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Author Topic: Ebonite seems to be rounding out its lighter oil ball selection.  (Read 5339 times)


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I just saw on one of the internet seller's web sites that Ebonite has introduced a new very light oil ball named after one of its old superstars, the Crush/R. Now it only has a pancake core; so, it would seem to be their mildest resin ball.
Oddly I don't yet see it on Ebonite's own web site.

The Cyclone used to be their mildest ball, but, in reality that ball had the potential to handle as much as true medium oil. So it wasn't really a true entry level ball.

Now they have also introduced the Turbo/R which handles oil a step below the Cyclone, while the Crush/R is at least a full step below the Turbo in oil handling and probably hook potential.

It's nice to see another brand filling all its niches, even though these new mild balls probably won't be huge sales success.
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Re: Ebonite seems to be rounding out its lighter oil ball selection.
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I'd be much more impressed if they brought back the a remake of the Pancake/puck version of a Ebonite Tornado Solid. circa 2004!

That is a great light volume ball and it Hooks and hits.  Have had some nice sets with that ball, and beaten some pretty good bowlers at times that I wouldn't have without that ball.

Please remake!

Though a pearl the Columbia Wild seemed quite similar!  Smoother than the Tornado Pearls which could really jump!  Bring that back too!


PS Got an old Tornado Solid laying around?  I might want to take it off your hands!  LMK.

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