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Title: Excited to try Elite!
Post by: dougb on November 16, 2013, 09:26:27 AM
So thanks to itsallaboutme I won an Elite Z this month, and I plan to take it in today and have my driller put a MOtion hole layout on it.  Given the ball's medium RG and differential and the weaker coverstock, I expect easy length and great backend, without too much over-reaction off the friction on light to medium oil volumes.  Basically a killer THS ball. I'll keep you all posted.

In the mean time, I was practicing at a local house on a fresh THS shot and halfway into my second game I spy an old Elite R43 on the rack.  The ball is single drill, stacked with the pin under ring.  Although the span, finger, and thumb holes were all too big , after stuffing some tape into it I walk up and proceed to throw six in a row.  Next game I bowled a clean 214 even though I could barely hold on to the ball.  I was getting messengers galore and an extremely predictable ball motion.

I looked up info on the ball and no surprise, it has a mushroom core like my beloved Quantums.  Anyway, I plan to get it plugged and redrilled at some point, too.

Look for a mini on the Z from me soon.  Thanks again for the ball!
Title: Re: Excited to try Elite!
Post by: dougb on November 19, 2013, 06:17:15 PM
Well I tried the Z for the first time after my driller put the MOtion hole in it.  First attempt was on a heavier volume that had seen some play.  The ball was very squirrelly and prone to over/under.  Maybe sanded down it would be fine, but it was struggling.

Then I switched to a very broken down shot.  Like many entry level balls I've tried, this one is stronger than I expected it to be, even with that drill.  What I saw was the ball at OOB definitely needed some good oil in the mids or it wouldn't carry.  With enough oil it was great, but I kept having to move left, ending up on 34 and throwing out to the 5-6 area.  The Z recovered nicely and delivered many strikes, but if I let up on the speed just a little it went high. 

I have an AMF Heist Pearl with a MOtion hole at 4000 and a lot of lane oil on the cover and it had a little better recovery.  That ball has a slightly lower RG and slightly higher differential.  I'm going to try the Z at 500/4000/polish and see what I think, as I actually like the Heist at 4000 for a little heavier volumes.

So far I think this more of a medium oil ball, but I know that surface dictates everything and I'm going to play around.  I'm thinking this is a good entry level ball and a benchmark for many a bowler.  I have a feeling that polished up I'm going to like it for shorter oil patterns and any shot where the backends are screaming.  I am a lower revs/speed stroker for what it's worth.

More to come on this ball.