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Author Topic: reactive pearl nail vs ice blue razor  (Read 1758 times)


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reactive pearl nail vs ice blue razor
« on: March 08, 2004, 03:07:01 PM »
I got a chance to throw the reactive pearl nail and its a monster.  Its all midlane then hard roll on the back.  Rolls like a Rhino but stronger.  Ball hits good too.  I would classify the pearl nail as a strong reactive pearl good for mediums.   Its midlane reaction makes it very predictable, very much a strong controllable pearl.  My question is how does the ice blue razor compare to the pearl nail?  People said that the pearl nail is a great dry lane ball and very mellow.  I can't see how this is possible unless they do absolutely nothing to the ball.  Anyone throw the ice blue and if so how does it act?
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