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Ebonite Verdict Review
« on: December 03, 2017, 10:14:59 AM »
Pin Length:  3Ē - 4Ē
Starting Top Weight:  2.5
Ball Weight: 15
 4 inch pin up (pin above ring finger) with 60 degree drilling angle. P3 weight hole. 
BOWLER STYLE:  RH - Stroker Ė slightly speed dominant
Rev Rate:  280
Ball Speed: 17-18
PAP/Track:  PAP:  4 11/16Ē and 7/8" up
Box Finish



The GSV-1 cover is stronger than the GB14.0 used on the Maverick.  For me, this ball needs oil up front.  It has a quicker response to friction than the Maverick and also gets down the lane a little further.  Itís a good first game ball for me in league.  My rev rate forces me to play closer to the friction on league patterns, so when the track begins to hook, I have to shell down rather than move left.  Thatís a constraint of my game, not the ball.  Higher rev rates can definitely move into the puddle and send it to the dry.  Iíve seen a couple rev guys have great success doing that.  The Verdict matches up pretty well for me on medium length sport patterns.  Iím able feed it slightly to the right to create the shape I need when I canít go straight up the boards.  As Iíve said before, proper cleaning and surface maintenance is very important with matte finish balls.  These new covers absorb so much oil, that they can shine up very quickly.
RJ Alman
Ebonite Regional/Amateur Staff