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Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Hammer NEOFLEX reactive coverstock is an industry favorite. Performance designed for casual to competitive bowlers.

Coverstock: Reactive Neoflex with Mica. Core: Single Density inverted bulb with bottom flip block; Factory polished; Hook Potential: Overall-Solid (16), Pearl (15); Length-Solid (13), Pearl (14); RG (Both) Low Differential (Both) Medium .044; Flare Potential: (Both) 3"-7"; Hardness: (Both) 75-78; Weights: 13-16 lbs.; Color: Jade.


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Re: Nail
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2001, 11:05:24 PM »
Hi all-just bought this ball 3 weeks ago. Had it label drilled 33/8" pin to pap and cg to pin in 1:30 configuration. I was acquiring this ball for a "fried heads" condition. I decided to get some lines on it during league just to develop the track. Much to my surprise it reacted much stronger on my standard league condition which is far from dry. Today, I sanded it on the spinner out to a 2000 grit and polished with 2000 grit polish. I'll have to get back to you on the results. Thus far, it hasn't fit into the niche I wanted but overall I would recommend this ball. I give it an 8. I will update this review when I have some more lines on it.
I am back to update. I recently used this ball at the local masters tourney for the last 2 games. The heads were becoming fried quickly. I was impressed with it's ability to get through the heads and the strong finish. The 2000 grit surface definitely was the trick for creating the dry lane ball that I wanted. I would still rate it an 8 overall. Get one quick, I heard that this and other FAB balls have been discontinued.


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Re: Nail
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Drilled full 3 inches.. 2.5 topweight
I bought this ball for drier lanes. IT definitely does the trick IT was only ball Iever knew from first game I would get a 300 with it and did with in 3 weeks. I had 7 games over 278 in first 36 games. I am only a 195 average so I was quite impressed. IT does have some weird leaves at times but has a predictable roll for those with a stronger hand. IT seems to be a low maintenance ball as well as it doesntseem to track out as quick or hold as much oil as some.  I definitely reccomend it tot those who  have a lot of turn on their ball and need length