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Title: Spike HPT
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
The ball is a particle ball that uses the next generation of Hammer Particle Technology in the cover and the recently introduced Spike Core on the inside. The Dull-Compound Matte Red cover is also one of the first particle balls whose surface can be changed through sanding or polishing.

Inside, the Spike HPT core is double tapered. Starting at the bottom and moving upward the core body opens as it gets to the center and then closes at the top. A Flare Cap is added to the top of the upper core and gives the ball more flare potential.

Outside, the Spike HPT cover is the next generation of Hammer Particle Technology and is derived from the 4D-HPT and 4D-HPT Tour balls. The Matte Red cover grabs the lane surface even when the oil condition is medium or heavy. This lane grabbing effect creates friction, which results in hook.

Since Spike HPT is a particle ball, its best performance (hook and backend potential) will be on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. The heavy roll caused by the design of the Spike core and the friction created by the particle cover do not stop when the ball hits the oil. The new material formula does allow for alteration of the ball surface. Spike HPT can be sanded or polished to adapt to specific lane conditions.

The specifications are: Core: Spike-Single Piece; Cover: Hammer HPT Particle "Active"; RG: Low 2.50; Coefficient of Friction: Medium-High; Differential: High .070; Lane Conditions: (Oil) Medium to Heavy; Hook Potential: Overall (Scale 1-20) 20; Flare Potential: (Inches) 4"- 8"; Typical Length: (Scale 1-20) 10; Factory Surface Finish: Dull-Compound Matte; Typical Backend: (Scale 1-20) 19; Hardness: 75-78; Color: Spike Red Matte with Glow White Spike Finger Logos, C.G. Mark and Dual Side Hammer Logos. White Pin. Available weights: 13-16 lbs. Spike Core, 10-12 lbs. Hammer Lite Elliptical
Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Roy Vaysmear on April 06, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
I recently purchased the HPT. After moving away from Hammers (Originally owned the Violet

and super flip), I liked what I saw when others were throwing the Pearl Spike (see my review).

This ball has no quit. It is the largest hooking ball I have thrown.

I decided to drill it up with the pin to cg at 45 degrees (label balance). As this would

put the pin too far from the ring finger a shifted the  angle to 50 degrees.

I generally play outside of 15 to 8 board a small swing shot on the outside.  

With this ball I was able to play inside  30 laydown out to 15 at 40 feet and carry the five

(which I had problems doing with other equipment). My first games on a fresh shot were 251-215-215.

I like this ball - rate about 8.5
Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Paul Meyer on April 07, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
Well I must say this is ball is a tremedous improvement over the 4D hammer.  This ball will finish and not use up all of its energy too early.  Mine was drilled 5x5 and left at factory finish.  I tested the ball on a decently oiled synthetic lanes.  I was bit skeptical about hammer's particle balls but I pleasantly surprised since it cleared the front easily and finished very strongly.  Excellent carry, the only complaint I have is that as the lanes required a bigger move inside, it didn't recover that well, but I guess that is where other balls can take over.  I am going to try and apply some polish to add some length and see if this allows for a deeper inside line.
Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Doug Sterner on April 25, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
After drilling myself the resin Spike and liking it so much I decided I needed a ball for more oil.  Sometimes the Firepower just isn't quite enough so the choice fell between a Green Revolution IST or the Spike HPT (just what I had sitting here in the way of proactives). Well after considering how much I like the regular Spike, the HPT got the nod.

I drill most of my stuff stacked and shifted so the same is true this time...the 12:00 leverage drilling on the drill sheet.  Pin is out 2" and set at 4" to PAP with CG on midline, box finish.

I am a tweener with good hand but a little slow on the ball speed (17 mph +/-). Man did I get a surprise....whoa does this thing hook!!! Normal shot is to stand 25, throw 12 to 5 ish with a dull Firepower drilled the same way.  This ball laughed at is clipped the 4 pin on it's way to the 7.  Made a 5 and 2 move and then I was at least in the pocket...for 3 frames.  Then it had to go in the bag.  This ball needs some oil in the worst way but I feel it is a VERY strong performer and is capable of doing great things in competent hands.

Doug Sterner

Doug's Pro Shop

Sunbury, PA
Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: LuckyLefty on July 01, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
Recently tested this hook monster against 3 other companies hook monsters.

1.Ebonite Pantera

2.Track Enforcer

3.Pro Zone Azure

4.Spike HPT

All were good.  All were tested before oiling and after on a pretty heavy oil shot.

Above is a listing of how these balls compared.  Ranked by total

hook and backend.

This ball was smooth early and I think good  Just not the best.

Particularly in backend.  I'm going to attempt a strong balance hole to increase the backend, and I'll get back to post the results of that experiment.

I have not given up on this ball yet!

Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: LuckyLefty on July 07, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
Well I gave it a fair try.  I tried the strong weight hole to increase  the backend with only moderate impact.  

