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Title: V2 Strong
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Reactions: Early rev
Burst of energy in the midlane
Strong backend reaction
Target Line: Inside angles and the track area
Lane Conditions: Medium to heavy oil
Coverstock: Big Bang Medium Load particle resin sanded with 1000-grit Abralon
Core: Medium RG, super-high differential version of the V2 core
Differential 16 15 14 13 12
2.53 2.52 2.53 2.59 2.62
.063 .069 .074 .043 .046

Length Rating: 7.5 (scale of 1-30, early to late)
Overall Hook Rating: 29.95 (scale of 1-30, least to most)
Breakpoint Angle: 8.5 (scale of 1-10, smooth to sharp)
Color: Light Blue/Royal

Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: TTBDepot on June 19, 2003, 07:20:32 PM
I drilled one of these up about a week ago, and I have been pretty content with the reaction that I get.  I drilled it 3 3/8 by 3 3/8, and it gives me exceptionally good length and a strong move to the pocket.  I dulled the ball up with a green scotch brite pad and it rolls a little smoother at the break point.  A good ball for not a whole lot of money, I recommend this ball to bowlers who are having a tough time getting a ball to wrinkle on the heavier patterns.
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: bucky on June 20, 2003, 12:16:25 AM

I would like to give that ball a try. Maybe you can drill it with rev-leverage
AND add a few snow tire studs to the surface of the ball, 'cause without
the studs, I don't think I can get anything to hook.
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: Psychoballtester on July 03, 2003, 08:02:17 PM
I just got this yesterday in the mail.
Ok,anyways my setup on this ball is a 1/2" inch below the "yellow"dot(the pin)with the two fingers and thumb holes STRAIGHT down.This to me looks like to me a "High RG strong roll".I wanted Rev Leverage,but the pro shop kid says it wasn't possible,but the booklet explains it,oh,well.Anyways he already told me with this set up your V2 will hook no matter what set up was there.Later that day,it was time ta test it!that night Sport shot night.Hmmmm,for a ball that wasn't Rev Levaraged it works pretty good!It has a VERY NICE "out and in" kinda roll.As long as you throw it out NO farther than the second arrow,at least for this house I bowl in.So far my high game on this ball is a "193" and my low a "137"yayayaya,I know all you B-Ball review regulars will get a real good laugh,its COOL!Hey!Uhhhh,"sport shots" are kinda tricky.The only thing a little bad is when the lanes dry up or you miss your
mark and BYE BYE headpin or Hello gutter or 6,9,10 pins!!You will NEVER see a headpin for sure.It goes RIGHT by,man,but thats OK,I little more control
pratice is all I need!!!Overall rating "A",its a really good ball!!!It
deserves this grade cause I still wanna test it on a NON sports shot and I'm
SATISFIED with it,the dry hooking stuff is easy to solve,USE another BALL.I just have a LOTTA fun testing B-balls,I will DO my best to give my honest review.I know before I became a member,I was reading some other Rv's.Since then
I bought 8 or more B-balls based on reviews.

Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: Jim Lewis on July 09, 2003, 02:56:28 AM
The Vortex 2 Strong by Ebonite elevates the Vortex series into the Heavy oil category with ease. I have drilled 2 V2 Strong’s each with the pin at 5 inches below the fingers. One has the Cg at 5 inches with no balance hole and the other has the Cg at 3 ½ inches with a rev-leverage type layout with the balance hole on the VAL 3 inches below the PAP. The V2 Strong with no balance hole has been shined with particle polish and the other V2 Strong is in box condition. The starting pin position was 2 inches out for the label drill and 3 inches out for the second layout. The starting top weight was 2 ½ ounces for the first ball and 3 ounces for the second layout.
I have noticed the roll of the V2 Strong starts revving up a tad bit later visually than the earlier V2’s but once this ball starts rolling it is strong and wow does it flare. I have a V2 Particle with the same label layout and polished surface and it just does not roll as well through oil as the new V2 Strong.
The Vortex 2 Strong could be a solution for anyone with a need for a high flaring heavy oil piece with a price tag that fits just under most other top-flight particle balls.

