go along with my 300 rings

I found the ball to be very forgiving on poor shots as well.  I pulled a few shots in the 2nd and 4th games with a pretty poor release that ended up spinning more than rolling.  They ended up staying relatively straight in through the heavy oil on the middle of the lanes, but when they gripped, they snapped hard, and I actually carried most of those shots.  I've never before been able to play an extreme inside line and carry 10 pins, but this had so much aggression on the back in that I was able to shred the rack even playing 30 and going up about 18 or so and playing relatively straight.

All in all, probably the best ball i've ever thrown.  After being a Columbia die hard 7 years ago, this Ebonite blows everything I threw w/Columbia away, and I've shot multiple 300s with Columbia equipment.


Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Jzero on November 11, 2006, 07:39:47 PM
15 Lbs
Ebonite drill sheet- drilling 1

This ball is very strong.  Bowled two games today with it after I first got it and it is very strong.  The condition for it was to light though and was burning up on a condition my rampage was playing fine on.  One thing I notice it though is that this ball is very strong off the break point.  One ball I pulled I thought was going to go through the nose but it jumped stronger than I though and almost hooked past the 1 2.  Sorry if this isn't to good of a review but I will improve on it once I get some games on the ball.
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: kcmoreese on November 12, 2006, 09:03:42 PM
  0 0


Bought a 15lb angular one at an oklahoma tournament this weekend, Any way the ball was drilled up to roll early which I believe was pattern nuumber 3. I asked the proshop guy to dull it a little bit, he warned me not to because it was to aggressive. I said ok.

Bowled saturday at river lanes in Tulsa,OK. They had synthetic lanes with a flood on the first half of the lanes. I play the outside. The ball would skid if I missed my tenth arrow mark and played five. I was happy with the ball though. No scores to really brag about. Im just bowling with a ball I never rolled before at a house I never bowled at.

Bowled sunday at broken arrow lanes, They also had a synthetic flood over there. Today though before I left for the tournament I sanded the ball down to 1000. This time if I rolled down 5th arrow the ball recovered, I got much better reaction than prior. Also I dont have alota revs and high speed. This ball for me was amazing at 1000 grit, it ran through the oil like it was nothing. I used this ball for my spares to. All I can say is this ball made an average bowler like me look like I know what I was doing. I awwed and ooed the crowd with messenger shots flying every where.

By the time the oil was gone I still played this ball. And yes the ball started to hook even more, started getting brooklyn strikes, I notice the ball was starting to have a small gloss due to the previous games, I just made small feet and hand adjustments and I was still striking. I believe this ball can cover all lane conditions when thrown correctly.

I read the forums about speculation on this ball. Ill I can say is you need to test the ball out for your self.

Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Drillmn300 on November 17, 2006, 03:29:00 AM
I layed my first one out ( I really like this one and will drill more of them) with a 4.5" pin and the MB @ 60 degrees. I did place a balance hole 6" over and 1" down and drilled it as far as possible from the core using a pitch of 3/8's forward which missed most of it.  This ball pushes better and easier than any ball I have every thrown. I was on a pretty slick condition and surface and usually have to play very tight, with the Angular One I was able to open the lane up and take full advantage of the ball. The Angular One reads the lane better that every ball I have drilled in the last year and I have drilled a ton of them. Congratulations are in order for whomever designed this one as it will be a top performer for Ebonite, great job!!!

Great push, fantastic angle and carry you would not believe unless you seen if for yourself, I don't usually have enough hand to get messengers but I had them all night tonight with the Angular One.

Thanks again

Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: ROBALTH79 on November 21, 2006, 12:59:46 PM
i just got the angular one last week. I threw it in my one league last week shot 604. I blame alot on myself with that set not the ball. Lanes did have alot of oil and ball did not hook up to good. When it hit the pocket it hit like a fright train. I threw it again in another house last night. Lanes where a bit dryer and shot 226,256,268. 750 set. The ball was great alot of carry and great pin action. These is my second ONE ball. I have the infintie one also. This angular one ball is a great switch to ball when the lanes break down. I will continue to be a ebonite man. Great job ebonite
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Jeff Ussery on November 21, 2006, 02:10:53 PM
Pin to PAP Distance: 5 1/2"
Preferred Spin Axis to PAP Distance: 5"
Degree Layout Conversion: 70 degrees
Balance Hole: None
Surface Preparation: Box Condition

What I Was Looking For in this Ball and Layout:

Drilling this ball was really more about furthering my personal education and learning the ins and outs of this bowling ball layout. This layout was popular by Tommy Jones in the last PBA season with The One. I decided to drill this second Angular One for myself to learn more about the ball and this layout in particular.

