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Title: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
- COLOR: Blue/Silver All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- COVERSTOCK: Max-Control Reactive
- CORE: Saucer Core
- FACTORY FINISH: Powerhouse Factory Finish
- HOOK RATING: 9 (Cover-2, Core-2, Finish-5)
- RG: 10#-2.72, 11#-2.62, 12#-2.60, 13#-2.53, 14#-2.56, 15#-2.56, 16#-2.57
- DIFFERENTIAL: 10#-.031, 11#-.031, 12#-.039, 13#-.055, 14#-.035, 15#-.031, 16#-.030
- DESCRIPTION: Backlash Blue/Silver takes our new Saucer Core, combined with our Max-Control Reactive cover to give great ball motion on medium-dry to dry lane conditions without the over-skid of a polished ball.
Title: Re: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: Plowboy300 on May 06, 2010, 04:17:26 PM
Got the new Hammer Backlash earlier today and drilled up 2 of them before my early league tonight. I wanted to provide you with a small review as I plan to use these for the late league on Thursday night where they will shine on this pattern.

I threw these during practice & was able to see the reaction of these balls.
These are definately stronger than the Razyr & weaker than the Vibe series.
I used the Blue/Silver Backlash on the last game tonight after using my Jigsaw Corner (shot 300 during the 1st game) and then the lanes transitioned very quickly. Was able to use the Backlash to the right of the burn spot that was created and love the smooth motion of this ball.

Blue/Silver Pics:

Red/Purple Pics:

I really think that these balls will be in my bags during the late leagues & sport condition pattern tourneys that we use out here in Vegas. I think Hammer has hit a HOME RUN with these balls as this is what we were missing last year (something weaker than the Vibe series with a core).

Great job Mr. Ussery & staff in Hopkinsville!!

Mike "Plowboy" Thompson
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Title: Re: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: Plowboy300 on May 06, 2010, 04:19:14 PM
Well gang... I threw these beauties tonight on the late shift at South Point where the lanes have been hooking quite a bit these days. All I can say about these balls are AWESOME!! (231, 237, 224, 265)

Thank you Mr. Ussery & Hammer for releasing these balls. This is the movement that I have been looking for a long time since being with Hammer - length with control off the breakpoint.

I used the Blue/Silver most of the night as it read the pattern much better (smoother in the backends), but I did use the Red/Black ball for 1 game & shot 231 with it - leaving 3 flat ten pins. I think the Red/Black ball will be better for the drier/lighter conditions. The thing that I loved about these balls is that the didn't jump off the breakpoint as my Onyx Vibe does a little bit at times. I use my Onyx Vibe (pin down - similar to the blue/silver layout) during this late league and these balls were about 8 boards weaker and much smoother off the breakpoint.

I feel that these balls will be used in my bags A LOT as I love the smooth motion off the break on THS & the lighter Sport/PBA patterns. These will be great selling balls as the shelf appeal will be a hit. About 10-12 bowlers in the league came down & asked about these balls when I was throwing them tonight. Already pre-sold 6 balls tonight!!  

Keep up the great job Hammer and really looking forward to what else will be coming out soon!!

Mike "Plowboy" Thompson
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Title: Re: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: DynoLess Daddy on May 07, 2010, 02:30:41 AM
BACKLASH...This is the mini review with full forth coming. What we can say is this was a complete monster and definitely will trick you out.

The reaction was great! The real secret behind the the Backlash is its ability to control the motion of the dry. Being a heavy handed high rotation bowler, the real key (and shock) was the control of the dry. Normally on tonights pattern you see stronger balls throughout.  Playing against the blue vibe the Backlash came of the mids and backend under control but allowed for the same motion and look as the Blue Vibe. Was definitely a keeper and will surprise many of you.

THE KEY TO ITS SUCCESS IS CONTROLLING THE TURN OFF THE DRY>>>> YOU WILL GET IT BUT YOU WiLL BE SURPRISED AT HOW MUCH HOLD (so to speak that you get.) Definitely work getting in the bag for those dryer conditions for most and a little more oil for the stronger players.

