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Xcel is the new high performance series from Ebonite. Available in pearl and particle models, this new series is sure to make a believer out of you. Wrapped around a Scalien core, the Bomber Reactive coverstock takes the Xcel Pearl through medium to heavy oil conditions with a clean front and a sharp direction change at the breakpoint. The Bomber Particle coverstock wraps the Xcel Particle and follows a strong mid-lane roll with an explosive backend reaction that delivers a knockdown performance in heavy oil patterns.

Length Rating: 9.0 (scale of 1-30, early to late)  
Overall Hook Rating: 30.0  (scale of 1-30, least to most)  

Color: Black/Purple/Magenta  
Style: 029744-622  
Reactions: Earlier and stronger than the Xxcel  
Target Line: Outside, inside angles and track area  
Lane Conditions: Heavy Oil  
Coverstock: Phazed Bomber™ reactive sanded with 1000-grit Abralon™  
Core: Modified Scalien core



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Re: Xxxcel
« Reply #16 on: October 22, 2005, 09:06:39 PM »
I have thrown all four  xcel balls and this is my best by far pick. The ball rolls early through the heads, picks up at the midlane and continues with awesome hitting power through the backend. I shot games of 269,248,256,289,265

I like how the xxxcel has stronger ball reaction on the backend. I have thrown the Xcel Particle, Xcel Reactive, Double XXcel, and the triple XXXcel balls. I like the earlier roll and stronger backend on the xxxcel bowling ball. The ball seems to roll very consistent. I did not get over and under with the ball on different types of bowling conditions. When I lined up to the pocket, I didn't have to worry about carry. I liked being able to play different shots with the ball on the lanes and still get the carry from the backend. If a person is looking for a ball that you can play outside, inside angles, and the track area, then this is one of the balls you would like to be having in your arsenal. This ball comes reactive sanded with 1000 grit abralon. Great job Ebonite on an excellant ball.

Gene J Kanak

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Re: Xxxcel
« Reply #17 on: November 18, 2005, 05:07:21 PM »
3-4" pin, can't remember top
Box finish, then polished 5 minutes in a good Lustre Kleen
Tested on THS

Good from many angles
Very predictable movement
Strong carry
Seems to suit any style

None yet

Overall assessment:
I bought this ball as part of combo deal with The One that buddies was running. I wanted it to take the place of my Real Deal, since the RG and Diff. were nearly identical. Well, I couldn't be happier. I tried this ball first in box finish, but I found it to be a bit too early for my liking. It still had some recovery and hit well, but I could tell that it wanted more oil than I was giving it. I decided to toss it in the Lustre Kleen for 5 minutes, and boy I'm glad that I did. Now the ball is almost a mirror image of my old Real Deal, which was also slightly polished. The ball doesn't want to grab in the first 10 feet anymore. Now it picks up its roll in the early midlane before delivering a very smooth arc on the backend. The best thing is that I can play it straight or circle it and get deep with equal effectiveness. The power and predictability that this ball displayed, even when I altered hand positions and angles of attack, was really striking. I literally feel like I can get this ball to the pocket from anywhere on the lane. Once it gets there, the hit is top notch as well. The pins don't shoot around the deck, but they just seem to implode. It's almost like the ball rolls heavy through the deck. It's really neat. All in all, this is exactly the reaction I was hoping for when I bought this ball for medium-heavy oil.
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Re: Xxxcel
« Reply #18 on: March 13, 2006, 02:47:14 PM »
I bought this ball because I realized for the first time, I needed a heavy oil ball.  I bowl in 4 leagues in 3 different houses and avg 205 in all of them.  Lately, I have been unable to get the ball to move to the pocket.  last week I was throwing line-drives at the headpin; I never could get the ball to roll, no matter what I tried.
Out of the box the XXXcel entered the midlane and charged the pocket.  I've rolled 3 series with it shooting 590 (missing five 7 pin spares), 711 (missing four 7 pin and one 10 pin spare) and 671 (missing five 7 pin spares).  Once I get my spare game back, I should shoot 800 before season end.  This ball gives me that kind of confidence.


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Re: Xxxcel
« Reply #19 on: April 12, 2006, 05:36:40 AM »
hi i have a gorilla wife.
you may not know who i am, but when you see a guy go to a bowling alley with a hairy ball and a gorilla for a wife, and bowls violently, you'll know its me. HAHAHAHAA i'm in a frenzy.
i tried the xxxcel recently, and i think it's too light for me and my hairy wife.
i bought it for 20 bananas my wife didn't want, and used it to bowl 1000000000000000000000 perfect games at the zoo's bowling alley.
i made my driller drill 10 holes in my ball. i stuffed it with banana paste.
hey, i can bowl with 10 fingers. don't i have 10 fingers?!
haha. have a good time.


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Re: Xxxcel
« Reply #20 on: April 18, 2006, 04:38:55 PM »
I've had my Xxxcel since February (only paid $80 for it) and it's a pretty good ball as long as it's getting enough oil. Drilled with the pin below the ring finger and MB 2 1/2-3" from the thumb at about 45 degrees. I'm not much of a cranker, so I usually throw the ball from the 7-10 board (right side), just a straight shot with a strong backend reaction and it does roll in the pocket pretty well.
     At times, I have to back up on my approach and speed on the extremely heavy oil lanes, otherwise it doesn't snap into the pocket as hard. But when it does hit the pocket?  BOOM!!! Pins are flying everywhere.  On lanes with carrydown, that's where the ball is at its best. It does roll early, so if you have problems keeping your shoulder squared or overhooking the ball, that might be a problem.
    But the Xxxcel is predictable and as long as you keep it sanded every once in awhile, it won't let you down. I sometimes clean the ball every 6-9 games with Ebonite Powerhouse Energizer cleaner and it keeps the ball nice and tacky and you don't have to worry about the ball shining.
    I also bought the Columbia EPX-T1 for $40 and The One for $125, I'm gonna post a review of The One this weekend and the EPX-T1 in two weeks. So far, I'm loving the The One so far, hoping they will come out with some new balls later on this year.
    Also, check out the Big One, I've never used the ball from what I've heard in the forum, it's a very good ball. But for now, I'm settling with my Xxxcel. It's reliable and it's one of the most hard-hitting balls I've ever had. (video)

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Re: Xxxcel
« Reply #21 on: February 01, 2007, 03:38:46 PM »
bought this ball at the end of last season, it was slow to come around, but recently had 290 game after putting it up for a while. it is a tremendous ball under the right medium oil shot. i played more inside-out and with a lot slower speed than i usually throw... it carried most all hits, i went 16 in a row....between end of first game and beginning of second, i would highly recommend this ball!!!