Jim Lewis
Ebonite PBA Regional Staff
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: SuperNuker300 on July 19, 2003, 04:17:50 PM
I've got my V2 Strong drilled with the pin below my ring finger and the CG moved below the pin and to the right about an inch.  I also used Particle Polish before I drilled it because I felt the factory surface was too much for 99% of the conditions I face.  This particular ball compares somewhere between my Aggression (stronger) and a standard V2 (weaker) with similar layouts.  If left in box condition, I'm sure most will find it a monster in oil.  It seems to hit a little harder than my V2 - probably because the particles keep it on line through the pin deck.  I can see myself using this ball when there is a 37 to 41 foot length pattern or if I want to boom the lane when there's dry to the right.  Overall I think this will be a top seller for Ebonite for a long while.
-Ray Edwards
Ebonite Regional Staff
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: brainfish2 on July 21, 2003, 01:35:40 AM
I drilled this Rev-Leverage according to Ebonite's specs. I have a low track (spinner) and I wanted something for the Junior Gold tournament that I thought I was going to need for the long shot. The long shot failed to materialize (AMF Strike & Spare was a flattish shot that quickly developed into a very scorable reverse block), but the V2 gave a very nice reaction. With my release, the ball got length, began to arc midlane, the finished exceptionally strong (this from a ball that was supposed to be early roll with a controlled backend). Also, my low track necessitated a weight hole beneath and to the left of the thumb hole to get rid of thumb weight (this is legal). The V2 was a little too strong (go figure) for the Sport shot, but on Gary Beck's house shot tournament, it gave absolutely wonderful reaction. This is a great ball for lower track players looking for a stronger piece.
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: TruckFreak69 on August 20, 2003, 01:36:39 AM
Have only bowled about 16 games with it thus far, and have had a little trouble getting it to feel right in my hand, but I shot 721 the other night and that was throwing it fairly inconsistently, it is very forgiving if you miss right, because it comes back strong, but if you pull it it tends to go through the beak.  It carries the world, at least in comparison with my last new balls (a colossus and extreme chaos) so yes, I haven't really bowled with any new balls in a while so that may be the reason i found this ball's hitting power so exceptional.
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: Mr Old School on August 23, 2003, 12:34:39 AM
aLL I CAN SAY IS WOW If you like the V2 particle, You'll love the strong. I never thought that I could throw a medium Rg ball, but this one changed my mind.
This ball will masks many mistakes made by the bowler! I wished ebonite would haved came out with this ball at the ABC when I competed.

Thanks ebonite
I'll post another review when league starts!

Mr. Old School
If you can't swing it, Your probally throwing brunswick!
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: PikevilleBwl on August 27, 2003, 09:29:07 PM
I have just gotten all new equipment for the next few years and this was a ball that picked up. I bought this ball for the US Amatuer in January. This ball has the pin right about the fingers and the CG is kicked out a 1/4 of a inch to the right. I threw this ball and I love the nice arc the ball gets when it hits the back end. I can't wait till the Amatuer I am going to love to throw this ball when I need it. If you are looking for a good ball that will have som arc this is the ball.
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: Danno70 on August 28, 2003, 07:49:59 PM
This ball is absolutely an amazing piece of equipment.  I had mine drilled yesterday and in my first practice session with it I bowled a 675 set (267,208,200).  Keep in mind it was my first time throwing the ball and I am probably about a 180 average bowler.  The most impressive aspect of the balls performance is, it is nearly impossible to miss left (I am a lefty).  When I missed my mark left it just hit the dry, flipped on the turn signal and smashed the pocket like a ton of bricks.  After opening in the first frame I threw 8 or 9 strikes in a row.  To be honest the V2 Strong masked so many mistakes it felt like I was cheating by using it.  I am switching over from a Vortex 2 Pearl which I was also very impressed with but I wanted something that would give me a more violent and angular entry into the pocket.  Impressing me even more was on two shots the ball got caught on my thumb and I lofted it half way down in the air, and it still carried.  AMAZING!.  If you are a bowler looking for more hook or carry this is THE BALL for you.  Get one drilled and prepare to unleash the fury of hell upon your league.
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: TimPenner on August 29, 2003, 11:12:10 AM
One of the best long oil pattern balls I've used in a long time.  I have used this ball from time to time and it has rolled up in the correct spot where other balls seemingly go through the breakpoint.  I drilled this one to complement one of my favorite solid V2's with the pin above the bridge and the CG kicked out an inch with a 1" x 1" weight hole.  One of the most versatile drillings in the most versatile ball ever made makes this ball a powerhouse on patterns where it is easy to throw it through the breakpoint.

Strengths -- Oil, plain and simple, either heavy up front or long down the lane, this ball will hook where you need it to.  Drilling the correct layout for the type of pattern you want it for is very important.