What I Ended Up With in this Ball and Layout:

In the front part of the lane, this Angular One reacts no differently than my first ball. The ball clears the front of the lane very easily and gives me no trouble on any lane condition with at least medium head oil. I've not had the opportunity to throw this ball on extremely dry heads, but I suspect that it would handle the dry heads comfortably. The shiny pearlized finish gives this ball's aggressive coverstock a chance to get through the front of the lane with ease. This ball comes at 4000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish out of the box.

Core motion is what defines this ball reaction, and I can now see why Jones began using this layout in the original One series last season. As the ball travels through the mid-lane, it tends to read the friction slightly earlier than my first Angular One. When this happens, the ball seems to be much smoother at the breakpoint than my first Angular One. Even though the pin to axis distance is the same (see my other Angular One layout), and the amount of track flare is approximately the same between the two balls, the backend motion is totally different. This ball seems to arc more off of the friction spots and is very smooth when transitioning to dry areas. These smoother reactions can be extremely beneficial for high rev rate, powerful players. I'm not saying that my game is necessarily strong enough to take advantage of this though.
Overall hook in this ball is a little less than my first Angular One. I can rotate the ball close to 90 degrees and get this ball to hook more, but it just doesn't match the strengths of the core motion. Also, I did try sanding the ball down to 2000 Abralon. The ball reacted even smoother off the dry and played smaller launch angles extremely well at this surface. I already had a Big One (also reviewed on this site) that accomplished this, so I did re-polish the ball.
Length from 1-10 (Early to Late)
Breakpoint Move from 1-10 (Smooth to Sharp)
Overall Hook from 1-10 (Low to High)

To see a picture of this ball layout, please visit my website at
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: rmm300 on November 25, 2006, 10:34:16 PM
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: magusbuckley on December 03, 2006, 12:33:30 PM
I started bowling only three years ago so am by no means a Pro.  Bowling for me is the league night Thursdays with some friends from work.  My first ball was an Ebonite Illusion.  I quickly learned that buying a ball for looks alone isn't the key to a good score.  I held on to that ball but added to my collection an Ebonite XCel.  The XCel was the first ball I had ever had drilled for finger tip.  I was disappointed with that ball.  I got a slight hook out of it, but really had to snap my wrist during the release to get any action from on the backend.  After only a year and a half, that ball cracked open!!  I couldn't beleive it.  At some point early in the game, I had convinced myself that I was an Ebonite kind of guy.  All of my gear was made by them after all.  Now, however, after owning a non-hooking XCel with a crack down one side, I decided to investigate other brands to see what they had to offer.  I kept my eye on Elites "Alien", but couldn't justify spending that much money for a bowling ball.  I browsed Ebnoites web site again and took notice of "The One".  By the time I saved up and talked the wife into letting me get the thing, other balls had been released.  "Angular One" was the newest in the lineup so I made a jump on it.  When I took it to a local Pro Shop, the guy looked at my old ball and said it split open because the previous guy didn't drill it correctly.  As it turns out, this is also the reason the ball never had any hook to it.  We started the drilling process from scratch.

In the practice game that followed, I shot a 177.  That's pretty good to me since I wasn't sure where I would have to stand, where I would need to lay the ball down, and how fast I would need to throw it.  Most of the initial strikes were Brooklyns.  Now, without snapping my wrist, I was getting more hook out of this ball than I ever could have with my improperly drilled XCel.  

The following Thursday was another league night.  My scores were low but this is why:  I managed to get the ball in the pocket almost every time I threw the ball.  Even when I missed my mark by a board or two or three, it still managed to find the pocket.  Somehow, though, I kept leaving either the seven pin or the nine pin.  I wasn't sure how to correct this and didn't want to do anything any different since the ball was getting to the pocket.  I continued to leave the seven pin and nine pin all night long through all three games.  The "Angular One", to me, hooks too much to use for spares, so I broke out my old "Illusion".  It's been a long time since I've thrown a straight ball so I kept missing my spares.  

I'm praying for better scores next week, but I can still say I love this ball.

Ebonite isn't as bad as I thought they were after all.  My only complaint about that company now is their web site.  They need a lot of work, more photos, and more information about each ball.  They're a little weak in this department when compared to other bowling companies' sites in the recent past.

Hope this information is usefull to someone.

