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Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Performance, Versatility and Quality of the Elite P43 will blow your mind! The combination of the Energy Transfer Core and Infinity Plus Coverstock performs like no other. With versatility in mind, the unique Infinity Plus Coverstock can be adjusted to conquer any lane condition. Elite Products are manufactured with extremely high grade materials. Quality is our trademark. Standard one year warranty included. Extended warranty is available. USBC Approved.

Weight Block: E.T.C. (Energy Transfer Core)
Cover Stock: Infinity Plus
Color: Blue
Ball Finish: Polished
Hook Potential: High
Lane Conditions: Medium to Oily



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Re: P43
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2005, 04:38:19 PM »
Here is my review on the P43...I have alot of hand in the ball as most of you reading this review probably does as well.... I drilled my P43 by putting the pin just under the middle of my 2 fingers and kept the cg in line with my palm st8 up... My thumb however, is about an half an inch from the center. You guys must be thinking what the heck are you drilling a ball like that. Well if you are a cranker like me then this drilling is a must!!!! Some of the old fashion proshop guys will tell you that thumb weight in a ball just means its going to hook early and roll out, and that its a bad way to drill a ball.... Well they are crazy because these are my favorite patterns!!!

After drilling my P43, I went out and threw it for the first time and wasnt inpressed on how it was rolling. I was however getting a decent roll to the pocket every time but it seemed as though it just wasnt friving hard enough to carry. I was thinking durn this ball is a piece of crap simply because it would knock em all down. I shot close to a 600 series with it in the league play right after drilling it but to leave 3 pocket 7,10's with it in that three game set... I was thinking that wow, maybe this ball just isnt for me or that the solid particle coverstock was simply working again my hand!

Any I worked with it a little more after the league and still was yet to get a good reaction playing different angles. Nothing seemed to work... I then went home and thought and thought about why was this ball not working in my mind over and over... My P43 had like 2.8 oz, of top weight so I knew that is wasnt you know loaded down with thumb weight. The next day I weighed it and it had what I figured it had in it. Appro. 1 and 3/16th oz. thumb in it. I was out of options so I went ahead and put a weight hole it it, to the right and just below the thumb with alot of reverse on the hole to prevent taking out side where it was drilled right over the label. I took appro. one oz. of thumb weight out of it and when and tried it once again.

I wasnt expenting that much of a difference in reaction because I was thinking in my mind that maybe the coverstock just didnt fit my game. The first shot with this ball had my eyes so big. I was thinking wow, is this the same ball or did I just throw it bad...:smile) So i got to throwing it more and more and this ball was working so nicely!!! The difference was that the P43 after putting the weight hole in it gave it so much more drive to the pocket. It went from not carrying the corners to carrying everything like no other!

This is now the first ball out of the bag, and I feel like it will be the same for others.... I am not sure how to compare this ball to another but I can say that I had a big blue once that rolled very nicely and this ball gave that predictable roll as the big blue or any other particle ball along with better hitting power!!! I think this will be a great ball for any starting pattern with hard backends and if it is still jerky then just dull the surface to blend the lanes even better. I am getting ready to hit the regionals and cant wait to see what this ball will do on a flat pattern. I have a feeling everybody will be going through the nose and I will be holding the pocket with ease...
I rate this ball a solid 9.5 because bowlers these days rely on predictable roll and consistency in hitting the pocket and this ball provides this plus great hitting power!!! I would strongly recommend this ball to anybody that is a stroker because this will hook through the oiliest conditions and carry better than ever thought possible. Some of you think that these balls cost to much, well you are crazy because I'd give a whole lot more to get the performance that this line brings to me. Elite is not only coming out now but they are making amazing poducts!!! Go ELITE!!! Jonn Davis