Weaknesses -- Dry heads.  When the heads go, this ball will start to hit weaker, using all of its energy early.  Be careful, you may need to switch to a solid V2 or something similar in the Ebonite line.

Tim Penner
Southwest Regional Staff
Wichita, KS
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: Jace Peterson on August 31, 2003, 05:40:13 PM
I drilled the V2 strong 4" pin 1/2" above ring finger height, cg 2 1/2" from PAP, weight hole on VAL 1 1/2" down from PAP.
 I wanted to use this in box condition. Well it took awhile to find enough oil for the V2 strong, but when I did this ball was powerful. The V2 strong hooks earlier than any ball I have with big backends. If you do not have enough oil in the midlane for this ball it will let you know. It will hook and stop.
 This is a heavy oil ball in box condition unless you have major speed, if you do, you will be able to see the heavy side of medium. For myself (my speed is on the soft side) it will be a trip or two to the ball spinner. Remember the ball surface is the most important part of matching up. I do not see heavy oil very much, and the V2 strong is to good for me not to use. So match up and then

Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: omegabowler on September 22, 2003, 12:12:06 PM
Right handed.
Above avg speed and above ave revs for a stroker. been described as Stroker with Hand.
Slightly inverted High Ball track.

axis rotation: 50-90
axis tilt: 15-30
PAP 5.5" over, 1/4" down.

V2 Strong
3” pin
2.8oz top
Pin in ring finger . cg kicked out ½” on midline. No wt holes
3- 6” of track flare
Lane conditions:
House #1: 38’ THS. Very wet/dry. 1/3rd synthetics
House #2 38’ heavy oil fresh to well used. Practice house. 1/3rd synthetics
House #3 THS. Wood lanes

I would have never thought to use a V2 strong on a house shot. But thanks to the Ebonite Demo Days I had a chance to throw this ball, and 7 others,  for 5 squads. Yes it was a long day. I had the chance to throw this ball from fresh to carry down and burnt tracks.

I purchased the ball midway through and signed up for more squads. I would like to personally thank the Ebonite team for all their help and lane play tips with this ball.They help me setup the proper drilling for my specs.

This ball is easy to read but hard to put down.  I find this ball is easy to read visually with the colors they have used. You can really see when the ball turns the corner. That is the key with this ball, when it turns the corner it revs up. When you see the ball losing revs on the backend you have to move to get more oil or put it up.
The carry is excellent. I seam to kick out more corners than other guys on my league. That includes pure strokers and cankers and everyone in between. I find my self using this ball a little beyond what it is was designed for. I will still play a stroker line with it and pick up more speed and more tilt to get it through the heads. I could move deeper or change balls but It still carries well.

The ball is very versatile for a particle but it maybe too strong for second shift leagues. But on a heavy wet/dry I can use it for all three games as they house tends to transition quickly. the ball will get decent length and nice continuation through the backend.

an easy choice to add to the bag if you have a wet/dry with some oil.

Just an observation as I watched some high revs guys throw the ball in some later squads. the ball had a very early midlane read. so crankers and high revs guys with OOB finish may not like it on anything but a long oil pattern with plenty of oil. but for normal rev Bowlers it is awesome.

I polished this ball with the ebonite extender polish. It's awesome on the 3rd thru 5 games when the bearkdown from normal play. it still need's some head oil somewhere but it gets great length and is still angular enough to comeback. it dosen't jump like a reactive. so if you getting some over/under with reactives try a polished V2 strong.

"deserves got nothing to do with it."
-- William Munny
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: DonSVO on October 12, 2003, 06:02:46 PM
i am a tweener lefty, it is a 14 lb. ball, the ball has 2 3/4 top weight, drilled leverage...

when the ball hits the pocket cleanly, it BLOWS up. but for me, it seems as if there is a narrow margin of error when throwing this one. if it is a board shallow, i leave 5 and 10. i have BURIED the ball and left a solid 7 pin... repeatedly. i bowl in medium-oily conditions, and the ball will break solidly for the pocket as long as i avoid the dry ends *10-10 block oiling pattern*. if i go outside the block, and swing over the dry 7 or 6 board, it will snap hard and brooklyn without fail.

i have used the ball for only 3 games, so i will follow up in a couple weeks after i get a few league plays under my belt...
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: miketucker on October 20, 2003, 10:05:00 PM
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: MarkJohnson on October 24, 2003, 02:16:57 PM
I have my V2 Strong drilled with a 4 X 4 layout, probably my favorite layout. This ball says it all in its name. It is strong. Since I do not see a lot of oil, I polished mine with particle polish. This ball revs early and just keep hooking with tremendous hitting power, probably harder than anything I own.  You will need the oil to get the ball down the lane in box finish, otherwise you must polish it or you will see the ball hook and stop.  