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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Marc822 on December 03, 2006, 09:28:06 PM
I bought this ball the week it came out and boy was impressed by this ball.  The length and hook on this ball is so great its un real.  I'm averaging around 235 with this ball and have shot 299 with an 822.  I like this ball so much i have two
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: midnightride42 on December 06, 2006, 08:32:14 AM
Just got the ball drilled up yesterday before league night.  The pin is above fingers (centered).  I told the pro shop person to drill the ball to be strong and angular.  I kept the box finish to start of with.  First game I shot a 164 or so.  I had to find the spot to release the ball so it will hook just right.  I have decent revs and throw anywhere between 14-17mph.  Second game 220+ and third game I started off with throwing 7X in a row and ended with a 244. Should have shot a lot higher that game.  what really made the ball hook for me was to tuck the pinky finger and release it over the center arrow and then having it swing out to the 2 arrow.  I kept the ball speed at about 15mph and it came back hooking hard.  The pin action is just outstanding,pins go flying.  I had a few shots where I wasn't even close to the pocket yet still ended up with a strike cause of the raw power.  This was my first Ebonite ball, so far I love this ball, granted I have only used it 3 games, but so far anyother ball I have owned and thrown I have never bowled as well or have it roll as well the first 3 games like the angular one.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: midnightride42 on December 13, 2006, 08:55:21 AM
Second week of owning the ball, after having 2 bad games cause I couldn't find the line to throw (my fault), the third game ended with throwing 9X in a row.  

Like mentioned before, the ball has great pin action and if thrown correctly it does have a great snap.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Greatness on December 13, 2006, 04:17:18 PM
Pin above fingers, mass bias 1" right of thumb.  15 pound ball, 2-3" pin, bowling on wood lanes at a house with a crappy oiling machine.  Sometimes there is heavy oil, some times its medium, sometimes the backend are stripped well, sometimes they aren't stripped at all.  So i have a lot of different possibilities on league night.

This ball is an animal but at the same time very workable.  Ball hooks a lot of boards, has a lot of backend, and has strong carry percentage and the different shots i can play with it is endless.

In my opinion the best ball on the market.

Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: fozzybates52 on December 14, 2006, 10:28:55 AM
This is the ball that should have came out before the infinite one. Right off the bat my first series was a 662.  Took me a little bit to get use to the handling of the ball.  

THe ball has a great snap at the end. It is also holds very nice.  Chalk one up again for Ebonite. This and the Big One both great products.

Infinite one wasn't to fond of.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Bob Hanson on December 15, 2006, 10:25:25 PM
I drilled out the Angular after having very good luck with my Infinite One ( first Ebonite ball I liked ever ).  I set this ball up similar to the Infinite One, pin above the fingers, 5.5 inches to PAP, mass bias 3 inches from PAP in thumb quadrant.  Out of the box this ball had a lot of over under, even on a broken down house shot that played inside 15 board.  Just a touch with the 1000 grit Abralon helped, but putting 10-15 games on it was the best break in.  This ball is certainly angular at the break point, but it is still a rolly ball.  In a tourney last week I had a great shot to the hole with my Vapor Zone, but couldn't carry with the heavy handed guys.  Finally switched to the Angular and got a better reaction.  

Infinite and Angular are both good balls that really compliment each other.  Infinite is much cleaner through the heads than you would think, and the Angular is stronger ( after a few games break in ) than you would think of a shiny pearl.  If the shells on these hold up, the balls will be right up there with the best of my Brunsick arsenal
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: todder on December 19, 2006, 12:24:50 PM
Drilled pin under ring, mass bias 1 inch right and 2 inches down from thumb hole, weight hole on my PAP.  

I got this ball as an early christmas present so i could use it in a tournament that we just had. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  Through 10 games of qualifying i used the Angular all 10 games, i was high qualifyer with a 233 average including averaging 247 for games 6-10 with a 768 series thrown in there.  

This ball is STRONG.  BUT, holds line to the pocket SO well. Its angular, but still rolly.  Unlike any reaction ive ever gotten out of a ball, which is good because thats what i was looking for.  

Through the first 5 games i was fighting some over under, playing 10-5, scored well, 219 average, but i was still a bit disappointed in the reaction. It hooked a ton, but that wasnt exactly what i was looking for at that point (probably should have pulled out another ball or moved left, but in the house we were bowling in the inside line's carry really suffers, plus i wanted to use my new angular one!! duh! lol) BUT WOW, second 5 games on a little carrydown is where i got the BEST reaction out of the ball.  Moved left to 3rd arrow out to 7 and KILLED the shot. Averaged 247.  I was so suprised at the energy it retained downlane, because i thought with this strong of a coverstock it would roll out.  

Compared to the One, it is about the same length for me, but goes off the spot harder.  I can forsee myself pulling out the One when the Angular One is rolling out or just too much ball.

