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Author Topic: I'm quitting (REPOST Lower Prices)  (Read 950 times)


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I'm quitting (REPOST Lower Prices)
« on: May 16, 2003, 03:43:38 PM »
After 8 years of bowling I'm quitting. I have some 14 lb stuff
that I want to get rid of. Here is a list make me an offer. All
are light 14 lbers. All have a pin position around 3 inches, and
all have around 3 ozs top weight.

 Brunswick Navy Fuze (2) 1 NIB, and 1 with single drill
 Columbia Rock Star  (2) 1 NIB, and one drilled 4x4
 Storm Big Hit (1) single drill 4x4
 Track Critical Mass S/E (1) drilled twice 5x3 1/2
 Columbia Classic Rock (1) drilled twice 4x4 1/2
 Visionary Green Gargoyle (1) drilled twice

 ALL USED BALLS $40 WITH SHIPPING. NIB $55 WITH SHIPPING.Please do not ask me my span because I really don't know. Even if you were close it would matter cuz I have thin hands. All equipment is in excellent condition. All are less than a season old. My wife wants this stuff gone. I highly recommend the Fuzes and the
Gargoyle. I used those balls to average 225 the last six weeks in league.

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