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Jack Hammer Emerald Pearl
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Jack Hammer is a medium to high RG, Medium Differential ball.
The cover is Faball's Microactive Resin with Mica Crystals included for
traction.  Inside is Faball's new 1,500cc "Boomer" core.  Jack Hammer's
cover gets the ball through the head area before it hooks, thus, maintaining
its power for the back end.   The Boomer core, with the Dynamic Balance
Control Stabilizer, provides more ball control and less deflection at the
pin area.  The polished Jack Hammer Emerald Green Pearl cover is designed
for peak performance on medium to heavily oiled lanes.

The specifications of the ball are: Microactive Emerald Green Pearl cover;
Jack Hammer 1,500cc Boomer Core with Dynamic Balance Control Stabilizer;
Fluorescent Yellow Pin, CG Identification, Jack Hammer and Dual Hammer
logos.  Factory Polished Pearl finish and it may be sanded for increased
traction on very heavy oil.  Hook Potential: 13 Polished/16 dull; Length: 14
Polished/10 dull; Backend: 14 polished/ 11 dull; Radius of Gyration: Medium
to High; Differential: Medium; Coefficient of Friction: High; Flare
Potential: 3" to 7"; Hardness: 75-79 D-Durometer Scale.  Weights: 13-16
lbs.-Hammer Boomer Core.


D Scott Johnson

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Re: Jack Hammer Emerald Pearl
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 1999, 02:00:00 AM »
I purchased this ball for my son to use as a back off ball to compliment his Violet Hammer.  We have tried several different balls to fill this bill.  So far, this is an excellent back off ball.  Oil is not where this ball to very effective.  On oil, he had to slow the ball way down to get any reaction out of it.  But, when the lanes began to break down and dry up a little, the ball was very controlable and hit very well.  We both noticed that the ball seemed to carry the light, driving shot very well. The ball has a nice, smooth arc toward the pocket and was never flippy.  While we have not thrown it on a wet/dry, I believe this ball would be very much at home on this condition.  Overall, I have been impressed and can recommend this ball, given that it isn't for all conditions.

Rich Thompson

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Re: Jack Hammer Emerald Pearl
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 1999, 02:00:00 AM »
This ball is everything Faball says it is.  I have read the other

reviews and anyone that has anything negative to say about this ball

needs to find a better layout for their style.  This ball is

excellent, predictable, hits hard and by all means hooks.  I have

this ball and a Sledge drilled 3 3/8 strong with the pin a little

higher for length and the Jack out hooks the Sledge by 3 - 5 boards.

If you are looking for a supped up Violet (former ball of the year),

give this one a shot.


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Re: Jack Hammer Emerald Pearl
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2002, 12:45:34 PM »
Hi. I just got a JackHammer Emerald pearl 15lbs. My ball is drilled for medium lenght and maximum backend. The lanes I use it on are medium dry to dry with carrydown. The cover is out of the box. When I threw it for the first time , the ball wouldn't carry enough. After a while I began to think I had made a mistake buying this ball. Last sunday I decided to try again. The lanes were medium dry with a lot of carrydown. I used to throw this ball the same way I do with my Pantera , because this didn't work I tried the following with success :
I threw the ball over the second arrow to the right (I'm a right-hand player) , put medium revs on it at a release-angle of 90° straight at about 16.5mph.
This resulted in a strong backend reaction (for a pearl-ball)=> by the way I threw it I thougth it would hit the pocket but it actually hits brooklyn!
And when it does , man what a carry ! Everytime I played it brooklyn I striked !
Everytime I hit the pocket , I left the 9 or 10 pin. At the moment I average at about 175 with this ball , but I only got him for 2 weeks. So there's room for improvment.
Conclusion : a great ball when you play it brooklyn. Negative is the fact that this ball isn't that forgiving. Hit the pocket or the kingpin and your lost.
(the official statement is that this is a ball for medium to heavy oil patterns.
As I found out , medium oily lanes are about the maximum for this cover. There are much better balls for heavy oil lanes)
Just as Louie says in his review : if you can buy one for a low price , you should . I bought mine for about 100$ (I live in Belgium , this ball easily costs about 185$ in my country , in fact all balls cost about the double one pays for it in the USA) which is a real bargain.  
For now , have fun and keep'm rollin!


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Re: Jack Hammer Emerald Pearl
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2002, 06:37:04 AM »
Hi folks , an update on my previous review.
I have this ball for about a month now and I'm getting more and more convinced of its capacities. Last time I wrote , that when I played it to the pocket it wouldn't strike. Now I finally found out how to strike hitting the pocket.
May sound stupid but it isn't. I use this ball on medium to dry conditions.
I'm a tweener , medium revs , no hook , 18mph , good back end.
Under these conditions , the ball has a late agressive back end which makes it difficult to calculate where and how it would hit.
One thing still remains the same : this ball isn't that forgiving. Still , this is going to be my number one ball. At the moment I can throw my agressive Pantera and the tamer JackHammer the same way and score the same.
Each time I use this ball , my results improve. Started with 167 the first time , yesterday I shot already 191 (left 2x the 10pin).
Ok , the way mine is drilled , it doesn't hook a board. It does have a agressive back end and it carries very well. That's the most important thing for me : the carry. Sure , hooking a ball is nice to see , but high scores are too. That was my mistake when I bought this ball. I thought it would hook and it didn't , was disappointed , tried again focusing on the back end and boom => Strike !
All in all a great ball , my best buy yet. It's discontinued but if you can pick one up , you should. Try it , you won't be disappointed. This ball is much more then a some use it as , a spareball.

-- This ball can become my long awaited strikemachine --

Length : 9.5
Control : 7 (keep concentrated)
Hit : very hard - 10
Best lane condition : medium - dry
Back end : good , can even be agressive due to the pearl-cover - 9
Carry : 9
Average : 9

My conclusion : great ball , maybe not for the guys who like to hook the ball.



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Re: Jack Hammer Emerald Pearl
« Reply #5 on: August 13, 2002, 07:58:18 PM »
well i have had my ball for awile and i love it i can put it on just about any pin i want with the exception of the 10 pin.  has great backend power and i can thow it hard and kill the pins so far my best game with just the jackhammer is a 248.  i also like the fact that if i catch myself rushing the ball i can slow it down and still have the hard hitting power.  i have my ball drilled for a havey hook so on dryer lanes i put it up,  but on med. oil its great. i also put it up for the havey oiled lanes.

The Original Chewmiester

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Re: Jack Hammer Emerald Pearl
« Reply #6 on: October 21, 2005, 12:17:29 PM »
I got this ball a long while ago from a guy named RotoRoller(At least a year if not more ago). I got it plugged and in very good shape for a used ball.

I don't know all the specs, but I will give you(the readers) the best info possible.

Weight: 15#
Layout: Pin in between fingers, CG almost 1 inch above Center of grip. My proshop guy decided to go with this drilling, and I totally appreciate him for it.
Surface: Highly and I mean highly polished, I want this thing shiny....

I have tested it on various lane conditions, and this ball proves to fulfill what I intended it to be. I wanted to have a dry lane ball that has the tamest reaction I have ever used.  It hardly flares at all(if any), and its reaction is smooth and steady. It hits OK, with off-hits sometimes carrying and sometimes not.

Also, this ball hates oil...thus my point was accomplished. Carrydown on backends causes this ball to be squirty and react inconsistently. This ball is very condition specific and is only to be used (for me) on the later games and when the lanes are getting toasty(not total toast though).

Grade for this ball: B+ (As I have said, it reacts for the condition I wanted it to very well...not bad for a ball that sat in my closet for at least 1 year...)
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