This ball is for people who want a VERY strong ball that does not move too early. For me it is best for medium oil, and carrydown.  I havent used it on a sport shot yet but ill let you know how it behaves.      
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Motogp69 on December 22, 2006, 11:52:58 PM
My Angular One is drilled with the recommended drilling with the pin located above and inbetween the fingers.

To this point I've used this ball on wood lanes and am quite impressed with it's length and recovery. The ball gets down the lane with ease, but when it gets to the break point it really makes a strong move. To this point the strongest ball in my bag was a Track Rule GP2 and this ball covers at least 3 boards more.

As a rough idea I'm almost a cranker and I stand about 33 playing my break point out to about the 5 board, and it makes it back quite easily on a fresh pattern.

I have yet to try this ball on a heavy volume shot but will post once I encounter one, but at this point I am quiet impressed with this ball.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Wadney on December 24, 2006, 07:03:48 PM
I used the number 1 layout with this ball and had a great reaction.With the Angular One I was able to open the lane up and take full advantage of the ball. The Angular One reads the lane better than most other Ebonite Balls. It actually rolls cleaner than any other ball that I have tested to date. It maintained a strong motion to the pocket. The carry factor was better than expected as it made a higher entry angle. The ball has a great snap at the end. The Angular One clears the front end very easily with the 4000 grit Abralon and Powerhouse Factory Finish surface.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: 7 SPLIT 10 on January 01, 2007, 05:03:38 PM
Meh, just had to get the number 1 ball on the market right now and try it out for myself.  Had this punched up pattern #1 long and strong, and taken down to 2000 polished.  

First time out:  WHoops!  I immediately took this back to 4000 polished.  The core and coverstock of this ball is mad strong.  I usually play about the second arrow at most of the houses in my area, but this ball forces me to shoot the third arrow.  Amazing recovery, I've never seen a ball come back harder.  The only problem is, sometimes in comes back too hard and will leave 9 pins.  Another problem with this ball is the tendency to overthrow it due to the big turn it takes at the end.  This one is really ANGULAR.  If you bowl on HEAVY oil, this is YOUR BALL.  Leave it in the bag on medium/dry though.  Amazingly, the ball is pretty controllable when shooting spares, even though it has tremendous hook potential.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: cpd2204 on January 19, 2007, 05:14:56 PM
This is by far the best ball Ebonite has come out with.  In the first month I threw 2 300's in different houses with different oil patterns.  It has great recovery from the outside, the only negative thing to say about this ball is by the 3rd game I have to put it away, it hook's like crazy.  I can't wait until the new line of balls comeout next month (NV), since the Angular One was the last of the one series.  I'm buying one as soon as they are released and I'll let you all know how it is, good luck bowling and keep up the great work ebonite.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: BWI on January 25, 2007, 01:05:48 AM
it does just what it says it will... its a very angular ball motion.  As long as you stay away from really long oil you will see a lot of use for this ball
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: catnaper2 on January 25, 2007, 03:38:25 PM
I just got mine last night. I don't have the hand I once did and bought a 14lb version to see if this might help some. I'm more of a stroker with about 15-17 mph, about 14 to 16 revs, a high track, and a 210+ avg. I had it drilled with the PIN just above and 3/4 inch to the right of my ring finger. The BOMB is below and 3 inches right of my thumb. It did require a weight hole near my PAP, but below the thumb. The ball still has the 4000 factory finish. My driller was concerned that a more aggressive drilling may want to track over the holes with my normal release. I tossed a few games last night at River City after their league was over. The shot was playable but starting to break down with some carry down. After trying several different areas of the lane, I found I could play a range of lines and still get back to the pocket. Depending on my hand position, I found my best carry to be from 17/18 (at the arrows) sending it out to about 8/9 with some turn and it would make a strong move to the pocket. I could also toss it very 'end over end' straight down the boards about 9 with a nice strong finish on the very end (Walter Ray would've been proud!). What I could NOT do was get it out too early (to 6/7). I found that would cause it to go nuts! I also tossed a few shots with my Fear Factor to compare reactions, and the Fear Factor hooked considerably earlier but covered a couple less total boards, unless I got it out too early. I think even plastic would've been scary on that part of the lane last night! I also didn't take a spare ball with me and the Angular had no problem at all shooting spares, including 10 pins. I just opened my hand with my thumb at about 1:30 and dumped it and it was very controllable and quite straight. Based on this, I may not take a spare ball to nationals which will make room for another first ball option. I was VERY impressed with the way the Angular hits, especially for a 14lb ball. Although it may not carry quite as well from deep inside (4th arrow or more), I believe the versatility will allow me to straighten the shot out some and eliminate the need to be so deep.