This is an excellent addition to the Vortex line, a ball for the heavier oil conditions or longer oil pattens at a price that is below the top of the line particles. Thanks Ebonite.
Bowl to Win

Mark Johnson
Ebonite Regional Staff
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: White_Trash_Ball_Driller on November 03, 2003, 03:19:55 PM
First, this is a another great ball by Ebonite.  I needed a ball with some surface, and I liked the original V2, so I decided to drill the V2 strong.

Drilling: Stacked leverage, 2" Pin next to fingers, and CG kicked out almost 2".  Balance hole will be near the PAP when I decide to put it in. LOL

The ball tended to arc more than what I wanted, but that can be adjusted with polish and release.  I don't want to be one of the league bowling idiots that post their scores, but I shot 794 (278,238,278) with it and 730 the first two weeks after drililng it.  This ball is almost too aggressive early to be the benchmark ball, but it works for me. Decent carrying ball for my style and the illegal wall I bowl on.

To put this review in perspective, I need to give you an idea of my style:
I don't hook it a tremendous amount.  The CATS system measured my average entry angle at about 7 degrees (OK, OK it was only one shot at 7 degrees, average 5.6 degrees), speed 17-18 MPH, initial rev rate ~400 RPM, and I pretty much come up the back of the ball more or less. I would consider myself a power stroker???

Added weight hole near PAP, gave me a little more static finger weight.  Helped the ball go farther to avoid flattening out (due to excess side weight and existing thumb weight).  Still a great ball!
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: FrankieStrikes300 on January 12, 2004, 12:59:51 PM

  Let me start by saying this ball is great. I had the guy in the pro shop drill this ball to go the maximum hook, this ball snaps hard in the backend I played the ball on a freshly oiled lane, now I throw with alot of speed and a ton revs I threw the ball over the 15 board out to about the 5 board the ball came back and crushed the pocket after that I threw my cherry bomb the same exact way it came up way light(NOTE: my cherry bomb is now a $250 spare ball).
Now I moved to a dryer lane i threw the ball over 25 board out to the 10 board once again the ball came back crushing the pocket.

Great job EBONITE

Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: DonSVO on January 12, 2004, 08:51:18 PM
ok, update to my original review...

the ball has worked out rather well. its ability to hook has allowed me to play some lines i never thought i would be able to attack. being left-handed, i will just say what i play in righty terms.

the ball has no issues with swinging out to the 4 or 5 board, from the 15 board, bowling it out from the 23. the hook isn't snappy, but more like a tightening curve that just decimates the pocket. i bowl this ball particularly in a rather 'wet' house, and as soon as it clears the heads and midlane, the clean backend wakes it up. sadly tho, it will STILL leave solid 7 pins. arrgh! i can USUALLY correct it with a one board/back up 6 inches adjustment, but its unnerving when you are polishing up a great line to get left like that after a fat string of strikes.

i bowled my first two 600s with this ball *i have been bowling 7ish months now*, and it sees alot of lane time. 8 out of 10.
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: FrogArm on February 15, 2004, 05:29:05 PM
My V2 Strong is: Pin out 3 1/2  2 inches right of ring finger CG 2 inches directly below ring. Medium speed/revs RH. I must say I LOVE this ball. Too much ball for dry conditions, but on the right shot, this is a monster. Surface is box-stock. Should have a PrimeTime and a V2 Clean drilled in a few days. Everyball I use is Ebonite
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: eBinks on March 17, 2004, 12:19:42 AM
I recently bought a V2 Strong to use on a medium to heavy oil pattern.  It was drilled pin under the ring and mb in the strong position.  Threw some practice games on a med-light shot and just couldn't get a consistent roll, then I got to league and found myself amazed.  On medium-heavy block I busted out of the gate with 279, and 278 (3rd game=182 series=739, heads burnt up on me).  This ball truly works on a heavier pattern!
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Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: Tenpinrufer on March 20, 2004, 03:21:06 AM
I am a right handed tweener. Medium revs. 15 to 17 mph. PAP 5-1/2". Weight balance hole. Box condition. Once in a while companies come out with a ball that can't miss. On a typical Christmas tree house pattern, step up to the line, close your eyes, throw the ball right and sit down with a big X in the box. I very good to excellent hooking ball that made bowling look easy. Depending on how much hand you have, just move right or left. A very managable heavy hooking ball. The only drawback to this ball is if the lanes toast out, put it away for something shiny and longer. When the ball hits, it sounds like a dud, but there are ten pins in the pit. I assume the soft material used causes this dull sound. The only major drawback, just like all of these softer material huge hooking balls is 70 to ninety games and the ball is dead. I have since retired mine, but I give this ball an excellent rating. For a big hooking ball, I give it a 9 1/2!!!

