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Black Label
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
PBA/USBC Approved
Core: F45
Coverstock: ER600
Color: Black
RG: 14llbs - 2.504 / 15lbs - 2.483 / 16lbs - 2.472
Diff: 14lbs - .045 / 15lbs - .045 / 16lbs - .045
Ball Finish: Wet Sand 800
Best Lane Conditions: Medium to Heavy Oil



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Re: Black Label
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2008, 01:26:44 PM »
My Elite Black Label is drilled 5 1/4" from my pap. The Blacl Label is a shiney, Beautiful black, looks awesome going down the lane. This ball gets more length than the Gold Label but has a much more snappy reaction to the pocket with excellent hitting power and carry and very readable. Goes through the heads so easilly until it finds dry boards, but surprisingly it doesn't over react, super ball from elite. This ball is a beast on medium dry lanes. I already ordered another one of these beauties. Keep them comming Elite.


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Re: Black Label
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2008, 05:54:56 PM »
Stats in profile

Drilled my black label with a 5" pin to PAP, above the ring finger, no weight hole.  I polished the ball with Ebonite factory finish (took the polish very easily).  I have been looking for a solid "mediums" condition ball.  Something to cover league conditions and in general to base ball changes upon... a benchmark ball if you will.  Over the past several months, I have tried a number of balls, without find one that fit.  I was hoping this would be the ball.  

I tested this ball out on a fresh medium oil house shot.  Loosened up a little and found a nice line to the pocket playing 13 at the arrows out to around 3-4 at the breakpoint.  The ball got surprisingly easy length and had a very hard pronounced arc on the backend.  Not a flip, but a strong controlled arc.  Reminded me of the reaction I got from one of my all-time favorite balls, the black/c buzzsaw.  With a little more speed and a weaker release, I was able to more outside and play up the first arrow. I got the same strong pronounced move at the break point as before.  With a little less speed and stronger release, I was able to move inside and play as deep as I wanted, threw several shots standing 45, crossing 23-23 at the arrows, out to around 7-8 at the break point.  This ball had no quit in it.  The same strong hard arcing motion.  
I haven't had the chance to throw this ball on any flatter sport/PBA patterns yet, but expect this to be a solid performer on the medium length/volume patterns.  I could see, with the right surface, this ball covering heavier oil conditions, but I doubt it will work well on lighter oil patterns.  Pretty strong ball overall.
I threw the black label with several other balls.  Compared to a Complete NV (5.5 X 3, pin under fingers,box condition), the black label was about 3 feet longer and 3-4 boards weaker and a little more angular.  Compared to a Resurgence (4.5" pin, 2000 grit + polish), the black label was 4-5 feet longer about 5-6 boards weaker, and much more angular.  And compared to my Cheetah (4" pin, box) was about 2 feet earlier and 6-7 boards stronger.    

Overall, I think that I am going to really like this ball.  Seems to fit perfectly for the medium types of conditions (with polish) and has a strong but controllable reaction.  I think this ball is going to be a big hit.

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Re: Black Label
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2008, 09:03:41 AM »
I got this ball 2 weeks ago. I felt that I needed to get a fair amount of games on it before I wrote a review.

My ball came polished...not sure why but I would not change that for the world now. The ball has a 2 inch pin. Drilled it stack leverage with the pin 1 inch right of the ring. CG in the palm. I was looking for something to replace my speed zone. Which is kind of a strange choice in ball but it worked perfectly. I love this ball. Last night I was bowling on the Cheetah and threw 247 with it. It is a hard ball to get reving but when you finally get used to the ball it is a great shot. The only trouble with the ball is it is very sensitive to oil pattern.

A couple of things, don't force the ball. It will jump on you. Also keep your speed consistent, this ball is very sensitive to ball speed changes.
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Re: Black Label
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2008, 09:43:31 AM »
I currently just outfitted our tournament team with Gold and Black labels. I drilled everybody ball with there favorite drillings. Both balls were the same drillings and let me tell you something. We all noticed that while starting with the Black label we shot 1256 the first game. The Black label was great on the heavy tourneys. pattern. (note I adjusted the covers on all the
Black Labels to 500 wet sand.) After shooting a 3470 team series we all noticed that the Black label was the perfect ball for the heavy pattern and what was even more noticeable is that even when switching to the Gold label because of shot breakdown. We made very little adjustments on lane. The Black label and Gold labels compliment each other very well. I recommend this ball the Black label for beginning heavy oil patterns with some slight cover adjustment. Our black labels had a little shine to them so if yours comes dull throw it and enjoy....