Overall, I believe for all of us 'tweeners and strokers', this ball will be a big plus to have in our bag.

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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: bko722 on January 28, 2007, 11:32:10 AM
I've had this ball for 2 weeks and had it drilled using drill pattern #3 early and strong. I like to stand 20-25 and swing the ball to 13-10, I was unable to do that with this ball, I just could'nt get to the pocket with any drive. But I did discover that if I stand 7 and shoot straight up the board this ball will find the pocket in a snowstorm, the hit and carry with this ball is incredible,
with only 10 gms with this ball I shot 279 twice a 277,275 and 3 269's on different days and different houses. I have all the Ebonite One Series of Ball's and they truly give me a range of different shots and angles to accommedate any shot I come across, I'm 197 ave bowler and bowl in 4 leagues per week The Angular One is a MUST HAVE!
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Bigmike on January 28, 2007, 05:59:10 PM
See stats for profile.

Lay Out: 5.75" from PAP(over middle finger), 45deg bomb angle. 7/8" Wt hole even with fingers, 1" up VAL and 2" deep so as not to hit the core.

Surface: Box

Purpose: To give myself a ball that I could step down to when my Total Inferno is too quick off the point. I thought by laying out a strong ball with a weaker layout, it would separate these two balls that I feel are really close reaction wise.

Observations: This ball gets thru the heads with ease and makes a nice motion on the backend towards the pocket. Compared to my Total Inferno, this Angular can be a 4/2 move back right weaker when I play inside. Going away from the pocket, the Total just gets a better piece of the pins carrywise. On the outside, this ball can out backend my Total and hit harder than it. This is when I am going really parallel up the boards. I think this is because this Angular and layout are not reading the friction as early as the Total and conserving some energy for the backends at that angle.

Final thoughts:With the box surface and layout, the Angular is close to the middle of my arsenal. It is definitly stronger than my Red Zone and pushes thru the fronts easier than my Wizard. I see this ball with the lay out I have on it being at it's best when the pattern is in the 38-41' range with tweaks in release or surface texture to control the skid. I can see why the masses are in love with the ball. It definitly makes a cracking noise when you hit dead flush in the pocket.
Mike Craig-Columbus, OH
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Brandon2369 on February 20, 2007, 09:27:33 AM
Im a stroker, 16-18 mph, pin next to ring/slightly under.  
First of I think Im falling in love with this ball. First time using is soley for the whole game I shot a 238, and for me thats real good.  My average is about a 162 so that was very refreshing.  This ball is very smooth through the heads.  Its a very predictable ball.  The recovery and angularity towards the pocket is remarkable!  You can play this ball many different ways, straight up or swinging it way out.  You can also afford to miss your mark with this amazing ball, it always finds its way to the hole!~  Another great aspect of it was the carry of the pins!~ Just simply amazing.  I got tremendous mix with the Angular One!  I would definately recommend this ball to anyone.  This is my first ebonite ball and Im really impressed with it!
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Pineater on March 05, 2007, 05:55:31 PM
This ball is AMAZING  i was averaging 157 in my league with the NO Mercy and i bought the Angular one and i am currently averging 210  over 3-4 weeks ! i shot all my high games with this ball  previously it was 235 and in a matter of three weeks i bowled a 242,247,278,264  . I LOVE this ball . In my mind this is the best ball on the market . if u like the angular one then keep it dont try no mercy . its hooks to early . ANGULAR ONE = #! BALL ON MARKET THANX EBONTIE
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: bowler199 on March 13, 2007, 11:09:30 PM
I just traded a paradigm to a friend for an angular one Ive thrown it for 4 games and Im averaging 250+ with a 300 last night. The ball hits like a freight train. It gets through the heads the takes a hard turn to the pocket. I havent thrown Ebonite in a long time, but now im getting a total nv and a sr300.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: pocketsmasher on March 24, 2007, 04:32:01 AM
i had this ball punched up for me a couple of days ago and did not know what to really expect.  i have a total NV that i am really happy with but my driller recommended this ball as a possible "first out of the bag" ball, since the total NV was drilled with an aggressive skid flip layout.

the 15# angular one (1-2" pin) was drilled with the pin slightly under the bridge with the MB at about a 45 deg angle (i think).  this ball really opens the lane up for me and gives me a great look downlane.

i sub'd tonight for a buddy and shot my first 700-series (202, 269, 239) with it.  the 1st game was the hardest because of the freshly oiled lanes.  i mean, the machine was still working the lanes as we all arrived.  i was forced to throw between the 8 and 10, which i am not accustomed to but still managed to get it into the pocket.  the only problem was i left a bunch of corner pins.  thankfully, i was able to convert.  once the second game started, the oil started to subside, except for a little carrydown.  i adjusted to my left and threw across the middle arrow and it would roll real nicely into the pocket.  the third game was much more like the 2nd, but started to dry out towards the middle.  got into slight trouble with 2 splits but managed to finish decent.

i can't say much more except this is a fantastic ball and a definite keeper and warm welcomed addition to my existing arsenal.

thanks roger!