I belief most of the new good proactives are adding a strong flip cap that they would never put on a reactive.  Withness the Track Enforcer specs.  This one doesn't have it.  I think this is an excellent coverstock combined with a smooth big flaring motor that is more appropriate for a reactive.  Probably the Spike.  

For now I'm sticking with my Pantera(reactive) and Track Enforcer for heavy oil.  I like the sounds of the 4d HPT Tour.  Not the regular.

Sounds like it has some backend!

Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Randy Crane on July 18, 2000, 02:00:00 AM
I had a Spike HPT drilled by Frankie at the hammer booth in Albuquerque, but haven't been able to use it much due to not enough oil most of the time.  I did get to practice with it last night and what a ball!  I did have to add some polish to increase the length but this ball really turns and hits!!  It is a great compliment to the regular Spike which I also love!  I could use the Spike up the outside or move in and swing the Spike HPT.  Both balls just destroy the pins!!
Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Plane Facts on December 29, 2000, 07:14:01 PM
The Spike HPT is a very hard hitting, well adjusted ball that knows how to win. I have found that this ball likes to cover some boards, but if you are in a condition where the oil is really thick you can move inside and swing it out, and it will not let you down. The corner pins don't stand a chance when this ball is thrown right. I only have good comments about this ball and Faball, they truly are a leader. I will rate this ball a solid 9 on a ten scale.
Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Leftyhi-trak on April 09, 2001, 04:13:33 PM
Spec: Lefty 15.5-16.5mph, med revs, up the backer.

Ball: 15lb drilled stack leverage (33/8X33/8)

Review: This ball is a good all arounder if you have oil. I have polished it and scuffed it as needed. With its high amount of differential it can really turn the corner. I have used this ball on an off for 8 months. It glides very easy through the fronts for a particle ball with a hard turn on the back. I usually keep this ball scuffed (600) for long oil. I can play up the boards or swing into the dry with this ball. I own a Chaos,Rock Pearl,Super Power and the Spike for oil. Of all of them this ball is the most versitale. Carry is excellent. If you are a stroker or tweener with less than 60degree axis rotation you should love this ball. People with too much axis rot. have a tough time with the diff. produced from this core.

Rating: 9.5 of 10, good all around ball with motor built in, add boards to medium hands. Can't beat the price either,picked this ball off ebay and had it drilled for under $105.
Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Arnel on May 29, 2001, 10:39:52 PM
Ball Stats:
16 lbs, 2.56 top weight, pin out 2 3/8".
Ball is drilled for control as per drilling instructions, ie,  pin under the ring finger and cg 1 3/4" from center of grip,  on the mid-line.  A balance hole was added at 5 1/2" from the center of grip.

Lane condition: Heavy oil ( how heavy?  let's just say we're on the 3rd game  already and we still have to wipe off excess oil on the ball.)

My style:  High-speed cranker.  (based on ball track)

I stood on the 30th board(righty) and threw it to the 5th... I had to say to myself " why on earth did I wasted my money on other balls before?"  THIS THING ROCKS!!!!  As soon as it reaches the dry boards it quickly changes direction right into the pocket.  I can't beleive that i got it for less than $140 with drilling and inserts,  thumb included.  I would have paid $200 plus for this kind of reaction.  With my speed,  of course I wasn't expecting any hook at all,  i kinda learned to live with the fact that I'm just a straighty bowler but with this ball..I'm HOOKING it!!  

Anybody out there looking for a heavy oil ball,  THIS IS IT MAN. Don't spend so much money on "rocks" and other high price balls.  Tec death seems to be very common nowadays. Oh yeah,  a word of caution.  Never use it on dry lanes. Unless you happen to like the gutters.  It's just too much ball for the condition.

Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Spike2112 on December 22, 2001, 09:10:11 AM
Recently purchased this to be my "oil" ball based on all I've read about it. When I took it to my pro for drilling, he stated the pin (4") would limit my drilling options. I'm a tweener w/med-high revs, 20+ mph, usually stand 25, throw 8-10 board, small swing. He stated probably wouldn't be able to play this line with the Spike. After discussing drillings we came up this:


                                    O   O


                                       O      bh

I'm not sure what you "call" this type of drilling, but I'm happy with the results! I'm basically playing the same line as with my Blue Hammer urethane. Playing down and in 8-10 board, ball has excellent length and a nice smooth snap on the backend. Ball hits like a mack truck. Miss a board left, it stays in the oil and carries the high hit. Miss a board right, and it comes back strong. Hit light and the low flying pin action just shreds the rack. Can even pick up 10 pins with this ball. Only have a few games with it, and haven't thrown it on dry yet, but I can't say anything bad about this ball! For what I paid, I would recommend this one to anyone looking to add a particle ball to their arsenal.

Spike (my nickname...really!)
Title: Re: Spike HPT
Post by: Rich Thompson on January 29, 2002, 04:06:35 PM
Good medium priced Proactive, rolls heavy like most Faball balls.  I was suprised with how well it carries, the only down fall is not a transition ball, with the oil carries down this one wants to roll way too early.  I does show a continuous backend but needs some oil or it starts up too soon.