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Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Conquer Medium Dry to Dry lanes with the all new Elite RS48. The RS48 combines a low RG Core (.048) with the all new "INFINITY ANGLE" coverstock. Why? It''s simple. We believe you don''t have to sacrifice hitting power when the lanes breakdown. Elite Products are manufactured with extremely high grade materials. Quality is our trademark. Standard one year warranty included. Extended warranty is available. USBC Approved.

Weight Block: E.S.T.C. (Energy Saving Transfer Core)
Cover Stock: Infinity Angle
Color: Platinum Purple  
Ball Finish: Polished
Hook Potential: Medium to Low
Lane Conditions: Medium to Dry



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Re: RS48
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2005, 03:50:49 PM »
I would just like to start out saying that this is one of the most amazing balls I have ever had the opportunity of throwing!!! If any of you bowlers have alot of hand then this ball is a must purchase! This ball revs up better than any ball I have seen in a long time... Does any of you guys like the zone classic? Well this ball is similar but so much better. I have more than the average revs and aprox. 17 Mph. speed.
     My pearl elite had 4 oz. of top weight and a 4 inch pin so what I do is just place the pin above and in the middle of my two fingers keeping this cg dead over palm. I can play a 5 boared hook right down 5 or a 35 boared hook starting from inside standing above the gutter cap. I know there are so many people struggleling getting the ball down because I know I tend to sometimes, and it even seems there is no adjustments left in time... Well, this ball solves all dry lane problems! I am not a smart man but I know a ball is better than the rest when you can play whatever line you want depending on your hand and axis rotation when nobody else can. I recently shot 720+ when everyone else couldnt keep their ball right of the head pin and when they did their balls hit so flat they couldnt score. This ball has so much more hitting power than any ball I have gotten to throw. I was recently throwing an ebonite ice until I got this ball, and I ended up giving my ice away because this ball was all of the ice and more.
     I would recommend this ball to every bowler no matter what style they have. Some people may be thinking... Even for a stroker??? Well YES absolutly! A stroker may run into early hook more than I would so what would you think? I am sure a stroker might not be able to roll this ball on a fresh house shot but for the bowlers bowling in more pattens, tounrnaments, etc. then they would be crazy not to buy this ball!!! Since I have receieved my RS48, I have tried it in 4 different bowling centers and it has worked wonders in every center and every diff. pattern! I am talking about a weeks time also, I cant wait to get a track on this ball! This would be the perfect ball for the old patern E's or some other paterns where it is hard to get the ball down the lane. I guaranteed this ball to a few bowlers and they are wanting to try it, simply because I know it will work.

          When bowlers think of the PBA or just going to have fun bowling, the name ELITE will sure come up...It is just a matter of time! This would be the only ball I would give a perfect 10 to... Not just to eite but to all bowling balls!!!! This ball is truely AMAZING and you will see that right out of the box! I am planning on drilling a couple more of these babies, and I am so looking forward to seeing how the other drillings work with this one.                     Length-10, Backend-10, Hitting power-10
                               High scores put up by this ball-PRICELESS!!!

    I may have alot of problems but scoring with Elite bowling balls isnt one of them!!!!!! Super product elite and keep putting it out there because the performance will surely sell!!!!!!!!!!! John Davis

Peter J

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Re: RS48
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2005, 12:44:46 PM »

just like the zone classic for twice the price.

Mike Austin

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Re: RS48
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2007, 02:34:33 AM »
I'm on a 16lb ball kick.  Not really wanting to drill a bunch of balls, but needed a dryer lane ball.  

Drilled my RS48 with the pin 5 inches from my PAP, under my middle finger, and the MB is at a 90 degree position, putting it below my thumb hole, and about 1/4 inch left of my span line.  The CG is slightly negative, but was legal after drilling, so I didn't need an extra hole.  The ball had about 2.7 top weight before drilling, with a 2-3 pin out from CG.  The CG ended up just above my thumb hole, slightly negative, giving me thumb, negative side, and some top after drilling.

This ball works really well on the correct lane condition.  I used it on broken down wood lanes, 2nd set.  Still was only at about 33-37 with my feet, crossing the arrows around 19-24.  As I moved in, had plenty of hold, ball recovered nicely when missed wide into the dry.  Carry was very good, shot 700 something, with 1 open frame.

Straight players may never use this ball, or only on really dry lanes.  Tweeners will love this ball on dry lanes.  I think slower speed players will like it on dry if they don't have tooo much hand.  The big hand twister players may get some over/under reaction if there is too much oil.  A rolly layout or knock some shine off the surface should cure that.

This ball is very good, if you take care of it, should last you 2-3 years, just like any ball.  Has Brunswick quality and Elite customer service.

I like this ball, think I may try some others.  Hope this helps ya....

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Re: RS48
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2007, 08:52:13 PM »
I got this ball since I REALLY needed something for dry lanes.  I looked at Mike Austin's review on this ball and thought this would do the trick.

Mine is drilled with the pin 4.5 inches from my PAP, just to the right of my ring finger.  MB is at 90 degrees and just below my thumb.

I am EXTREMELY pleased with this ball on its' condition.  That is DRY, DRY, DRY.  Gets out of the heads with ease, and makes an arc to the pocket and not a snap.

Biggest "negative" for me and this ball is when I give the pocket away and have to circle the head pin from 4-5th arrow.  Doesnt hit as hard, but I think that is more due to the 90 degree layout than the ball.  90 degree layouts for me do not do well from a deep inside line.