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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: K2PBA12x on May 20, 2007, 07:05:30 PM
I got the Angular One about 6 months ago because I was in need of something to cut through heavier oil.  I got it drilled to have maximum hook and as much backend reaction as possible.  The ball does make a pretty wicked move to the pocket through the soup, but can be a bit unpredictable when it comes to its' move.  I just started a PBA oil pattern league and struggled greatly the first week, but that could be the fact that I had never bowled on the Scorpion pattern before, and didn't find a shot until the third game.  Overall, I think this ball is as advertised and I hope it doesn't die after 60 games like a few people have told me it would.  9 out of 10.
Kevin Krieger
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Lefty210 on May 25, 2007, 08:36:48 PM
One of the biggest pearls to date, that I have thrown. It was odd to see a pearl that warranted the oil instead of the friction. It definitely responds and carries better when there is oil opposed to broken down conditions. The hit is unbelieveable and its recovery is remarkable. The pin is above the ring finger, the cg slightly to the right, and the mass bass swung to the left. This is what causes the strong arc on the backend. I give the ball a 10 out of 10. Job well done ebonite.
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: kens101 on July 11, 2007, 10:44:28 PM
Here is my first review so be gentle. I purchased The Angular One about 6 months ago.

Ball Stats:
15 LBS
2.5 inch Pin
2.7 oz top weight

Layout: I don't know much about drilling patterns (that is what the Pro Shop Guy I use is for). The pin is to the upper right of my ring finger.

avg speed around 18 mph
average revs (not cranker but can get ball to turn)
190 avg

I pretty much face a medium to medium heavy THS modified shot (flooded middle with dry outsides)

The reason I purchased this ball was to start to replace the Big One out of my bag. I really liked the Big One and had a decent amount of success, but the Big One cover was pretty much KIA after about 150 games.

The first 10 weeks (about 30 games with the Angular One), this ball was truly Angular. I threw it at about 12 going to between 5 and 7 and it would just make a left turn and kill the pocket. It does need head oil or it will burn out and arrive DOA.

However after the 30 game mark, I noticed that it became really finicky with the conditions. Unless it was a 100% fresh shot, I was dealing with a lot of over/under issues. It would either slide past the break point and miss to the right of the pocket, or it would on about the same shot break so hard that it would miss the Brooklyn pocket. I had it resurfaced back to OOB condition and it became an all or nothing type of ball. If you did not hit the pocket flush, it would not leave anything nice ( I actually at one time was staring down a 5-7-10 split on a soft pocket hit while other bowlers had to take pictures of the leave).The last game that I bowled with it was on a fresh shot and I had 2 pocket 7-10 splits and 3 8-10 splits within the first 8 frames. The anchor on the other team (which has a 220 avg) said that the ball looked dead when it hit the pocket and to put it away and go to something else. He was using the Total NV that night and shot a 700 series.

This ball does what Ebonite says it will do. It is truly angular and is a decent ball for medium to heavy oil conditions (depending on revs and drilling pattern).
Dislikes: The coverstocks on this line of balls just don't seem to last (it cant be the cores). After the first 30 games, this ball just no longer matched up to me.
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: NicholasE on July 16, 2007, 02:53:35 AM
Well I have had this ball for a couple of weeks and have put around 60 games on it and its not as great as it sounded. I have mine drilled to go long and make a big move on the backend....well it doesn't do that inless the backends are clean and not a lot of carry down.

The first night I used it was on some lanes that had 3 games of league and that was all. I threw it down the right side about at the 2nd or 3rd board and it bearly made it back. Played that way for about 4-5 games then it finally decided to hook once the lane was about fried.

I really expected a more angular move on the backend and to out angle my Action Max (which it don't). This ball doesn't start hooking till the lanes really burn out on the edge. Now once it does that I have to play in the left gutter tosing out to boards 2 and 3 to get it in the pocket, but on heavy oil so such luck.

The one thing that I do happen to love is the hitting power out of this thing. My goodness, it sounds like a freight train slamming into the pins! Even though its not as angular as I would like it will destroy the pins but don't look for alot of pin action because this ball just sweeps the pins off the deck.

