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Author Topic: F/S 15# Meteor Storm S/D old school  (Read 564 times)


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F/S 15# Meteor Storm S/D old school
« on: August 20, 2021, 12:55:22 AM »
Excellent condition for its age. S/D Minimum wear no major gouges. Never resurfaced. Span 4 1/2" with 3" pin unknown TW. One of the first storm balls made. Came across this around 12 years ago from a family selling their dad's old stuff once he passed away. The name ' AL HAUGHT' is engraved above fingers. I had plans to plug and shorten span to fit me for dry lanes but all it has done is sit in the closet. Weight hole was plugged when I got it. It would probably make a killer dry lane ball today. I have it on EBAY as '15# Storm Meteor vintage bowling ball'.  (I'm unable to share link on mobile platform and have no other computer). Curelyon coverstock FE2 core. Glows under black light for cosmic bowling if I remember right.