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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
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Elite fans asked us for a ball that produced more backend reaction and here it is! The Elite R47 combines the Rapid Recovery Core with the new Return Reactive cover stock. The Elite R47 is the most angular Elite ball ever made. Welcome to the game.

Elite Products are manufactured with extremely high grade materials. Quality is our trademark. Standard one year warranty included. Extended warranty is available. USBC Approved.

Weight Block: Rapid Recovery Core (R.R.C.)
Cover Stock: Return Reactive
Color: Blue/Burgundy  
Ball Finish: Polished
Hook Potential: Medium to High
Lane Conditions: Medium Oil



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Re: R47
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2005, 12:52:35 PM »
Some f you would be thinking that this ball is gonna be real jerky from reading the spec... Well its not at all, this ball is very predictable. I have alot of hand in it so it is perfect for my release. I drilld mine and put the pin just above my 2 middle fingers and kicked it off of the cg about 2 inches or so. It has close to a 1\4oz finger and a 1\4 side in this ball. I went in thinking this could possible have to much snap without a weight hole in it. Well I brought all my elite balls out and tested them for the first time... Compared to the black ball, this ball goes a couple feet longer before it hooks and and is a nice predictable hook at that. I feel like the spec could lead you on into thinking that this is just going to be a skid snap bowling ball.. Dont let it fool you because it is so not true.I think this is due to the smooth solid coverstock on it. If it was more of a pearl then it might be snappy but the predictable roll with have everyone watching!

     I would recommend this ball to all bowlers simply because this ball will work on the toughest conditions providing you predictable hook along with great hitting power. I cant however say th ball hits hard. That doesnt mean however it doesnt carry! This mixes the pins up so so well. If you hit light with this ball then you are striking no matter what. I cant explain exactly what I am trying to say but you get the idea. This ball just carries everything without all the flush hits!!!

I would rate this ball at least a 9.5 because this is such a compliment to all the other balls in this line! The only reason I wouldnt rate this a 10 is because some bowlers wont be able to use this ball on a slick condition but then again, I didnt change the surface and it came polished... I could be very wrong after you change the surface. I havent got to use this ball on a flat condition but I feel it will be perfect in every way.

    Guys if you have never tried an elite ball then it is time. If you want you can look me up and I will be glad to let you try mine...:smile) I would also guarantee this ball to ever who buys it because hey if I know they dont like it I will throw it myself... Elite is the best company in bowling, and just give them a little time and you will see. Perfomance it what sells and Elite bowling balls major in that catagory!!!!! Go ELITE!  John Davis


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Re: R47
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2006, 03:01:33 PM »
This ball is not for heavy oil.  Other than that it will work well on almost all other conditions.  You could change the surface if you wanted it for heaver oil and I am sure it would work well but that would defeat the purpose of this ball.  It is very smooth through the fronts and makes a nice even turn without over reacting.  The ball just keeps coming back and still retains it’s energy for the pins.  I used this ball at the end of both rounds of qualifying for PBA regional that I ended up winning in Stockton CA.  It was a short oil pattern.  On the first day in the middle of game 7 the heads where pretty much gone and I was on the bubble.  I grabbed the R47, moved in and gave it room.  The ball sailed through fronts like it had fresh oil then made a nice predictable turn to the pocket.  I finished that game with 215 then shot 249 with an 8 pin in the 10th.  I snuck in by less than 6  pins thanks to the 47.   The next day it was 5 games then cut to 16.  On my last game we made the turn to the low end of the house.  Again I was on the bubble and I struggled with a early reaction with 3 splits in the first 5 frames.  I grabbed my R47 and went sheet for 234 to grab the last spot.  If you need a ball for lanes that are breaking down, a sport shot or a house shot then this ball is a must for your arsenal.


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Re: R47
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2006, 11:15:10 PM »
R47 along with the R43 is a great start for anyone starting a new arsenal. These balls compliment eachother nicely and will cover many lane conditions. The R47 is a great choice for the medium to dry conditions. Gets down the lane and recovers for predictable roll with a strong finish to the pocket.

Pete Scrempos


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Re: R47
« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2007, 12:28:07 PM »
Basically this ball hits like a rock!

i have a high rev count/speed

the ball flys through the heads and makes an aggressive backend reaction

if you have any rev count this is a heavy oil ball, and i only use it on sport shot.

Elite products are super aggressive and are designed for oil,
if you are looking for a ball to use of confusing oil conditions, but dont want to give up backend this is a ball for you!