I'd give this ball about a 6 out of 10 mostly for hitting power.
I'm going to try a different layout or change up the cover stock to
see if I can get any different reactions from this ball and will
let everyone know how that works out!

Nicholas E
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: freak761 on July 23, 2007, 03:52:04 PM
SPECS 14LB 4OZ, 3" PIN, 3.50 OZ TOP

My first Ebonite ball since the Apex Adrenaline. Decided to try out some Ebonite balls since they bought Track.

WHAT A BALL!!! Angular as advertised, a lot stronger than I thought it would be, and it hits as hard as anything I've ever thrown with the exception of the Robo Rule and Machine. Tossed a 690 with it right out of the box. Over 150 games now and no loss of reaction whatsoever.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: brunswick93 on August 02, 2007, 07:08:47 PM

-----O O
-------- CG
--MB O
 This ball is an X-OUT. The Pin and the CG are where they are supposed to be, but the Mass Bias is almost on the other side of the ball. The ball still works like its supposed to, it's just not a 1st made ball. This ball works on any oil pattern there is. I bowl in a PBA EXPIERENCE LEAGUE when they use the patterns the pros use. I am more of a Tweener than a Stroker. On the CHEETAH pattern ( 35 ft of oil), this ball hooks a whole bunch, but when it hits the pocket, it hits like a train. Now on the SHARK pattern ( 45 ft of oil), this ball still hooks and hits like a train. I would say that this ball is a universal ball because it works on any pattern there is. If you are having trouble bowling with different balls on different patterns, I would suggest to buy an EBONITE ANGULAR ONE. Ebonite products last and they always work.

---------------------MY EBONITE SR300 & ANGULAR ONE,
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Zack Pelton300 on December 07, 2007, 12:07:22 PM
Name: Angular One
Weight: 15
Top: 3 3/4 oz
Pin: 2 2 1/2
Drill Pattern

All I can say about this ball is wow. Clean through the front part of the lane. Dry boards are this balls friend. The only knock I have on this ball is because sometimes it checks up early on shorter patterns. But with such a high top, and pin below that is expected. I have bowled with it on Three PBA Patterns. First Pattern was the viper. This ball worked well getting deep and playing the track area. More of a transition ball for this pattern. The Chameleon aloud me to play straight up the track, but this ball was a little squirty for me. This ball worked okay on the Scorpion. Played okay up the track, but it was squirty. Moved outside to the five board and it worked like bread and butter after I opened it up with the gamebreaker

Very good second shift ball
Leaves some nine pins
Zack Pelton
Olathe, Kansas
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: JessN16 on January 04, 2008, 08:48:43 PM
* 15-lb ball drilled 4.5 x 4.5
* Surface prepped to 4000 Abralon plus polish

Bought this ball with the idea of drilling it 5.5 x 5 but something got messed up in the communication between the driller and me. I was hoping to get this ball and drill it very tame in order to combat super-dry lane conditions I'd been seeing at times in my home house.

As it is, the ball is too aggressive for ultra-dry conditions, but the drill it has (and mostly, the surface prep) still allow it to play on fairly dry shots.

With a name like "Angular One," you would expect the hockey-stick hook shape but it's more of a strong, deliberate move off the end with a powerful arc. I'm sure in another bowler's hand you could make it truly angular, but for me it's a little stronger than advertised at the midlane and moves quicker than I expected.

Control, however, is quite good. Control tends to be an issue for me with pearls, especially with long drills, but this ball is an exception unless I just tug the heck out of it and get it into the heavy stuff. The ball recovers well without jerking and offers good control at the breakpoint.

Because of that, it inspires confidence where other pearls do not. While it is still too strong for the application I bought it for, it does fill a niche for me because of its controllability off the dry. No complaints about the carry; no mystery 10-pins or flat leaves.

Good product by Ebonite and that's coming from someone who doesn't throw much Ebonite.

Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: whit22 on February 16, 2008, 11:06:15 AM
This ball is great! I got one last year when it came out and I loved it.  It is good for medium condition lanes, I usually go to this ball after the lanes break down.  I like this ball so much I drilled a new one this year just to have a fresh cover on it.  This ball would probably do good on any house condition with medium oil.  I've thrown it on a number of sport shots and have been very pleased with it too.  I recommend this ball very highly.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: RotoPop on August 08, 2008, 11:48:33 AM
First off, let me say I am more a Storm/Roto Grip kind of guy. I throw in the occasional Morich ball and have had a lot of success. I picked up an Angular One on a whim one day at my local proshop and had it drilled pin under with CG kicked out to the right.