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Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: ehbowl300 on April 08, 2004, 02:39:58 AM
This ball was a major dissapointment for me it was the biggest piece i ever had i had the ball drilled to all out hook but the ball didnt compliment my game very well i was very dissapointed with the ball....
Mitta Eh no stoppin
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: bowling_jim on August 01, 2004, 09:38:20 PM
I bought this ball for heavy oil but was not able to get the ball to hook as much as I expected it to. Is better polished on medium conditions. Hits flat but carries real well.
It's not my fault you aren't left handed!
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: ryno007 on December 15, 2004, 07:13:49 PM
My brother had a V2 Strong and he couldn't handle it. He gave it to my dad and he can barely handle it. I am getting a V2 Strong/R. My brother made a bet with me, if i dont get 6 strikes in my first 3 games with the v2 strong/r i lose the bet.
            this ball is great!
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: rockyjaye on March 13, 2005, 04:15:40 PM
Got this ball used 16lb and it is not strong at all, but it's just what I needed. I have a ton of revs and about 16mph and everything just hooks off my hand. This ball allows me to play equal to everyone else without having to stand in the left gutter. Drilled with pin above both fingers and cg kicked out, no weight hole. Can play straiter now, Great ball for those with a lot of revs. Thanks ebonite. a true winner!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: Garycubfan on December 26, 2005, 06:16:37 PM
I've had this ball for over a year. I've probably bowled somewhere around 40-45 games with this ball. I don't remember pin placement, etc. I only know that I had the ball drilled for "earliest breaking point, with a strong backend reaction." It is a 16 pound ball.
   I usually use a 16 pound Ebonite Apex Intensity as my first ball out of the bag. When the reaction of my Intensity bagan to drop off a bit, (I had it rejuvenated and resurfaced and use it first out of the bag again.) I used the V2 Strong. I was extremely happy with the result. I was hoping to have the same reaction as my Intensity and the V2 Strong was all I wanted it to be.
   The house I bowl at is a new alley that was built in 2003. The scores at this house have been sky high. I have bowled a 299 with my Intensity and have averaged a 218 and a 220 the last two years here. For the six or eight weeks I was using the V2 Strong I was shooting in the high 600's and had a few 700's. I think the highest 700 I had with the V2 Strong was a 753.
   As for the line I use on the lane, I stand at 18 and roll the ball over the nine board. I will vary the spot on the nine board I roll over by as much as three feet ahead of the second arrow (ten board) depending on where the ball finishes. If it goes high on the head pin I will aim a bit longer on the nine board. I've had great results adjusting my spot on the nine board rather than moving my feet on the approach.
   Safe to say I like the V2 Strong. I have confidence with this ball performing well. I have no problem using this ball except for one thing....the Ebonite Apex Intensity. I love the Intensity!!! If interested see my review of the Intensity under my old user name Canttearemuptipemup. In english it would have been, Can't tear em up, tip em up. I forgot my password and created a new user ID.
Title: Re: V2 Strong
Post by: orangeplasticbird27 on November 30, 2008, 07:56:02 PM
Stroker style bowler. Used the ball on freshly dressed lanes that have an out of bounds from the 5th board to the gutter, and medium flat oil.  The ball was drilled stacked, pin over ring finger and cg directly underneath.  The ball hooked too much to play down and in - - standing 15 going to 8.  The ball hooked too much standing 17 going to 10.  The ball played very consistently standing 24 going to 13.  The ball reaction is a strong, controllable arc.  The ball is not jumpy or skittish and I could use it on light, medium or medium-heavy oil conditions.  It's a very predictable ball, but it doesn't recover well, and yet, it won't suddenly take-off on you either.    
Overall, it's a good league-type ball for your everyday shot, or semi-hard inside tournament shot.  I don't think I could use this ball on "any" of the sport shots used in the PBA experience leagues.  Good ball to find out where the shot is, and to see if you have anything in your bag that will produce more area.  For my style and house, (where I bowl),  it would be hard to use this ball on longer and oilier patterns.