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Author Topic: Ebonite Game Breaker 2 (WWRD 11/18/2022)  (Read 1343 times)

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Ebonite Game Breaker 2 (WWRD 11/18/2022)
« on: November 04, 2022, 01:18:55 PM »
Ebonite Game Breaker 2     @15 lbs  2.480  .048  DynamiCore
WWRD 11/18/2022   12-16 lbs.   Alternate core 12-13 lbs
When a manufacturer has a winner, they continue to improve on it to give bowlers options for different volumes and the shapes needed to combat them.
Sometimes, a favorite is a fond memory and a few are stashed away. The Ebonite fans have spoken and everyone wins on this one. Welcome back Game Breaker 2! The same core (Enhanced V2) and same cover (GB 10.7). The update is using DynamiCore for added durability. The smooth motion is needed to help on higher friction surfaces and the cover can be easily adjusted. The price point screams value for a benchmark ball.
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Re: Ebonite Game Breaker 2 (WWRD 11/18/2022)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2022, 10:53:45 AM »
Ebonite Game breaker(GB2)
This remake is incredible, compare to early days of this ball, this one is a lot smoother, but still has the hitting power with the Enhanced V2 Core. I placed the pin in the ring finger, which gives me a smooth hook set look for control. Good Benchmark ball