This ball is EXACTLY as advertised. Terrific length but once it reads dry, this thing becomes a monster. I throw some pretty high end equipment but this ball has outperformed everything in my bag and under multiple conditions. I have thrown everything from PBA Experience to typical house shot and have enjoyed success on them all. My average went from 200 to 220 using this ball and it has given me the confidence to try more extreme lines with success.

Bottom line, even though this is not a new entry into the field, every bowler would be better with one of these in his or her bag. It is incredibly versatile and really carries unbelieveably. I hope Ebonite comes out with a newer version of this ball but it's tough to improve on something this good. Great job Ebonite. It was my first Ebonite Ball but it won't be my last.

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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: webejr04 on September 07, 2008, 12:31:09 AM
The most Phenomenal Pearl EVER!!!!! Why did Ebonite Stop Producing this Ball?
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: PremierBowlersProShop on October 12, 2008, 12:17:14 AM
Angular One
Lane Conditions: Medium Oil
Typical Conditions: House Shot
Type of Lane: All Synthetic
What part of the lane did you play? Third Arrow
Did the ball track out? Normal
Weight of bowling ball: 15
Surface of bowling ball: Polished
Likes: Has the most angle at the breakpoint that I have ever thrown. Title says it all ANGULAR ONE!
Dislikes: Will skid to far down the lane when there's to much oil out.

Lay Out 3 3/8 X 4

Overall this is one of my favorite balls out, gets great length and has extreme angle and strong backend motion. Anytime I have a drier back end or the lanes break down I can pull this ball out of the bag and really get it to snap back. Speed dominate players will throw it past the breakpoint on any medium or heavier oil patterns, Softer ball speeds will like the length but may be to violent off the break point.

Comparing My Bag:

Black Widow Bite with the same layout gets into a roll much sooner and has a more continuous motion throughout the lane.

Black Widow Venom with the same layout gets similar length but is much much smoother at the break point. May roll half a foot sooner all together.

Pin Slasher with the same layout and has Identical cover as the Angular One but with surface (4000). Pin Slasher rolls much earlier and has a super strong motion towards pocket but still not as angular as the Angular One. Pin Slasher does hook a good 8 1o 10 Boards more overall.
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: Tony J Tarquinio on October 27, 2008, 03:24:00 AM
Greetings sportsfans,

Well, as an old timer at this wonderful game, I still marvel how I learn something new every day.  For the last twenty five years or so, I have had nothing but contempt for Ebonite products.  In fact, the popular phrase was:
"Ebonite"s bowling balls make great boat anhors".  Okay, after having thrown this dude for about six games, I am ready for my third piece of humble pie.
Two words now adequately describe this ball's performance: "Most Impressive".
I strongly recommend that if anyone can find one of these, grab it and make a
permanent part of your go to equipment.  Kudos to Ebonite.


Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: BowlNo on November 14, 2008, 01:24:22 AM
Anyone know of some 14p Angular One`s ?
Trying to find my favourite ball, but not so easy to locate a new one.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: brian wilson1980 on February 05, 2009, 06:06:27 PM
i like the way the ball makes it back from the corner. i really didnt take care of it that well, but i know if i clean it up in the dishwasher or something, it'll come back to life. on the other hand, i kinda like the ball at 4000grit. it is very strong and readable. it was my go to ball for a while now i have the Magic and a Peral One. so i guess the Angular wont get as much use unless i need some control on some tougher conditions
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: HAMMERDOWN103 on February 08, 2009, 10:40:05 AM
Sarge Easter Grips w/IT thumb. 15lb with a 4 inch pin. Placed the pin above my bridge with the mb 1.5" right of my thumb. Tried this ball at 2000 abralon as a smooth ball on medium lanes and loved it. With the addition of a few new pieces i took this ball to 4000 and factory finish and it is long with a smooth backend that doesnt jump off the dry. Not the sideways monster they advertised it as but i love the reaction i am getting from mine! Big thanks to Monty Stratton at Bowlers Depot Oceanside.
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Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: bulldogg1677 on February 07, 2010, 03:55:05 PM
Best ball I have ever owned. Great legnth and smooth arc to the pocket.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: royjak on February 08, 2010, 12:31:37 PM
i must agree with you. it made me a lot of money . too bad the ball cracked on me . i actually cried when it happen.
Title: Re: The Angular One
Post by: pbaexp12 on July 30, 2010, 06:49:23 PM
This ball is great!  did well from the beginning with it but then I started having problems with the ball rolling over a finger hole.  This ball has great shelf appeal and does have forever length.  the back end is always strong but for me it's very snappy.  Mine is drilled pin up with the cg in the palm.  
This ball works better on house shots than sport conditions, and when I get used medium oil there's no problem shooting 240's and up!!