BTW...the reign of fire and invasion bowlers on my pair were jealous...CLEARLY!!!
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Title: Re: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: HiYoHorn on May 07, 2010, 06:04:23 PM
Type of Drilling or Layout used: Pin above ring finger - 4 1/4 by 5.  No weight hole needed.            
Surface of Ball: Box Finish                     
Conditions used on: Kegel "High Street" Pattern         

Ball Reaction: Very Smooth & Clean through heads & midlane with a smooth arc on backend.  With this ball I have to move 2 & 2 left of my Red/Purple BackLash.            

Brian Horn

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Title: Re: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: iumatrix on May 18, 2010, 08:47:06 PM
Haven't rolled in a tournament yet, but if the Backlash Blue/Silver plays like it does when i first threw it on a fairly used house pattern, the future is bright. Given that the FCC score on this ball is 9 compared to 7 for the Backlash Red/Purple, I was able to move at least 3-5 boards right (lefty) compared to the Red/Purple Backlash and still get a consistent/predictable line to the pocket.

Given the high reve rate I have, I drilled the Blue/Silver Backlash a little weaker with a negative drill placing the pin above my middle finger and no hole. With this ball getting clean through the front, and backing off and not jumping on the back, I have a really good feeling that in tournaments where the oil pattern is a little light on volume or shorter in distance, now I have a solid second or third option to go to when the high performance stuff hooks too much.

Good job Hammer Crew!
Title: Re: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: ccrider on June 04, 2010, 10:48:46 PM
Purchased the Blue/Silver and Red/Purple Backlash a few weeks ago.
Drilled the Blue pin under, 6 inch from my PAP and the Red pin up, 5 inches from my PAP.

Looking for a smooth controlled reaction from the Blue with an earlier read. Got just that. Used it Monday on a totally broken down shot. Lanes had not been oiled since Sunday morning league, and house bowlers had pounded the lane all day Sunday and Monday. Lined up on the gutter, playing across the center mark out to twelve at the breakpoint. Got a consistent roll off the dry and carried everything. Had to keep my speed up.

Tried the Red on this shot and the Red got through the heads easier but was way too jumpy off the dry. My experience has been that the Red ball seems stronger than the Blue. The red is definitely more angular. I have not tried these balls on a fresh house shot but based on the way that the Red rolls, it will make a good down ten and in ball. I am not convinced that the Red ball is as weak as advertised. Both balls carry like Hammers.

Not exactly what I expected, but both balls show promise.
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Title: Re: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: istrike300 on November 28, 2010, 05:29:50 PM
Drilled mine with a 5x4 with X-hole: the reaction was incredibly smooth off the end of the oil pattern with great control.  This ball gets down the lane as easy as the Rayzr but isn't as jumpy in the dry.  The Rayzr for me was just too sensitive where the Backlash really has some punch.  The Saucer core provides what I'm going to call a "surprisingly medium" ball reaction with easy length.  A WINNER, especially for the price tag!
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Title: Re: Backlash Blue/Silver
Post by: abrown on January 21, 2011, 08:11:49 PM

Pin Length: 2-3"

Starting Top Weight:2.5 Ball Weight: 14lb



Pin to PAP: 5"

CG to PAP:3"  (axis leverage)

X Hole (if there is one): 1/4" 2" deep



Rev Rate: around 400

Ball Speed: 15-15.5 

PAP/Track:5 1/4 over 1/2" up




Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded):






Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Wall Street kegal house patterns



Length: clean thru heads

Back End: nice smooth arc


Overall Hook:  depends on shot


Midlane Read: starts reading around 45'

Breakpoint Shape: smooth controlable arc



Likes:First off i bought this ball back in june as a broken down shot ball and now this is my go to ball it is very predictable and highly underrated on ability if you ask me. I use to work in a pro shop and i have tried hundreds of balls with a wide range of layouts and surface preps but for me this is one of the best; the ball seems to get better the more games it has on it. This ball with slight hand changes can go from a nice smooth ball on a fresh shot to covering more boards than the full swing i had. i could go into ohh i shot this and that and while yeah i do have a couple honor scores with the ball thats not all that important. This ball would be a fine fit in alot of bowlers bags as the shot wears down.

Dislikes: it hates carrydown will make it to the pocket but will leave flat 10's and 8's