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Re: Black Label
« Reply #5 on: March 03, 2008, 10:41:52 PM »
Just picked up my Black Label and had it punched out this weekend.  It has about a 2" pin and was drilled with the pin just under the ring finger.  I am a right hander with average speed and moderate revs.

My idea with this ball was to polish it up, similar to a previous poster, and use it on my house shot when the lanes began to break down.  I can usually play one of my aggressive balls with no problem until the heads get fried, then I am in trouble.  I wanted a little more length in these situations.

I practiced about 7 games on a late evening with conditions that I would characterize as medium to dry.  On the first lane I was on, I was able to play about third arrow and swing it (which I normally do not like to do).  The ball was nothing less than explosive.  It came charging back with a strong, predictable arc when I swung it too far, yet held nicely on shots I pulled.

They moved me to another lane that night that had a much tighter shot.  I wound up playing around 6 or 7 straight up the boards with success as well.  I only bowled a couple games on this condition, so probably did not get a full read on how it handled out there, but carry was still very good.

I really liked the length I got with the shined up cover and I believe this will be the go to ball later in the night for me.  I will post updates later.  If nothing else, this ball looks extremely nasty, with no markings on it whatsoever; the pin is even black!

Update:  Have had a chance to throw the ball on conditions that are breaking down and it performed awesome!  Was able to get a little more length and throw it hard and the ball absolutely explodes on the backend.  Threw a 267 in our city tournament after I switched balls.  Nice one to have in the bag.

Second Update:  We had our fun night this Wednesday for last day of league.  It was no tap, so I was fooling around a little with what I was doing.  I switched to the Black Label at the start of the second game and began pounding the hole.  In the last game, I wound up with an actual 299!  My last shot was an absolute stone solid 9 pin.  This ball when polished is perfect for me on a medium shot.  Nice job, Elite!


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Re: Black Label
« Reply #6 on: March 08, 2008, 09:38:56 PM »
I ordered this ball the day the pilot was released, and have put a great amount of games on it. All I can say is... wow. This ball rocks.

This was my first Elite product. It ran me $110 shipped, $20 returned after I completed the review/feedback form. Out of the box, the ball looked great. It was a solid dark dark blue/black, very very few swirls in the cover stock, overall a great looking ball for a blem. It came with a 40% off Elite gift card. That alone is a great deal, as you can get virtually any other Elite ball at nearly half price. I ended up ordering an Elite 2 ball bag (which is super nice) with the card, and with the $20 card I got for the survey I got their Commander Wrist Guard (which I Love).

About my style. I have been bowling for just over a year, lefty, 141 league avg, stroker, low-med speed, low-medium revs. I never had gotten a lot of hook, played second dot, 10 board, and in most of the time. This was my 3rd ball, after my Columbia 300 Apogee and Hammer Black Widow Solid. This ball OOB has great movement for me. I bowled a 218 the first league day I used it, got my league high series of 555 with it. It has great power through the heads, nice roll, and great carry. I was able to throw this ball from the 12-15 board, swing it to the 5, and have it come back and smash the pocket nicely. I had never been able to do that before with a ball I had. It was insanely easy to control, and the solid color made the ball less 'distracting' when going down the lane. It is a great ball.

Given the current price of this ball, I would recommend this to ANYONE. This was my first time buying Elite, and I am satisfied without a doubt. It is a rock solid product.

My only complaint is that the CG wasn't marked on my ball in an obvious fashion. There was a small 'chip' in the ball that was ~3" from the pin, but nothing indicated that it was the CG so the pro shop had to check before drilling. However, I still give this ball a 10/10 based on performance, and price. It is the highest performing ball you can get for $100, or at least a close tie to the Fury.
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