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PBA Cheetah
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
From Elite''s Professional Series comes the PBA Cheetah High Performance Bowling Ball. The PBA Cheetah offers superior performance on the PBA Cheetah Oil Pattern, PBA Regional Tour / Senior Tour Pattern #2, USBC Sport Bowling Leagues with drier conditions, USBC Sanctioned Leagues bowled on worn surfaces and a variety of other conditions. Elite''s PBA Cheetah is designed to allow everyone to play the extreme outside part of the lane. The Cheetah features Elite''s all new Thermal Contact Technology – T.C.T. which gives players more forgiveness and maximizes hitting power.

Core: Vision
Cover Stock: Locomotion Reactive featuring T.C.T.  
RG: 2.54
Diff: .032
Color: Black with Gold Swirls - Gold Pin and Gold Engraving
Ball Finish: Polished
Hook Potential: Medium Angular
Lane Conditions: Medium



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Re: PBA Cheetah
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2005, 01:52:58 PM »
Alright, well someone said they wanted a review so here it is kind of...  One of my friends actually picked up this ball a week back and I was bowling with him.  My hand and his hand are like mirror images so there wasn’t any problem.  Around the third game the oil was getting pushed down, but the outsides remained pretty good. So he gave it to me and let me use it for the last game, and can I say I never felt so confident with a bowling ball!  I was playing around 1st arrow and I couldn’t even believe it. Played up 1st arrow with any storm ball it would hook past the head pin on a straight down and in shot. But on this one it like knew what I was trying to do.  This ball hit like a wrecking ball and had some great power pushing into the pocket.  I mean this ball was from a company I really haven’t heard of and now it makes me want to throw them some more.  So

LIKES: Strong Power, Ball read my mind… yeah… that sounds odd.  It’s a good ball for medium lane conditions, and doesn’t over react.

DISLIKES: Probably wouldn’t be the BEST choice on a very dry condition.  Otherwise have at it.  Another dislike… these balls need more publicity.

P.S I had 257 last game and average 192

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Re: PBA Cheetah
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2006, 11:41:06 PM »
The one review that was posted with this ball provides a different look than I have of this ball. I am a cranker/tweener with 17 mph speed... I layed my cheetah out by placing my grip prolly about an inch left of the cg. My cheetah had about a 5 inch pin or so. I put the pin in line withmy ring finger and the pin ended up being prolly an inch or so from my finger. My span is 4 1/4-4 so I ended up having some thumb weight in it...

I dont rate many balls a perfect ten but this ball would rate a 12 by me if possible!! This ball is so amazing because of the rev rate it produces and the great angle in the backend!! THIS IS EVERY CRANKERS DREAM BALL REACTION!!! Every single bowler should have this ball because u know as well as I do that after a few gemes in a tournament, us right handers end up in front of the ball return looking for something to go longer and stronger... Look no further cause here it is! I am sitting here trying to compare it to another ball and I just cant think of anything that compares to this!

The other review said that this ball needs oil.. Well I kinda disagree with him. I feel like if u got ball speed and some hand all u need is some dry and watch this ball work! You cant get to deep with this ball because it will recover form anywhere. I recieved all the lane pattern balls yesterday and this one stands out in my mind and I just feel every bowler with some hand would love this ball. Not many balls these days rev up very nicely like morich, track, and even most columbia products dont do it!!

I dont know what else to say but other than this ball is absolutly amazing! This bowling ball is so wonderful because u wont ever have to worry about it getting down the lane and wont have to worry about it burnig up when angle is needed! Elite this is a super super bowling ball and I wish every hard core bowler would try one!!!!!!!!!! COME OFF SOME OF THAT MONEY AND EAK DOWN AND BUY ONE OF THESE BECAUSE THE PERFORMANCE WILL SURELY HAVE EVERYBODY SAYING ........"ELITE"  "ELITE" "ELITE" AND THATS A PROMISE!!! John Davis


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Re: PBA Cheetah
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2006, 03:26:22 PM »
I actually have a couple of these balls drilled up. I have a 5 x 5 for a league shot and a 2 x 5 for the shorter PBA regional patterns. Both of these balls roll fantastic and hit even better. The 5 x 5 ball for league I use a burgundy pad on my back flares and it rolls perfectly. No over/under, very predictable and readable. The 2 x 5 for the shorter, harder patterns gives me many angles to which I can play. I can use 2000 abralon if I want to play deep and have the ball arc at the break point. If I want to play the twig, I either can keep this at box or put a hint of Elite polish on it.

Definitely a ball anybody could use!
Steve Lunsford


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Re: PBA Cheetah
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2007, 08:27:00 PM »
Description in profile.

NIB 15lb Cheetah with a 4-5" pin.  Probably would have never bought one, but prices were reduced on the Elite web page and I had a gift car to use up.

I placed the pin 4" from my PAP and the cg in the center of the grip.  Ball weighed out to be statically legal, no weight hole necessary.

I left the ball in the box condition.  Appeared to be either a compound finish or a finely sanded matte finish.

Lane Conditions
I've thrown this ball on a number of conditions now.  First was a 40' house shot on HPL synthetics.  I've also thrown this ball on the Cheetah and Viper patterns during my Experience league.

On the house shot, I was able to line up standing at 18 on the approach and throw ten at the arrows out to around 5 at the breakpoint.  The ball got easy length and a hard arcing backend reaction.  If I pushed it out a couple boards, no problems, the ball didn't over react, but instead just made a hard arc back to the pocket.  Tugs inside resulted in the ball floating down the lane and a little pop on the backend into the pocket.  Although this is an expected reaction for a house shot, I seemed to have an extra board or two of area compared to other bowlers.  The ball reacted well while the shot was fresh.  After a game and a half when some carry down set it, I started to leave a few 10 pins.  Overall, above average reaction on the house shot.

On the fresh PBA Cheetah pattern, the ball performed quite well.  It had a nice read at the end of the pattern, with a strong arc type of reaction.  As long as I kept my speed fairly consistent, I was all over the pocket.  I did notice that if I got a touch fast with my ball speed, the Cheetah would push a little further down the lane and "flip" back coming in a little behind the head pin.  The reaction was easy to read when changing pairs.  Above average reaction on the Cheetah pattern as well.  

On the fresh PBA Viper pattern, the ball just skated too far before it picked up reaction.  I was able to get to the pocket playing straight up the boards, between first and second arrows, but the ball seemed to push just a touch too far for optimal carry.  Able to go the the pocket, but not optimal.  
Overall, the ball performs well, providing there are some dry boards to create enough friction.  With the box surface and the layout I chose, this ball seems to work best on fresh shots with clean backends.  If the oil volume to too high or pattern too long, this ball pushes too far down the lane.  I think this ball will work well once the lanes start to break down and you are looking for something to get down the lane, but not over react off the dry.

The Elite Cheetah most closely reminds me of my Rampage (when it was at 2000 grit and polished).  Both balls would easily clear the heads and had same type of hard arcing reaction, however, the Cheetah started up about 5'-6' later than the Rampage.  

Compared to my Neptune, the Cheetah reacts about 3' sooner than the Neptune and had a smoother reaction.


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